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  1. Good Morning!

    Do you still have the inflatable Santa?


    If so, does it light up very well?  Also, curious how much shipping might be.


    Thanks so much!!

  2. OK, this will probably seem like a stupid question to most but here goes. Can any incandescent bulbs in a string of Christmas lights be replaced with the same size LED lights or is there more to it? Thanks!!
  3. Yea, me either. Not sure what I did wrong. I'll try again soon.
  4. Gotta paint the plastic screws on the arms and then we're done!IMG_1260.MOVx
  5. How many lights did it take?
  6. I had Santa in the window for the first time this year and it was a big hit!! Now that he has gone back to the North Pole that window looks really dark and sad. Does anyone play any other sort of movie/DVD once Christmas has passed until you take your show down? I tried The Grinch but it got old really fast having to keep checking and restarting it every little bit. Thanks!!
  7. I am so mad at myself!!! I just broke the prong that fits into the box from the speaker for the Gemmy Lightshow unit. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to repair it or where I might find just the speaker? Thanks!!!!
  8. Pretty proud of our first shot at doing this ourselves.
  9. Does anyone have an opinion on these two products? My display is static but would like to add music and a little flashing/dimming intermingled throughout the yard. Thanks!!
  10. Mydoordecor.com
  11. Does anyone use battery powered lights in your display? If so, how do the batteries hold up? Am thinking about doing some tomato cage trees and using battery powered lights on them.
  12. Thanks to everyone so far for your comments!!
  13. I'm attempting to convert overt to LED lights this year so I can do even more and not kick the breakers. What I'm seeing online, the LED lights are way more expensive. $20 - $30 for a 70 count string of lights seems like a lot when I'm trying to replace so many. Any secrets on where to find them a little less expensive?
  14. Paul/Shadow, did you make your candy cane poles? Also, how did you mount them into the ground to assure they were steady enough to hold up the icicles? Thanks!