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  • My favorite Christmas story drummer boy
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  1. Most people get the individual ones from Walmart. I took the lights out of a set of 3 and replaced them with 35 count led's to make them individual. Here is how I am building mine:
  2. I get them from these guys. Order in 25 or more. Free shipping http://www.holidaylightingoutlet.com/category/c7-led-replacement-bulb.html
  3. Where did you find the witches pattern? I have been searching all over for it but have not had any luck. Thanks
  4. My local Target store only stocked 4. Now they have to reorder. Thinking about getting more when they restock.
  5. http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/product/5878/All_Yard_Garden Is this the lamp you are talking about? I am looking to build this also but so far no spare time.