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  • My favorite Christmas story Nephews helping set up my lights.
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  1. I am pretty sure I am going.
  2. I think it is a good idea. I dont have anything to sell, but I am known to impulse buy Christmas light stuff.
  3. Not everyone lives in nice areas, a little extra security can't hurt.
  4. http://www.christmasexpo.com/exhibitor-list/
  5. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  6. Just saw this thread, not sure how I missed it before. I would be interested. Does anyone know if anyone is working on a mini this year?
  7. NEVER NEVER EVER CUT ANY LED LIGHT STRING! They have rectifiers on them, sometimes multiple. If you cut the string you will shorten the life of the string considerably because they are set up with set voltages. Once you cut 3 or 4 or more lights out you are sending more voltage to the remaining lights causing them to burn brighter than the rest and reducing their life span. If you cut lights out, you need to take note the location of the rectifiers, and take reisteance reading and place a resistor(s) in the circuit to keep the total reisistance the same, and you should be okay then. Just my two cents. Don Mcabee likes this Like this Quote
  8. Sorry, I don't recall what brand they were, it was years ago. I couldn't stand the flicker and they were given away.
  9. All the Half wave I used to have were just that, they used a half wave rectifier because they are cheaper, (two less diodes). They did not rely on the last LED in the chain to keep current from flowing the opposite direction. (check valve if you are a mechanical type). (I also have an electrical background, and made my living doing such for years.)
  10. I'm looking forward to going, never been to one yet.
  11. Look forward to this, I almost went last year.
  12. I would be interested in going, if I walk away with one new trick it will be worth it to drive up from Chesapeake.