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  • My favorite Christmas story Christmas Vacation
  • Location Cold Lake Alberta Canada
  • Biography Family guy, been decorating since 1990
  • Interests Snowmobiling, Motorcycle riding
  • Occupation Working in the oil patch
  • About my display Small display, 30k lights 48 channels LOR
    Lots of hand built items
    Average outoor working temps -20 Celcius
  1. Follow the YouTube link for a drone view of my display. https://youtu.be/MguXLW3Sq0A
  2. You will need to update the Open GL drivers on your computer. Unfortunately if you have an older computer it may not be possible. I tried to load PE on an old notebook I had with no success.
  3. Nice, be sure to post once completed.
  4. One of many posted on YouTube of my 2015 display. Merry Christmas.
  5. One of my videos for this year's display, Happy Halloween 2015. https://youtu.be/w6OQvfAaDHQ
  6. Thanks everyone for the info, I was not aware they may not ship to Canada. Yes Lee I would love to see some pics of your set-up. mbelisle@eastlink.ca
  7. Looking to add a 12 or 16 smart ribbon tree to my 2015 display. All my present display incorporates LOR controllers, CCRs, CCBs, floods and all sequenced with S3. I am looking for feedback on the Holiday Coro ribbon tree package and how easy they are to adapt into my LOR display. Reading through the Holiday Coro information their products appear to interface easily and are less expensive however I just want to be sure I am not missing something before I order a package. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks. Marty
  8. I have not noticed this but will now start looking at this bulb first. Thanks for a great time saving tip.
  9. Really cool. I just saw the new Michael Jackson cirque show in Las Vegas "one". It was truly amazing with the same technology. I am a multiple LOR controller and ccr user and I suspect the technology is RGB, Color ribbons have small controllers, can run on DC (battery) and be used with a remote transmitter. Sequence a song, choreograph and I think this could be achieved, good luck.
  10. Yes microwave fuse works fine just as long as the physical properties are the same and they are the same specs. I live out in the sticks and have needed to be able to keep the show going. I always have spares handy just in case.