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shane page

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  • My favorite Christmas story I always liked when my dad would take me around to see all the local displays when I was a kid. That is what got me started, now I am the only one in my area that puts up a big display.
  • Location new philadelphia ohio
  • Biography I am 38 years old I would help my dad put up lights when i was a little boy. our house burnt down in 1985 and all the decorations was lost so me and my little brothers started doing odd jobs to get money and would go buy stuff and we started decorating little by little every year.
  • Interests cars guns and radio controls
  • Occupation tool and die maker
  • About my display I have over 300 blow molds over 70 cartoon cutouts and more than 15000 lights and make it bigger every year.

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  1. Sounds like a OK deal, I would go for it just because of your father having one.
  2. I think it was Noma also.
  3. You really let us down Big J . remixsam, you want to get rid of anything yet?????????
  4. I would have paid 200 bucks each, I just didn't need 9 of them and drive all that way. I think that is still a really good price.
  5. Yes, had an American Flyer now we use an LGB.
  6. I would also buy two from you. At this point I will pay what the current did is for the two I want you would get yours for free, thats a good deal.
  7. These would be cool. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=9&acctid=8539
  8. Beautiful.
  9. Nice.
  10. If you plan on lighting them I dont think brushing it will work it will show the brush marks. If you are not going to light them then you could do it anyway you like.
  11. I would stop. I have done it several times, I stopped by houses that used to put up nice displays and stopped doing it and I scored a couple times. The worst is they can tell you is to hit the road.
  12. Nice.
  13. Here are some pics of the flame bulbs I think you are talking about, and a regular 25 watt bulb that looks to be painted on the inside. A few old strands of lights since we are talking about old bulbs.
  14. Bring him inside use a halogen light and get the dent warm and pop it out. I wouldn't repaint him he looks great.
  15. Looks like they used a clear coat spray paint on them, over time it starts to yellow.