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  1. It seems that what you are describing and what I'm picturing from your description are world's apart, so I'm going to bow out of this. Sounds like you've found an alternate solution.
  2. A direct connection to your speaker can be made with one of these... http://www.mcmelectronics.com/browse/3.5mm-to-Leads/0000002963. It will at least tell you whether you have enough power for the speaker to produce the sound you want. Connect the ground wire (bare) to one terminal and either the red or white to the other terminal. You probably can twist the red and white together to combine the stereo signal to mono, but no guarantee it won't cause an issue with your sound card. If it works, just extend the length with more wire or lamp cord. If not, then you'll need one of the other solutions offered.
  3. Going back to the original issue with bad/weak sound, have you set your audio software properly in the computer? Turn off any sound effects, set to mono, increase AUX volume, etc. This FM transmitter works very well if you have a radio or boombox. http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=FM2&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=fm2&gclid=CMj5zuzF0dICFYi6wAodecUI3A
  4. I'm confused. Is it working with some computers but not others, or what? In order to figure this out you're going to have to provide some more details. Is this a single speaker, a pair of speakers ei L and R, or a single box with left and right speakers? What exactly are the connectors on the back? What adapters are you trying to use? Normally, the AUX jack uses a 1/8" miniplug with three conductors, the tip, the ring just below the tip, and the barrel. The tip and the ring are for L and R (don't remember which is which) and the barrel is the common or ground which would go to both speakers.
  5. A 'powered' speaker will do what you want. Think of it as a speaker with an amp built inside. Sometimes you can find a used computer speaker system at a thrift shop for little money. Just make sure all the cables and power adapters are with it.
  6. Thanks. The translucent ones might work. Thin plastic sheets seem to be the way I'll be going.
  7. Holy cow! You likely couldn't buy one of those now for $6.95! The Old World box probably had a dozen of whatever a 'White Angel' is and they sold for $11.50ea. The retailer would have ordered them by the box. Someone might have bought all those orns from the store and they used the empty box to package them. I contacted OWC and they said all their orns have the heart-shaped OWC metal tag on the hanger. From the pics, I only see the clock-face tag on the one in the last pic. The odd one that has "West Germany" on the cap would have to be pre-1990, assuming it hasn't been replaced from another orn.
  8. IME they have the style of ornaments that came from Italy in the '60s-70s, if they are light and delicate. If they feel heavier than they look like they should, they're likely newer and Chinese.
  9. When more than a few of the bulbs in a string are out, the remaining bulbs get the extra current and burn brighter, which means they will burn out more quickly. They get hot and will all go out as yours did. It appears they all go at once but actually they go one by one, but it happens in a flash. It's the cascade effect. If you're lucky, a shunt will fail and save the remaining bulbs. I use a dimmer to cut the brightness about half when trouble shooting like you were. That way even if half the bulbs are bad, they still aren't overpowered when you do get them to light and you can continue replacing bulbs without them overheating. IMHO the replacement bulbs you're using are probably fine, since they look ok when only replacing one on a good string. The Lightkeeper is a great tool. Get one after xmas on sale for $5. Saves a lot of time. BTW one reason I resist buying a pre-lit tree is just what you're going through.
  10. Never thought of that. I know my wife would worry if they had paper in it though. The brightness of the incan C7's is fine. Don't need them dimmer. Just don't want to see the bulb, socket and wire. I've found that I can get a 25pk of white C7 bulbs at Ace Hardware for about $10, shipped to store. That at least solves the C7 problem.
  11. David Thanks, I did come across those in my search, and they would be another option. Living here, there aren't a lot of places to buy them locally though. I'm thinking that replacing the incan C7's with LEDs should be done regardless of what material I end up with. I used to buy white C7 Xmas bulbs when they went on sale, but haven't seen them stocked anywhere around here for a few years and my stash is almost gone. Nightlight bulbs in the household bulb departments cost around $2 ea. nowadays. I tried a couple of the LED nightlight replacement bulbs but didn't like them even as nightlights... too dim and too blue. How do the LED C7 retrofit Xmas bulbs compare to the old incan C7's color and brightness?
  12. I spent several hours searching the web this morning and came up with this... https://www.acrylite-shop.com/US/us/acrylite-textures-266mh0bbqta/acrylite-textures-colorless-0a000-ffv-qx70mfupl2e~p.html ... that looks like it would be just the effect I want. A 12"x12" piece would be more than enough at $10, however the shipping is more than twice that... $26.41. I need to find some place local that carries this.
  13. My wife made all the buildings in our village at a ceramics class she used to attend. The windows all have just openings where the window panes would be. The C7 light bulb and the unfinished interior is visible. Every year we try to think of something to line the inside of the windows to obscure that view and still allow light to shine out. It would have to be heatproof in case it fell onto the hot bulb, so that rules out cellophane. We thought of stained glass but it's a bit thick and hard to fit to the uneven interior. Nothing showed up in a search. Anyone have any experience doing this? Your help will be appreciated.