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New Website Idea

Hello everyone,

In addition to other hobbies, one of my skills involves designing and programming database-driven websites.  I've had an idea for a new website - a database of music for synchronized displays.  It would be completely free and community-driven, with visitors submitting new songs (which must be approved).  Data in the DB could be genre, speed in BPM, lead singer gender, festival type (christmas, halloween), and others.  No actual music would be hosted; we would link to iTunes or Amazon digital music where people can listen to the song.  The primary purpose would be for people who want ideas for their display, such as "wow, I wish I could find a comedy song to go here" etc.

I would like your community input as to:

(a) If you think you (or others) would find this helpful.

(b) If you would be interested in helping me design and test - I would need some help with critique and ideas, and probably a couple moderators once it was up and running.

Of course, if such a site already exists, please let me know that as well, so I don't put time and effort into reinventing the wheel.

Please share your thoughts.  Thank you!


P.S. To Recap - The site would NOT host music, and it would NOT host sequences.  All it is a database for people to consult for music ideas.

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This sounds like a really neat idea. I'd love to be part (b) of this, if possible. The idea of organizing music for people who:

  • need a place to start
  • need a new beginning
  • just don't know where to look
  • are in search of inspiration
  • in need of guidance

sounds like a wonderful and brilliant way to help others and spread some holiday cheer.


Please let me know what I can do to be of assistance.

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Have you thought about creating playlists on iTunes and Amazon Prime, then just sharing those playlists via your website or social media accounts.  I believe playlists on Amazon Prime can be shared publicly so if you names the playlist really well it might be found there by other users whereas it may be tough to drive traffic to a separate website.

Are there good websites that host sequences for download?

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