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  1. It was actually because the original AC lights I had were all blue and white. So just to get my sequences converted over to Xlights quickly, I just basically replicated the original prop lights to the new RGB lights throwing in a few special effects where I could. I don't know if I will change the colors much in the future, but like you, hopefully I can at least focus more on the sequences for next year and use the RGB capabilities more.
  2. I don't know if this will help, but my display went off without any problem for my first year. My full setup ended up with basically 8 zones on my house (each with under 150 pixels each (3 leds/pixel)), 4 driveway arches (each with 150 pixel nodes), 6 mini trees (each with 100 pixel nodes), and 3 small arches (with 25 pixels (3 leds/pixel)). I ran with the following power supplies (the total wattage give below includes the 20% safety buffer): 1 - 400w power supply that ran the 4 driveway arches since each arch was was pulling a max of 99w. (These ran off of a Bridge/Pixel Extender setup) 2 - 360w power supplies ran the 6 mini trees and the small arches. (These ran directly from an E682 controller) 4 - 360w power supplies that ran 2 zones for each power supply on the house. (These ran off of a Bridge/Pixel Extender setup). For me this worked out pretty good since for the house it allowed me to run 2 of the 360w PS on one side of the house and 2 on the other side, keeping them as close as possible to where I placed the Pixel extenders for each side of the house near their zone start points. This is what my final results looked like this year. I'm hoping I can improve a lot more next year with some different effects since I spent more time just with the conversion and getting things setup this year.
  3. I'm going to be using several Cable Guard CG-1500 and CG-500 enclosures this year. I was wonder if anyone has any different ideas of mounting them around your yards? I've built wood stands for my previous LOR enclosures but the Cable Guard ones look like they have a mount for a pole but wasn't sure how it's supposed to be used. I wouldn't think I would want to mount it permanently to a pole or PVC pipe if I have to pound the pipe into the ground. So I'm just looking for any ideas to see if someone has better ideas than what I might be thinking. If you know how they can be mounted to a pole or stake I would at least like to know that. I'm also planning on mounting a couple small TA-200 enclosures up around the eves to put pixel extenders in but don't really want to mount them permanently to my siding. I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way to mount some kind of hook that they could be hung from on the house.
  4. I'm using the pixel extenders and bridges from DIYLEDEXPRESS.COM. Unfortunately they are a DIY but they are pretty easy to do, but I have had a lot of experience with electronics and I've built every one of my LOR controllers (except for the very first 4). It's probably too late in the year now but they might be able to actually sell built ones when they have some available. I agree with ccrowder on the power testing. That would be the only way I would know to be sure what you are drawing. I've been taking it for granted that the specs on the pixels I've ordered are correct. I used the spreadsheet that Clyde has available at Leechburg Lights to calculate what power supplies I needed for my different zones. On paper at least everything looks great. I'm still at the point of just starting to build my cases with the power supplies so I'm still hoping myself that I can get it all together. The way I'm looking at everything, I'm hoping that I will be able to use 3 of the bridge units with 6 pixel extenders on each one, and only a single LOR PixCon16 board (or a SandDevice which ever works the best for me). Then I'll still be running some of my standard LOR controllers for the standard lights that are not being converted.
