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  • Biography 48, live in colorado had a prett kickin display until a family setback forced me to sell. now i am re-bulding. and cant wait to try new ideas.
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  • About my display Rebulding after a devistating loss

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  1. scooter I would be interested in LOR servo DOG... and maximizing LOR performance in my display.
  2. sweet!! I did the same ting with mine it brings a new personalization to the display.. My friend Tim Keenan puts servos in all his and uses LOR servo Dog it rocks!!
  3. I don't have the train or the animated band but the train will be re built at the new house with more track
  4. what is wrong with the callery pear tree? curious
  5. here is an aerial view of the property
  6. Ok So New House NEw display!! and you get to share your ideas !!! the house sits on a hill but to the west is a whole nother acres for decorating so the canvas is new and the display ideas ar unlimited. but my brain is in hyperdrive and cannot come down the ideas running thru my head are crazy but if you have any good ones you can share them here.... pic 1 and 2 are the front of the house pic 3 is the extra acre we own to the west of the driveway and pic 4 is on the acre facing the drive way... to help with ideas I am brining the following items to the new house I have a mega reee blowmold Nativity a ton of those new blowmold lights the santa scene light flurries tons of porch greeters lots of PVC for creating new stuff Gemmy animateds the coroplast frosting.. READY SET GO!! I cant wait to hear your ideas.
  7. Hey Bob Do you have videos of the train in the display from this season. I would love to see it in action and the the visitors faces
  8. Aweome Job and thanks for posting the How to
  9. I don't know about you all but this last Christmas was the greatest Christmas of all when it comes to finding Rare Gemmy life size animated figures. I have picked up 3 snatas sold off to 2 to pay for 2 polar bear and penguin bands and 2 of just the reindeer for the band I have picked up a Grinch and just last weekend I picked up a life size santa bear the only like sizre piece missing now is the snow man and I have the entire collection. I will begin working on the new animated band this summer. Im still in the hunt for deer heads the singing deer heads rock!! oh and I picked up 2 4ft American international santas one white one black. I hope to reconfigure them as wisemen in my nativity some day
  10. im trying not to say much to protect our family from Noah. was not gonna post it on PC but realized I already posted it in another part of the forum board. so.... we will be moving to Kentucky. I have avoided posting on facebook as he lurks there but I think its safe here I hope its safe here will still be on PC and will still be around
  11. To all my Christmas lighting friends in Colorado... After many years of dealing with adoption issues and dhs in Colorado I have had enough of the situation with dept. of Human Services in Colorado and Have decided its time to go. I will miss you all. Our family will be moving to a new location a new state. a new life. I will still be on PC and you can still email me and call me whenever. Scot Meyers
  12. I will be in Richmond in 30 days . Yes you heard it .... moving from Denver after 18years of living here.
  13. ok gang LETS MAKE A DEAL!! Darren Venticher wants these LC-16's out of his warehouse. you can call Holiday artisans 3033330444 and make him an offer. or email him at Darren@holidayartisans.com sorry Im not much of a seller I was doing this as a favor to him. but every email I had gotten after they replied they decided not to buy them. SO you can deal with Holiday Artisans directly no more middle man. Darren want to get these out of his warehouse they are taking up space
  14. just remember once you win your expected to up it next year. Congrats!!
  15. after 12/24 I really don't care I will repair when it comes down.