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  • My favorite Christmas story Just always love the magic of Christmas
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  • Biography Mechanical engineering student, with family of 6 wife, 2 girls, 2 boys all within 5 years. So Christmas is important around here
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  1. Thanks for the tips, do you have a link or tips on setting up the spiral wrap, I really like that idea
  2. I am thinking use pvc ad guy wires if you have some help you don't need a base or a hole just the wires anchored down
  3. Lights are best priced in January, stores clearancing out the stock. I just bought 2 LOR controllers off eBay for $325 and then software starts at $50 and goes up depending on features, over on light o rama forums people are willing to share for free many sequences. I will share what I have if you are interested. I also saw someone selling controllers for $80 on that forum also. If you want commercial leds some of the vendors still have preseason sales going on. I am working on my first show this year so I have been reading and learning these same things since Christmas 2016 trying to prepare for 2017. I have underestimated costs of the misc things like extension cords so make sure to take that into account
  4. Looks awesome I like the color combinations you have
  5. thanks i was considering that, is there a specific feature that the standard doesn't have that you like? from your sig with 240 channels i see you need it for that just curious if there are any other useful features you use. Thanks again!
  6. Dang I wish I was rich. Good luck with selling it, it looks like a good setup
  7. I bought 2 16 channel controllers and have stuff to build a mega tree to add to my house this year. My starting questions are What level of sequence software should I get as a minimum, meaning is there or are there things that make it worth upgrading from the basic plus, such as save time sequencing or something else. Secondly I plan to make a mega tree about 15.5' tall thinking about 7. 5 diameter. I want to have it full looking, and be able to sequence spinning and such with only one color. I know many use 16 channels, but are there other smaller numbers I could use that would work well like 8 or 12 channels? I look forward to suggestions Here is what I have to work with
  8. Maybe a close up picture of the frosting would help us give suggestions. Are they heavy? If not they sell siding clips that slide behind them
  9. These are awesome I like #2,how or where do you get these made?
  10. Not mine remove if not allowed but i thought i would share what seems like a good deal. I bought some residential controllers from him for $160 shipped and seems like a good guy. click here->ebay
  11. I and I think others have messaged him over a week ago with no response. Makes me worry about giving him money if he is MIA
  12. Sounds more like a rectifier is a diode blocking out the negative wave of the AC but I'm not sure
  13. I think some C9s on the roof would add a good dimension. Looks good so far!
  14. Cool that's great