  5. Sorry, that was one thing I forgot in my initial listing. These are all 12V power supplies and RGBs.
  6. Since this will be my first Christmas moving into the RGB world, I'm trying to figure out how to best setup my cases with power supplies. I currently have 4 CG-1500 cases and one LOR new style case (which isn't as big as the CG-1500 cases). I've got mostly 360W power supplies and will be using either PixCon16 controllers or E1.31 Bridge units which both take two DC inputs into them. I will also be using pixel extenders with the bridge units. I do live in Nebraska so it does get pretty cold in the December so I'm not sure if I really need to worry about heat inside of the cases. So my question is, I know with the mounting plates, I could mount a maximum of 2 power supplies (one on lid and one in body) along with one controller within a case or possibly 3 power supplies (1 on lid and 2 in case) within the CG-1500 cases. Does anyone have any pros/cons of setting them up like this? Or should I really limit the number of power supplies I put into a single case (with or without a controller in it)? Just trying to work out my configurations along with where I'm going to need to position the controllers to determine if I'm going to need additional cases. If it helps, my current layout design is to have 19 separate universes. 4 actual controllers. Each controller will use at least 2 universes on each power input. I've already been expecting to also use power injection within each universe so I will be setting up the cases to provide me this capability also. I appreciate any advice I can get on this.
  7. Thanks Doug, that helps.
  8. Hi, At the Christmas Expo, the LOR cases that were being used to control their mega trees had fans and vent caps in them. I couldn't find any LOR person there that was knowledgeable as to where these items were purchased from. I've been trying to search for them since I saw these on display there this past week but haven't been able to find any of them (all three items). Would anyone else have a similar setup that would allow ventilation into the enclosures while doing a pretty good job of keeping out moisture or blowing snow? And can give me some idea on where I can get these myself? I appreciate any help I can get.
  9. Thanks Robert. That all helps tremendously. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Man that is great. If you don't mine me picking your brain a little more and I really appreciate the information. I'm currently using the RS232 dongle on my computer but I did recently purchase the USB dongle so I can move over to it to free up the serial port. How are you triggering the projector with the serial RS232 cable? Can you give me what DOS command you are using to trigger your projector or how it's doing it? What projector model are you using just to see if that might help me in knowing what you might be using or how you are using it. I need to shop for a projector also. For the video cable, are you just using the basic 'yellow' RCA cable for the video for that length or vga or some other format from your computer (wondering where to get a long cable from)? Thanks for all the information.
  11. Thank you, I don't know why I couldn't find that myself.
  12. Hey, just wondering where the channel or Light count images come from like what I have in my sig tag? I had captured this one a long time ago but was wondering if there was a specific location where someone can pull in different one from since I would like to update my signature.
  13. How long of a video cable do you run? My computer is inside of my basement and trying to figure out how I can run a cable out long enough to a projector sitting at my driveway would be pretty far. I wasn't sure if that was the only way to do it or not.
  14. I'm actually using them on my main LOR network to incorporate some of my lights on my neighbors house. But I believe if I'm right that they can't be used on the E1.31 network, if that's correct.
  15. Just for a little history about my system. I have a full LOR system which has 19 controllers consisting of CCR's, LOR1602W's, CTB16PC's, CMB16D, CMB24D. I currently run about 13 songs throughout the entire Christmas show. It runs on a single standard network running off of a serial RS485 adapter. (I did recently purchase the USB-RS485 adapter but didn't get it utilized last year). I also purchased a PixCon16 card which I hope to move into pixels next year which is another issue (#3 below). I understand (I think) the video mapping technique itself so I really don't need help there on that. Any way, I'm interested in including a video in my next years show sequences so I have the following questions: Is it possible to incorporate a video within existing sequences (meaning I would still have my 13 songs and then also the video synced to the lights as an additional sequence). What or how can I incorporate this video into the shows: I mean, how would I trigger the video to the projector for the sequence to play? What kind of hardware would I need to do this (other than the projector which I've been reading up on recommended projectors for this). So how do I trigger the start of the video, what is needed to hold the video to send to projector. And if needed, how do I wire this up to make it work? Any recommendations on how to get my network signals from inside my house to outside to the shows? The base LOR network I planned on leaving as it is (I do have one network cable running outside but really can't add any more the same way so if there are other means of doing it that would work I would appreciate hearing them. The PixCon16 card I had planned on running on a single E1.31 network cable but I'm looking for ideas on trying to figure out how to get the signal outside. I'm sorry there are a lot of questions here but I figured I should start out early to get my learning curve down before next year. I appreciate any information I can get.