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  • My favorite Christmas story When I was 13, my Dad got me my first animation. It was a Tri State animated Santa. Still have him to this day!
  • Location Pontiac, MI
  • Biography I have collected Christmas animation since I was 13 and have collected Christmas items and ornaments since I was 5. I also collect Hallmark ornaments and have almost every ornament made between the years of 1973 and 2005. Love Christmas props!
  • Interests I collect a lot of stuff!
  • Occupation Auditor
  • About my display Last open house I had 35 full size trees up, 27,000 lights inside the house and a 400# Christmas wreath outside that came from LS Ayres in South Bend.

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  1. Betsy Ross needs a makeover!
  2. Love the faces on these!
  3. Anyone ever seen tyhese?
  4. Get your Easter Best ready!
  5. $80 for the whole set!
  6. This week's repairs... Cool article someone sent me
  7. Great display!
  8. Huge Christmas sale in Staten Island New York tons of Christmas animation check out the pictures if you're in the area please stop by 515 wild Avenue Staten Island New York feel free to call me if you need assistance finding the place 248-872-7080 Christmas lights Halloween decorations Easter decorations it's all here
  9. Everyone getting ready for Christmas?
  10. I have about 20 Animated Lighting Controllers for sale as shown. All are 16 Channel. I'm asking $100 each. Discounts on volume purchases. Text or email me at 248-972-7080 darridm@gmail.com
  11. I actually have 4 of the 5 sets. I don't know if I will ever find the Easter set.
  12. Best bet is something completely ridiculous or random. Everyone does a conveyor or spinning a few items. Make it something crazy that makes no sense and is over the top.
  13. The rest of the bowling alley stuff I picked up!