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Best Family Christmas Display

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  • My favorite Christmas story Seeing all the blue Christmas lights at my grandparents and now I try to corporate blue in my display
  • Location Sevierville, Tennessee
  • Biography I look at what I can improve on all the time and I've been doing a big display for about 5-6 years now and it's getting bigger every year and hope to have over 20,000 lights in 2016
  • Interests I enjoy guns and Christmas lights more than most people
  • Occupation Loss Prevention Officer
  • About my display It's not all leds but I do still use the old type and I will one get some rgb
  1. Hi there I have run into a lot of problems this year with my lights and I run a lot of leds but do have some others that aren't and I have melted a couple of extension cords this year and did put in a GFIC outlet outside which worked great til it rained and then it keep tripping so I need help for my 2017 display so I don't have ANY power issues and was just curious how to big light people power it all thank you for any help
  2. Thank you I've got it now and it's www.boscoyochristmas.com
  3. Thanks for the reply but I can't get that link to work but I'll try again later
  4. Where is the link for those patterns? Thanks
  5. Yes I am if it don't show a pic right here on the page then I can't pull it up for some reason like if it says a thumb then it won't work
  6. Hi there I keep getting this when I try to bring up pictures that people has posted and this is the error I'm getting so please any help would be great
  7. He I live in Sevierville as well so me me know if you still on here
  8. I would love to attend something like this as since I'm from Sevierville, pigeon forge area please let me know if someone wants too