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  1. if you jump on the Lord forums dibblejr is the resident singing faces guru he has hundreds of songs already sequenced and is really cool about sharing
  2. I'm sorry that I can't wait for all the snow to melt
  3. Thanks for the kind words
  4. as an update on another forum i posted these videos on the tso song during the flashy sections it was suggested to not go straight off and on on my house and tree the lights will be left on at 30% so as not to be so "strobe lighty"
  5. I just started sequencing in January and just recently finished my second song any feedback on improving my shows is very welcome
  6. I was having a hard time visualizing what different sequences looked like on spiral tree so I built one. 3 wraps 16 channels 8 ish ft high. Was a lot of fun to build and play with in the garage 20170220_184530.mp4
  7. I have finished up with the gross sequencing of two songs now and was wondering if there was a way to upload the visualizer and music to a site like youtube so I could share it and ask for critic's/suggestions
  8. Do you have any pics of your construction and finished product qberg? I am curious about what you used to mask off the screen and still look good
  9. Also would someone be willing to show me a screenshot of how they draw in animate their spiral tree?
  10. After you have drawn in your lights onto your background immage in the animator is there a way to save it and move it onto other shows?
  11. The one coro cutout i have i used zip ties
  12. I picked up a bunch of stuff on ebay
  13. I have a ten ft 4in tall megga tree that was static in 16. I have purchased all the lor stuff and was wondering if 8 channels would be ok or do you think it would look choopy? oh btw the lights will start on the ground and run up and over the top and to the ground on the other side.
  14. i appreciate everyones input thus far. i will be ordering 1000 ft spool i found through one of my old vendors from when i did the construction thing. i have 100 of the vampire plugs now and will buy another 100 soon. the only thing remaining is the LOR controllers, LOR software instead of just playing with the demo version and a radio transmitter. i am getting excited and i think my wife is now on fully on board. WE watched a bunch of youtube videos and there are about 10 houses within a 30 min drive that have the controlled displays and that really excites me. Also i have begun talking to my neighbors about it and they are excited to see what i do. I live on a street of mostly older people and i guess my christmas display is the talk of the neighborhood coffee and gossip group. I am getting excited for next year.
  15. pardon me I'm sorry that i can't follow the rules