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  • My favorite Christmas story I always liked when my dad would take me around to see all the local displays when I was a kid. That is what got me started, now I am the only one in my area that puts up a big display.
  • Location new philadelphia ohio
  • Biography I am 38 years old I would help my dad put up lights when i was a little boy. our house burnt down in 1985 and all the decorations was lost so me and my little brothers started doing odd jobs to get money and would go buy stuff and we started decorating little by little every year.
  • Interests cars guns and radio controls
  • Occupation tool and die maker
  • About my display I have over 300 blow molds over 70 cartoon cutouts and more than 15000 lights and make it bigger every year.

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  1. Brake clean may melt the plastic, do a small spot to test first. most paint strippers work and some use easy off oven cleaner.
  2. This is terrible.
  3. Are those for sale?
  4. I use the actual picture. Have you tried that? I would also use white primer and primer the wood first it makes the wood smoother to draw on and you can see the pencil lines better. Some have mentioned the large carbon paper, I used the regular size paper from the local office supply store it works just as good.
  5. Need to find a projector, I do a search find one I like print it off and put it in the projector and draw it onto paper then use carbon paper and trace it onto the primered wood.
  6. The Santa head looks like the one I have, made by Good Lite. It does lite up.
  7. I would guess that is what the GF stands for.
  8. I dont think poloron ever made that santa.
  9. You did good, I have seen that snowman go for around 100 bucks.
  10. I would leave it like it is. That snowman is a harder to find mold, I think the santa is made by dapol also and is not real common.
  11. Thanks, I guess thats why I couldnt find them LOL.
  12. If the molds are like a lot of the old Poloron molds I have they become hard and very brittle, judging by the way those look they are like that and I think it makes it harder to repair. Another thing to think about is the way you want to light them, if you light them from the inside like they came it it will make the job a lot harder because it will show the repair more, if you use a spot light you can do the repair many different ways and it will not show once painted.
  13. Sounds like a OK deal, I would go for it just because of your father having one.