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Holiday Magic by Tyler

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  1. Yes Local Score!
  2. Picked these up a Facebook Yardsale Group a couple nights ago!
  3. I have this one! But definitely don't recommend it as the bumble is so top heavy you need lots of stakes to get it to stay up. Great Inflatable! I have this one! Retailed for $329, I bought it at a garage sale!
  4. I sure will be!
  5. This guy is the L&G version. So unfortunately you does not light-up and I put him outside and 1 storm he got cracked. He is now permanently inside with all the "rarer molds" I have! I have 4 different storage places. I have around 500!
  6. These are some of my latest finds over the past couple of months! Just getting around to posting them... I have over 300 molds for all Holidays!