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pastel colored c7's

havent been here in a while, but I am looking for pastel colored c7 bulbs (NOT LED)

esp. light pink and lavendar for easter

I ordered from christmaslightsetc.com last year but their pink is a hot pink (almost red) and the purple is too dark.



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Well I'd try it this way, go to Michaels or some type of craft store and look for pastel paint (acrylic) in the colors you want, buy some clear C7 (night light) bulbs from the local dollar store (I get mine at Dollar Tree 4/$1.00) and then either dip the bulbs or use a sponge type brush and coat the bulbs.

Yes, it's a lot more work, but this way you can control just how "light" or "dark" you want your "colored" Easter C7 bulbs to be.

I use the Acrylic and pastel paints to paint my C7 bulbs when I need a "colored" bulb for something. Especially when I can't find one in the color I may be looking for or the commercial grades are too dark in color when I want a bulb just coated enough to show a light coloring. (You can use a regular small paint brush, but the sponge brush does a better job and doesn't leave brush strokes on the bulbs painted).

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