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Big J Illinois

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  • My favorite Christmas story Celebrating christmas with my best friend,and wife
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  • Biography FIrst year of decorating a house with garage sale, craiglist finds...and the occasional purchase of used lights from members...
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  1. So you want a 14 ft tree and no guy wires?
  2. Hey all, hope all the planning is going well. In referance to thw subject, we used permanent , ground mounts. I posted in Mega Trees, last year. It worked great and held up in Northern Illinois weather just fine, 22ft mega with a 2 ft star, 40mph wind, rain ,snow and sleet, not a problem at all:) if you have questions,ask:) sorry for the blah pic (from last year)the grass looks horrible. I will post more info if anyone should need it. I will say, thsee covers can be found at HD, Lowes, Menards ect...they are used for in ground sprinkler systems... if you have any questions, yell at me and hope I can help
  3. Agreed Don!
  4. I might go just for the vittles!! Sound yummmmm!!
  5. I knew of all people,Mel would know!! That is one cool santa you found
  6. OMG!!!! WAY TO FUNNY, Claude....LOLOLOLOLOL Kids are gullible aren't they?
  7. I bought 48 of them and they gave them to me for 1.98..
  8. I don't see anything
  9. At Menards, those are here in th midwest. Kind of like a HD or Lowes
  10. Seen these for 2.22 ea today...42" height. Powder coated, so they won't rust. Almost $5 normal price, now on sale AND 11% off
  11. I would have picked them up and and stored them til you could have made it down:) Those where pretty killer!!
  12. Hey Sam, I did not, someone with more money got them
  13. Upright...inside your house or garage
  14. Keep on Eye on here, as from time to time, there are things that pip up for sale.
  15. They are beutiful, would like to start getting some of those in my display. I have 200 ft of side yards to do somthing with