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  • About my display We are running approx 85,000 LED lights and 18 LOR controllers and 4800 channel pixel tree along with a video screen a singing tree quartet

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  1. So much, for cell phone cameras, (LOL) In fact I was surprised it turned out that good.....We used it for the Christmas cards we sent out
  2. Shutting down my display and I have 3 LOR Light Linkers of which 2 haven't been used I had them as spares but never needed them asking $225 for all 3 and I will pay shipping to the 48 continental states.
  3. Good Morning!

    Do you still have the inflatable Santa?


    If so, does it light up very well?  Also, curious how much shipping might be.


    Thanks so much!!

  4. Shutting down my display and I have a 18' Santa For Sale ..........Used only 1 season $100 In Perfect condition. and 300 C9 Strobes attached to stringers $2.00ea per strobe. Please send me a PM if interested.
  5. I have 16 controllers total so if you want dozen I can help you out LOL seriously even if you want 1 it's OK with me
  6. Well.........If you want Christmas can come early for you I happen to have the latest Gen 3 ctb16 30 amp controller that LOR makes cuz I am shutting my display down cuz of my fantastic neighbors The is not a kit it was fully assembled by LOR and I will sell it for $125 and after Christmas I will have a Ramsey FM 30 stereo transmitter with booster and antenna you can stick in your attic dirt cheap if you interested.
  7. It can't be done with your current SS license you would have to upgrade it.......I'v e done it for my 32 string pixel tree .....It would be easier for me to do it than explain it here so if you want to pm me with your personal email address and phone number I could help........I've done it a number of times for my setup.........Let me know
  8. Wellllll, I know I'm a little bit crazy doing all those songs but when I say I'm thru I seem to hear another song and think that would be nice in the display and I'm off sequencing again..........and all those songs are a culmination over the past 5 years. Yes, I play all 50 songs every night cuz I'm too lazy to create different playlists and most people stay for 5-6 songs then leave, were in subdivision so no major roads get blocked with traffic and yes some times the traffic does get backed up but they seem to work it out.......some of the neighbors mumble and grumble over it but then they get over it also... I do too much work in setting up the display for people to enjoy to go out in the cold and direct traffic and chase them away...... anyway if they sat thru the entire playlist they would have to pack a lunch (LOL) cuz it runs almost 2 hours from start to finish.
  9. I've been using Vampire Plugs for 5 years and just lay them on the ground or on the roof and we get rain, snow, ice you name it in December and haven't had an issue with shorting out I used to wrap the connections in sandwich bags and I quit doing that also cuz the excess moisture that built up inside the bag caused more problems that it was worth...........The only caveat to my saying this is I don't have them plugged into gfci outlets.......That's another story in itself
  10. I don't know the look you are trying to achieve, wire frame chase controllers might be fine for wire frames and they are limited to only a certain amount of outlets .....but in my opinion using them for leaping arches would look quit dull and boring after about 10 seconds of use.........If you use say a LOR controller the effects you can achieve are countless and only limited to your imagination
  11. I have 51 songs sequenced to 272 channels...........No wonder I hate sequencing..
  12. I see a few people on this forum have used that transmitter and had good luck but those owners are far and few between......... sorry to say most people who have purchased this unit have said it's a piece of junk ........Go to the LOR forum and do search and see for your self ........If you can find a Ramsey fm30 or a EDM they would be your best choices.......... personally I used the FM30 for 5 years now with great success.
  13. The other posts are correct saying it comes down to preference and cost I have a 360 degree 32x50 tree with a 200 count globe on the top and I have almost 3K invested in the tree with strips poles anchors 3 controllers, But you can do a 12 strip for around $1200 and get almost the same effect. I have to say I purchased a few of the really neat sequences that were done for pixel strips and although it looks nice, it certainly looks nicer on a tree made with strips, but on the other hand the look of swirling effects etc. look nicer done on a tree made with nodes. IMO
  14. I assume your have a light O rama controller to do this............On the first sting of wrapped lights which would be against the ground, plug that into Plug 1 in the controller and your 2nd set of wrapped lights plug that one into plug 2 and etc.