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  1. anyone have any experience hooking these up need a little guidance thank you Blair
  2. have sent you a message
  3. looking to buy ccr controllers if you have any that you are not going to use thank you
  4. looking for ccr's controllers if you have any that you are not using let me know thank you
  5. received them today thank you Blair
  6. I s there a free download of xlights that I can use  thank you Blair

  7. jerry did you try this www.joshua1systems.com or email j1sales@joshua1systems.com if they don't work go over to the aussie forums
  8. sent you a message
  9. need a new monitor for my alienware m18x laptop tried dell no luck anyone have any ideas where I can get one thank you Blair
  10. you'll have to get a pair of black glasses for mrs clause
  11. http://lightshow.franktronics.nettop of page click on photo go to bottom of page all pictures he'll answer your questions Blair
  12. Have a set of 2811 pixel strings and a 12volt ac/dc controller can I just hook up the string to the ac/dc controller and see if they work
  13. baelinc It's a very good song done it a few years ago one thing to keep in mind I do my light show for me that means the songs I like if other's like to watch that's a bonus I spend about 2-3 hours a night watching it you got one reply and look at what they had to say that's a whole lot smiles I would be smiling from ear to ear over that it's like someone saying happy holidays that's their choice mine is merry Christmas
  14. Just wondering if anyone had any extra they might not need Blair