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  1. Right on, that's awesome! Though, in my humble opinion, I do believe it would have been that slightly distasteful yellow color originally. Which I bet is why I've never seen one, it was a highly unpopular color- but boy I would love to my hands on that for repaint! *I'd leave it white I believe, paint the crosshatch and bows red, and the bells yellow. Maybe some variation. Use a very mild stripper, I believe I've even heard use of oven cleaner does very well at taking the paint right off. *70's, 80's, or 90's, could have been earlier on within those decades or close to the latest. Id say in the middle though- 78'-88'.
  2. Thanks folks, I'll think of some other creative alternatives with the existing sockets and cords I already have. The plastic is much more dense however, and the purple and blue bulbs will most likely retain the majority of cast light so I'll be going for high wattage. Hence the more economical led w/ e27 base.
  3. The four 16" eggs in the first photo came from a discount dollar store called 'Fred's' that is in the neighboring city of Canton, beside of me here in the town of Candler, western-most part of the city of Asheville, NC. $5 each. They had two of each color, pink, purple, blue, and yellow. The 15 eggs in the second photo I watched and waited all summer 2016 as an ebay seller incrementally dropped the price $10 every month until they were $30 shipped down from $80 shipped. I was fortunate, they had three lots, I was able to get the last. So much dilligence must be used in order to be able to moderately afford collector pricing. The other two online lots sold for 50 and 40 the months prior to my fall purchase.
  4. I'm overlooking the thread where someone posted photos of their jumbo C-9 Christmas bulb which they used a lamp kit and pvc pieces to create a fixture. Could someone lend some assistance, sincere apologies. I've gotta get these guys lit soon. Could anyone recommend an online website for moderately priced lamp kits? Thanks for any and all assistance lended- Eric.
  5. Excellent find!
  6. Have you seen this one. I think it's beautiful. Course they all are.
  7. Amazing video! Thanks to you both so much for the inquiry and potential remedy! I'm unable to do any such project, but have ran into similar dilemmas!
  8. Thank you all. I've been trying to think vertically.
  9. An electrician friend told me the safest way for electrical cords to be stored is to lay them freely within a container, causing zero folding or streching stress within the cords. I wind mine around my elbow, forearm, and in my hand as you would a drop cord, rather loosely, and lay them in a giant tote that I scoot out of our storage shed and drag about 40 ft. It weighs as much as I do, around 150 pounds. 4ft.× 2ft.× 2ft. I believe is the dimension. I'll fill a second one this year.
  10. Neat, I love seeing all of the old advertising you find. Do you just do google searches for archives or use other sources?
  11. Wouldn't that have been made by somebody like Noma? Flatback vacucel right? Lokks like it would go around/in front of a fireplace mantle, or creat a fake one. I love it though, I'd string mini lights zig-zagged through it.
  12. That's true, but the paints that are more tacky while drying should also seemingly have a great threshhold for dinging without chipping. They have a greater polymer bond, thus taking greater time, and some care prior to 24hr. cure. That has been my experience and past recieved advice by knowledgeable other's anyway.
  13. A few photo's I took over the holiday. Most everything was out, just a few large things weren't. Very similar to last year with a few additions, and repositioning's. The wreath is one of my favorite additions; believe it or not I got it for free off of craigslist with the faux greenery, I added everything else, and It folds in half. Still haven't made some minor repairs that need to be corrected with the trailer. I didnt actually get around to taking photos of the lights around the yard, but there was quite a bit. I had an even greater amount of traffic slowing down this year. With the unbelievably phenomenal deals of luck, chance, blessing, and skill that I've received this post-holiday sale, I can't wait for this year to fly by as I'm sure it will! I'll finally be able to light our maple. I'll post later on that note-
  14. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for posting, and welcome!
  15. Congratulations! Many people aren't as fond of this set, especially the sad clown- it is my all time favorite!