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  1. Not posting a loss just finding a way to preserve history if you're not rich. Most auto museums operate this way. and none of this is what Christmas is about it's just some info about starting a museum. sorry
  2. A friend of mine has a car museum and is set up as a 501c3 charitable organization, he has sold his cars to his "foundation" and any restoration costs, storage, car show entry fees, and travel expenses are a write off.
  3. I have the Martha Stewart snowflake icicle lights. I tested and hung all of them, then when I saw them in the dark some sets look white some kind of tan- yellow. They say warm white on box. About 1 in 3 was wrong color
  4. You still have your health and family. I know display problems are bad but it could be worse. I went through a breakup this year and will be alone at Christmas for the first time in 11 years and I'm sure other people have it much worse than we do.
  5. Not buying it he wants 100$ I don't know anything else about it except he had it since 1976
  6. I saw this on Atlanta craigslist
  7. Instead of enlarging the hole for a cheap cord I bend the metal tabs slightly they fit fine
  8. He's about 17" and according to the original owner he's about 50 years old. Has noma name on him
  9. If you have power spikes or brown outs you could use a pro audio power conditioner like in recording studios I have them on my tv's and stereo
  10. I cut all of my sockets down so cfl bulbs fit
  11. Use j channel for vinyl siding and zip tie lights on then it snaps on the gutters. I only used one color but I've seen superstands done this way also
  12. Thanks everyone! I didn't get everything out this year I just ran out of time.
  13. Happy Halloween
  14. Got this guy at goodwill 2$
  15. I got him at spirit Halloween.I keep pink and blue flamingos out all year. At Halloween the zombie flamingos attack the regular ones!