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Merrymobile Guy

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  • My favorite Christmas story All of my Christmases as a child were magical. My mom made it that way. We had Elvis and Brenda Lee on the stereo and the red, blow mold lamps on the front porch. My mom was the kind who would put a necklace or a brick in a gift to make you think it was something other than what it was! To this day, my mom makes custom Christmas ornaments that are totally awesome.
  • Location Louisville, Kentucky
  • Biography I am a retired Police Commander (29 years).
  • Interests Vintage signs, advertising signs, blow molds, sleighs, Elvis Christmas items, vintage Christmas items. I also own the only fully restored Merrymobile ice cream truck in the U.S. It is a 1958 model and can be seen on the Merrymobile Facebook page.
  • Occupation Retired Police Commander but currently the Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Louisville, Ky.
  • About my display My Christmas displays include blow molds, sleighs, Santa Claus Land Indiana memorabilia, Graceland Department 56, my mom's homemade ornaments, Christmas items from my Grandparents home, etc.
  1. Picked up a small piece for my collection over the weekend.
  2. Allen: the bulbs do indeed still work fine. My office is decorated with vintage items and I burn one of them regularly every day. Here are some more photos and also one of my window sills and wall at work.
  3. Got home and checked Mel. Mine had a sticker of $6.98.
  4. I am at an auction right now Mel but I can't remember what the price tag on the candles is. It is still on there. I did a conversion chart on the tag and it showed they would be 60.00 on today's dollar. Must have been prestigious in the day?????
  5. Got some small additions to the collection the last couple of days. I already had the metal Poloron candles. They were still in the box with original bulbs and all original packing. One of my favorite pieces overall.
  6. Mel, is it okay if I come and visit you and bring an osmosis machine? Thank you so much. I looked everywhere for a reference for that Lantern and couldn't come up with anything in a week.
  7. I like this lantern a lot. I see it advertised as Empire but I can't find any photos showing it was Empire. Anyone seen this one before or have a reference? Thanks!!!! Kelly
  8. Very small auction with 48 people (Yes I counted!) :)......got it for 30.00 and they acted like I paid 500.....
  9. Disregard all!! Found them!! Thanks!!!
  10. Yes indeed!
  11. They were in a separate bag....LOL
  12. Definitely does! Thanks!!!! What about these? All my catalogs are in the office and I was curious today.
  13. I don't recall seeing any like this with the type base they have???
  14. Picked these up tonight at auction.
  15. I thought the group might like these photos as it relates to the Polk Brothers Santa.