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  • Interests Our main decorating interests are in blow molds and wireframes. At this time our display is 99% static and will probably remain so.
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  1. I see the date on the candle box is from 1961, looks like the price didn't change much between 1957 and 1961. Mel
  2. The price in the 1957 ad was $9.95 a pair regular price and they were on sale for $6.95 a pair. After making that post I found an ad from 1956 and the candles were $4.95 that year. They must have been somewhat popular back then because they do show up on eBay a few times a year. Mel
  3. We have a pair of the candles but they are not in their original boxes, they were given to us as a gift by a senior friend a few years ago. We also have a pair of the coach lanterns with their wall brackets in their original boxes, one of the boxes has the year 1957 printed on it. The candles and coach lantern are shown in a 1957 Salt Lake Tribune Skaggs Drug Center newspaper ad
  4. Here you go, just download each of the pdf files at the bottom of the page. http://cadocompany.com/division.html Mel
  5. What's a few dollars more or less when I could have one of the loves of my life to look at when I wake in the morning. Please note, when I said one of the loves of my life I wasn't referring to the first love of my life, possibly the second but not the first. It would be impossible for me to look at the first love of my life when I wake in the morning because she is already up and watching Dr. Phil when I wake in the morning.
  6. Richard, there may be some interest in the aluminum molds but will there be anyone interested enough to pay a decent price for them. There are some of us that watched what new items GF came out with the past few years and immediately knew we would never add any of them to our collections or displays, especially the flat modernistic ones. Whatever happened to the happy, cheerful holiday blow mold designs that brightened our neighborhoods up until the early 2000's? In my opinion General Foam did their share of bringing their demise in the plastic business by going to the modernistic and LED lighted items out at the expense of the traditional cheerful designs that make people happy. I don't know if GF still has the Beco molds in their inventory or if possibly they don't exist anymore, but if they do I wonder if they had produced some of those like the 30" boy & girl "Angel Singers" or the 30" Choir singers would they have been successful with the stores buying them and what about the 22" ones? I doubt they would have gotten enough orders for the 40" ones though because of the high price they would have to get for them. Possibly they just thought that the younger generations wouldn't have any interest in the happy cheerful designs anymore and only want modernistic boring looking designs in there yards now. I have not taken pictures of our collection of 30" Beco choir and angel singers yet so I can not include links to most of them. http://blow-molded.com/Beco___Angels.html http://blow-molded.com/Beco___Carol_%26_Choir.html Mel
  7. Come right ahead Kelly, I could use a good blow mold visit fix.... I just found the newspaper ad after reading your post. Here's another ad from 1975, the first first year that Empire made it. Mel
  8. In my opinion the first angel at $15.99 is a fair price considering it is in new condition. The second one is a total ripoff and the third one (General Foam "Celestial Angel") is a fair price considering it's age. Mel
  9. That is the Empire #1580 Coach Lantern and I think it has a 1975 mold date on it. It is shown in a 12/01/1976 "Daily Press" (Newport News, VA) newspaper "Roses" advertisement along with some other Empire Christmas blow molds. The special price for the Coach Lantern was $4.88. Mel
  10. I'm thinking more in the line of PJ's, blanket and bedspread to lead me in my sweet dreams.... Mel
  11. True, but they offer very little in holiday blow molds. Mel
  12. No, we don't have a value for insurance reasons and our arrangements are to give them all to a fellow collector along with all my files on them at no charge when the time comes to part with them. Mel
  13. What I don't understand is why so many people put the runners on the sleigh backwards. Mel
  14. I think all of those should have their makers names molded into them. As for values, I don't keep track of values of any of the blow molds, my interests are in their history. Mel
  15. We have one of the angel candle and two of the Santa candles in our collection. I don't know much about them other then what is shown here. http://blow-molded.com/Empire___Candles.html They were made by Empire, I have some newspaper ads showing them but I will have to do some searching through my files to find them and that could take a while. If I can find the ads they will have the dates on them and will give at least one year they were made if not more. Mel