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Lemax Spooky Town Retired list

Here is a list of Lemax Spooky town pieces that are now retired. If you are looking for any of these pieces, stores will not have them this year.

Item NumberItem Name Year Retired

05478Shady Hollow Funeral Parlor 2006

02383Trick-Or-Treat, Grandma! 2006

02384The Leaky Bag 2006

02385Halloween Hi-Jinks 2006

02386The Costume Contest, Set of 3 2006

02388Shhh! They’ll Hear Us, Set of 22006

02391Mommy’s Mummy 2006

02395Help Yourself!, Set of 3 2006

02421Fairy Princess 2006

22590Wait For Me, Set of 2 2006

22591Look Out!, Set of 2 2006

22594Giddy Up Horsy 2006

22595Two Indians with Chief, Set of 2 2006

22596Three Cowboys, Set of 3 2006

22597Tin Robotron 2006

22599“Little Stinger” and “Little Stinker”2006

24731Haunted Fountain with Adapter2006

24762Poly-Resin Lighted Tree Nightflight 2006

24763Poly-Resin Lighted Tree Graveyard Ghost B/O2006

25661Castle on Spooky Hill 2006

32662Crock & Crock Hunter 2006

32663Lady Bug, Cow, Turtle 2006

32664Fireman & Policman, Set of 2 2006

32665King & Queen, Set of 2 2006

32666Three Kids On Skateboards, Set of 22006

32667Spaceman and Two Aliens 2006

32756Halloween Tree Decoration, Set of 42006

32760Halloween Tree Decoration, Set of 32006

32761Halloween Tree Decoration, Set of 32006

34887A Night of Trick Or Treat, with Adaptor 2005

34888Bubble, Boil & Trouble, Battery Operated 2005

34889Ghoul's Night Out, Battery Operated2005

34934Decorated Halloween Tree, Lighted2005

3494712 Lighted Eyeball String, Set of 2, Battery Operated2006

35784Madam Ashbury's House of Wax with Adaptor2006

32686Remedies From Afar,Set of 2 2005

44104Happy Halloween! 2006

44105Haunted Tire Swing 2006

44107Apple Harvest 2006

44101Phantom Way, With Adaptor 2005

44102Halloween Frolics, With Adaptor2005

44141Jack O'Lantern Way, Battery-Operated2005

44132Ghostie Picket Fence With Gate, Set of 62006

44140Pumpkin Street Lamp, Set of 22006


52102Hell Hounds2006

52109Scary Story, Set Of 42006

53519Troll Bridge2006

53520Cave Of Blood, Set Of 22006

54316Candy Thief – Animated2006

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