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  • My favorite Christmas story The year my dad got me the Santa and Sleigh blowmold for Christmas. It was the one I wanted for years.
  • Location Phila/PA
  • Biography Collecting Blowmolds since I was 16.
  • Interests Collecting Blowmolds and Boating
  • Occupation Business
  • About my display My display is slowly growing since I started working full time. I hunt for the older Blowmolds, and I fix them up as needed. I'm limited on how many Blowmolds I have because I still live at home. My dad doesn't mind them because it makes outside decorating easier on him.
  1. From what I've seen, some of the sellers on eBay have lowered the price of the item but increased the price of shipping. Seems like the shipping prices have become unreasonable, like the seller is trying to make money on shipping.
  2. One lantern went for $170, another lantern went for $230, and the ornaments went for over $300
  3. When I found them last night they only had a few hours left. Looks like they ended.
  4. I noticed all of them are on eBay
  5. We have Lionel, O27, and K-Line in my house. All together, we have 5 sets that we switch up every year for under the tree. My dad wanted my siblings and I to each have a set. Everything runs on the Lionel fast track which is nice.
  6. Out of all the Santas Best Disney Characters/Looney Tunes ones I need the Tweety and Taz. Currently have Snoopy, Pooh, Tigger, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. My friend gave them to me for free. As for Taz and Tweety I have seen them on eBay lately but for outrageous prices. Been on the lookout for them almost 3 years now.
  7. Got a yellow one today at Walmart for $2.00
  8. I got one from my Walmart for $5 last week. I rewired it to take a light bulb and plug. I think it looks better than the LEDs.
  9. I really think it looks a lot better with a regular light in it. I wonder why General Foam tried LEDs with batteries. I also got 6 boxes of 25ct LED C9 lights for $1.84 each. And replacement C7 light bulbs 4 for $0.24.
  10. Unfortunately, it was the last one. The guy behind me in line tried to take it from me, it's sad there are still people like that. Guess he knew what it was worth.
  11. Got a Red GF Giant C7 light bulb today at Walmart for $5. I re-wired it to hold a regular light instead of batteries.
  12. Mel, do you have any advertisement pages for the Santas Best Disney Characters?
  13. The Kmarts near me are slowly vanishing as well. When my dad got the Santa delivered in the mail, it was poorly packaged and the hand was dented in. He had to fix the dent as well as fix the paint. The only store near me that has Blow molds is Boscovs and they are way overpriced. I wait till after Christmas, all they had left was the Mrs. Claus. The paint on these isn't as good as the paint on my older ones. I wonder if it has something to do with the new laws and what can be in paint.
  14. Happy to say my dad got me a Santa for Christmas. I also got a general foam Mrs. Claus at Boscovs today for $23. Last one, her glasses were missing a piece so they took 10% off. Not a bad deal.
  15. Merry Christmas!!!!!!