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Old World X-mas flea market finds

They're not usually something I'm completely most fond of, but the hand blown glass ornaments can be quite whimsical. I picked these up at a local flea market for $6.75, plus some other great unlisted items. 

I'm not sure if someone was aattempting to make a large profit by grossly over-pricing them, but there were 22 older looking hand tags in the bottom of the box of 19 out of 12 original miniature ornaments. One does have a little round piece of stamped metal with an old clock face on each side. 

Does anyone have any input, or knowledge of these particular balls? The ones I see on eBay are pricey, but they're older and more ornate.  Thanks for any input!






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You got a good price on these beautiful ornaments. 

They are modern reproductions. They are likely made from original antique molds or molds created to emulate antique German molds. 

In any case, they are true to vintage form and very beautifully finished. 

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Holy cow! You likely couldn't buy one of those now for $6.95!

The Old World box probably had a dozen of whatever a 'White Angel' is and they sold for $11.50ea.  The retailer would have ordered them by the box.  Someone might have bought all those orns from the store and they used the empty box to package them.  I contacted OWC and they said all their orns have the heart-shaped OWC metal tag on the hanger.  From the pics, I only see the clock-face tag on the one in the last pic.

The odd one that has "West Germany" on the cap would have to be pre-1990, assuming it hasn't been replaced from another orn. 

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