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  • Interests Our main decorating interests are in blow molds and wireframes. At this time our display is 99% static and will probably remain so.
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  1. Agreed, it is possible that it could have been done in other colors, I have only seen pictures of the candle in red and I think that if Empire made it in another color they probably only did it for a year or two. Mel
  2. I found another picture of the candle that I saved a month earlier in 2008 then the other two pictures, once again, I do not know where I got this picture. At least we now know more then the prototype was made. Mel
  3. OK, the candle was originally red as I thought, I finally found the pictures pf the candle that I had seen they were much older then I remembered I saved them in March 2008. I don't remember for sure where I saved them from, I don't think it was eBay because I would have saved more information on them if it was there. The pictures were taken against a red wall so the detail doesn't show up as good as I would like but they are much better then no pictures. Mel
  4. I have been watching this thread from the start and haven't replied because I have been trying to remember where I saw one of those before. I still don't remember for sure but I think it might have been here on PC a few years ago when someone made a post with a picture of one and asked if anyone knew anything about it and no one did including me. I do think that it was red, it might have been Greenia, was it?
  5. Yes, I have seen that one, just didn't have a good picture of it to post. That is another great looking one. Mel
  6. We didn't know about the white one until a couple of months ago when a friend gave that one to us, this is the only one we have seen through the years. Mel
  7. Three color variations of the angel from the Santa's Best mold. Mel
  8. I have been taking a few pictures for blow molded.com recently, here is the TPI Santa Sled & reindeer (black nose version reindeer). The set with the black nose and this version of stand for the reindeer was made during the years 1997-2004. The set has the red reins for it, I just did not put them on for the picture since the pictures will be uploaded to the website separately. Mel
  9. A picture from 20 years ago of the father of the "Pink Flamingo" with a small flock - June 3, 1996. The picture was taken the year before he became one of the owners and President of Union Products. Mel
  10. Here's the 2016 Lemax Kmart Coventry Cove brochure. Mel
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