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Big J Illinois

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  • My favorite Christmas story Celebrating christmas with my best friend,and wife
  • Location Northern Illinois
  • Biography FIrst year of decorating a house with garage sale, craiglist finds...and the occasional purchase of used lights from members...
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  • About my display Growing and always room for one last bulb

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  1. Well done!! If I lived closer, I would love to see this thing in action!!
  2. Who is selling these this year? I would be interested in the large ones
  3. Those are cool!! Where do you get them from?
  4. Great score!! Where those local?
  5. Looks great, are those the rebar(1/2") made , light pole ornaments? Or the 1/4" or 3/8" ones?
  6. Hey Jerry, I sent an email to him also...pretty close to me,
  7. Pm sent
  8. Full wave is nothing more then a rectifier , to get rid of the flicker that you see from LED lights....call it a filter in essence...hope that helps....
  9. So is each tree $22.50 or 45 each??
  10. So Don, how much for 1 then?
  11. Me also!!!
  12. So, the 6' LED white trunk, multi color....4 trees for 45 dollars, plus shipping? And 50% off that? Or is the 45 dollars already the price with 50% off?
  13. So if I can read right....4 spools for 20 dollars?
  14. We will be there , on Wed to friday...
  15. I love that tree, and hope someone can share some insight also