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  1. That's quite all right, I'm not saying that they were not made by Irwin, I personally just need more confirmation then someone saying that they are. Possibly Carrie has some printed information in the confirmation that she claims to have received and will share it with us. Mel
  2. I have not seen any actual confirmation in that thread showing that they were definitely made by Irwin, only someone saying they were. We all know that eBay auctions often have errors in their descriptions as to who made the items. If you look at the picture of the sleigh and reindeer one can easily see a discrepancy in the measurements and the actual blow molds, Frank said that the sleigh is about 24" long and that the deer about 12" long, that would make the sleigh twice as long as each deer, yet in the picture the deer look almost as long as the sleigh and most of the deer do not have their heads on. If Frank's measurements came from the eBay auction obviously the description did not have the correct measurements. I am sure our Santa in Sled is the same as the one NOMA sold and shows in their 1968 US catalog as the measurement for the Sled and reindeer are more in line with what the picture shows, the sled and deer are almost the same lengths (19½" sled, 18½" deer). The picture is from a black & white photocopy so the deer isn't very clear but if you look close you can just see the back legs. It is possible that Irwin made these for NOMA but I have not found any confirmation of that through the years. Mel
  3. What is Carrie's confirmation, did she show you the information or did she just say that she confirmed it was made by Irwin? Without seeing the actual confirmation we can not move the Santa sleigh from the Unknown section because we need to be able to show the information to anyone who might question it. The goal of the website is to not upload any incorrect or misleading information. As for the 24" one, there must have been two sizes of that sleigh made then because ours is 19", so maybe Irwin didn't make ours. Also the one shown in the 1968 NOMA catalog says it is 19 ½" long. Mel
  4. How was the sleigh confirmed to be made by Irwin? I am guessing the colored picture of the Santa sleigh is from here http://blow-molded.com/Unknown_Manufacturers.html If so, that is a picture I took of our Santa sleigh several years ago (2010) and sent to Kev for the website. This Santa sleigh is 19" long and has no information on it, did they make two sizes of it? It would be great to have definite confirmation in the way of printed information like the original boxes or possibly advertisements or catalog pictures of it showing it was made by Irwin so it could be moved from the Unknown section on the website. Mel
  5. That is the NOMA #33 Santa, they called him "2 ½ Foot Illuminated Plastic Santa Figure" in their 1951 - 1956 catalogs. Mel
  6. Yes, NOMA had a 52" Giant Santa that looks like the ones in your picture on the left and Irwin could have made it for them. Irwin also made the NOMA #315 Choir Boy and #316 Choir Girl. I know a gentleman who purchased a pair of those in the original Irwin boxes 10-15 years ago. I don't know if Irwin made the choir kids for NOMA or if they acquired the molds and made them under their name later. Here's a picture of the Irwin 35" Santa with the original box. Irwin also made a NOEL bell and NOMA had one that looks identical to it so Irwin could have made that one for NOMA also. Here's a picture of the bell with the original box. Mel
  7. That is the third set of those lamp posts that I have seen the other two sets are are not lighted, one of the other two sets has been in our collection for several years now, the other set was at Charlie E's Pacific Northwest swap meet a few years ago and were brought there from Canada. Sorry to say I do not know anything about them other then they apparently were made in Canada. You can see one of ours at this link. http://blow-molded.com/Unknown_Manufacturers.html It would be interesting to see what the lighting set up is like in those, being older light cords I assume the lighting is original. Ours do not show any signs of having been lighted. Mel
  8. Wonderful Nativity Joe, thank you for sharing it with us. Mel
  9. I can not say for sure but if a business contacted them and was willing to pay the price GF wanted and the quantity they required for a minimum order they probably would. I know of a business in Oregon that checked into getting 1000 GF "Wicked Witch" blow molds made for them but it did not happen, I forgot to asked the reason why. It is the same company that got the 1000 gnomes the year before, we have three of the gnomes, one with a shovel, one with a candy cane and a Halloween one. Mel
  10. You are going to have a tough time ordering from General Foam if you are looking for remakes of older items, they will not consider setting up and making them if the order is for less then 1000 each of the item. I do know a couple of people that have gotten exclusives done for them but one of them had to order 1000 of the gnome that Empire had from the Empire mold and the other friend was able to get the old Empire school house made in a smaller quantity but that was only because they had put in a $20,000 order with GF. I was fortunate enough to get one of the GF school house and also the limited GF exclusive red and blue color train tenders at the time. If I recall correctly there were only 50 each made of the school house and the two train tender colors. Even with that extremely limited quantity it still took several months for them to sell all 50 of each. Mel
  11. I do lean towards those dates but that is definitely only a guess as I have no documented information on the candles. I have not seen them in any catalogs or ads that I have in our collection. Mel
  12. Donna, here is a little Empire logo trivia. Mel LOGO TRADEMARK INFO - First Used 6/03/1963 - Filing Date 9/03/1970 - Registration Date 5/11/1973 - Expired 2/07/2004 - Registration Number 0958099 - Serial Number 72369756 LOGO TRADEMARK INFO - First Used 4/01/1973 - Filing Date 8/14/1973 - Registration Date 5/27/1975 - Expired 3/04/1996 - Registration Number 1011857 - Serial Number 72465594 LOGO TRADEMARK INFO - First Used 3/06/1976 - Filing Date 5/31/1977 - Registration Date 1/23/1979 - Expired 5/09/2000 - Registration Number 1111842 - Serial Number 73128533 LOGO TRADEMARK INFO - First Used 1/01/1980 - Filing Date 7/28/1980 - Registration Date ?/??/???? - Expired ?/??/???? - Registration Number ???? - Serial Number 73272126 LOGO TRADEMARK INFO - First Used 7/01/1995 - Filing Date 5/18/1995 - Registration Date 2/25/1997 - Cancelled Section 8 11/29/2003 - Registration Number 2041264 - Serial Number 74676188 Information unknown at this time. Note that Judith Novelty Sales was the sales division at the time of this picture and to my knowledge Judith Novelty Sales was still a subsidiary of Mallory Randall Corporation in 1970. Mallory Randall Corporation purchased Carolina Enterprises in 1968).
  13. Agreed, it is possible that it could have been done in other colors, I have only seen pictures of the candle in red and I think that if Empire made it in another color they probably only did it for a year or two. Mel
  14. I found another picture of the candle that I saved a month earlier in 2008 then the other two pictures, once again, I do not know where I got this picture. At least we now know more then the prototype was made. Mel
  15. OK, the candle was originally red as I thought, I finally found the pictures pf the candle that I had seen they were much older then I remembered I saved them in March 2008. I don't remember for sure where I saved them from, I don't think it was eBay because I would have saved more information on them if it was there. The pictures were taken against a red wall so the detail doesn't show up as good as I would like but they are much better then no pictures. Mel