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  • My favorite Christmas story I love hearing from my customers all the ways their displays affect their communities,
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  1. just unloaded a container of strands today! Keep your eyes peeled for tracking numbers!
  2. FYI. Our tax season pricing ends this weekend. Starting next week we will be back to in season (full retail) pricing. If you have some last minute additions, now is the time to order!
  3. You can use standard C9 clips for the C9 pixels. Here's a video that may help out. Basically setting up a C9 outline on a house.
  4. I don't. We typically don't stock those as they don't sell well. They are basically the same as the faceted, but with a clear lens so the lights doesn't bounce around.
  5. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale!
  6. Just one week left to take advantage of this sale. It ends on the 28th.
  7. you might like our C9 ceramic style bulbs. You won't be able to get a LED that looks just like an incandescent... but you might like how these look.
  8. Has to be in full case quantities, and they would be coming in on the last load of the season. But the price is pretty close to the M5 pricing.
  9. I use our 18awg wire. Go straight from the controller to the pixel (no pigtails to cause any issues). I've done 25 feet this way without any issue.
  10. Hi Dale Right now we have our pre sale going, which is the cheapest pricing of the year for quality LED lights. http://www.holiday-light-express.com/ RGB is it's own beast. It's not going to be as "plug and play" as using regular LED strands. RGB runs on low voltage so you are always fighting voltage drop. They also use a fair bit of power... But, you can do pretty much whatever you want as far as color and patterns. Our standard LED light strands are sealed construction, so they are very durable. They are also full wave, so you get flicker free light as well a brightness gain. They will work fine with light controller as well. My suggestions, is to go watch a ton of YouTube videos of Christmas slight shows. Pick out what you like and what you don;t like. Some people don't like how RGB looks, some love it. Some people hate how LED's look and will only use incandescent.... Once you get a rough idea of what you like and what you may want to accomplish with your display, then post some details here and we will help get you on a good path and make sure you are successful.
  11. here are some more examples:
  12. I guess I can shine some light on this since folks seem interested. Big box lights have a higher margin than we do. In other words, they are "jacking" the price up more than we do. What happens is that they build their lights to a price point, not a quality point. This is why in season pricing between Big Box lights, and our lights really isn't that different (we are usually right on with GE brand and maybe 10-15% higher than house brand), but we have a higher quality light. They have a big store on prime real estate to pay for, so they have to run higher margins to cover their costs. This is also why when they hit the 50% off sales, they are still making money. We certainly could bring in a lower grade of lights and beat big box pricing, but that's not what we are about. I like selling good quality products that folks don't have to mess with.
  13. Thought I'd share this video for the RGB users. We have these in stock now!
  14. T5 is your best bet. http://www.holiday-light-express.com/T5_LED_Christmas_lights.php
  15. here's a pic of our warm and pure whites. These are M5 style.