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  1. I have ZERO patience!!! LOL If I want something I want it NOW, hahahaha!!
  2. Really?? They suck, they still have the nubs on them that hold the sign top on.
  3. Those look home made. They are Union North Pole sign bases with candle flames on them.
  4. I'm curious if the multi strings are warm or cool. If they look close to incandescent's then i'd be interested in some.
  5. Well you are hooking a stereo speaker up mono, so than can be you're problem.
  6. Red and white are audio, yellow is video.
  7. Yes, you can hook it up to a DVD player if it has speaker ports, usually they don't because they use you're TV speakers for sound. If you had a stereo system that would be you're best bet. The speaker says 60 watts because that's probably either the max it can handle or it's the recommended working wattage. They will work with less watts but as in you're case will be very quiet. A laptop or desktop just don't have enough power for the speaker to work properly, like others said, you need an amplifier or a powered speaker.
  8. Most people ship blowmolds wrapped in bubble wrap to save cost. If you shipped them in a box the shipping prices would be outrageous. I personally have bought and sold many blowmolds and always shipped them in bubble wrap and have had great success. If you are willing to ship, I would be interested in a price for the Tigger, polar bear, yellow witch and the skeleton with top hat.
  9. Standard outdoor extension cords and 1, 15 amp and 1, 20 amp outlets, no issues.
  10. I run mine with 2 extension cords and 2 outlets.
  11. Why would you repaint it, the paint looks perfect to me. Get a hair dryer and warm up the area where the dent is and just push it out slowly.
  12. I think you're house has the measles, you better get it checked out.
  13. LOL, I really cant stand these bulbs, lol... They are so big and bulky. i bought one the first year they came out and it's sat in my house since.