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  • Location Plainfield, IL
  • Biography My wife and I have always loved Christmas. We are now enjoying sharing this holiday with our son. Although we have always decorated, each year we are getting a biit more ambitious at the urging of our little elf.
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  • Occupation Forensic Scientist
  • About my display We currently have a rather elaborate and growing Department 56 North Pole Village. Outside is mainly lights, and a few blowmolds, we are hoping to add more annimation and perhaps computerized lights and music this year.
  1. I have been a lurker for awhile but I am now in the position to start planning and building a train. Unfortunately all of the threads are several years old and most of the connections are 404. I know there are several members who have achieved idol status in this area. Any help, inspiration, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. I once saw a magnificent reindeer stable decoration where the reindeer were animated. Can someone point me to where I could obtain more detailed information and/or plans? Thank you