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  1. anyone looking for more info be sure to check out this thread!
  2. This is amazing! @Big J Illinois and I were looking for modern build plans for this! I like your idea to use pixels. I was going to try to do something similar but with standard LED strings. ( thread here) @PhotoRay can you share the dimensions of your build? also are you planning to chrome or make the PVC tubes reflective at all? I was planning to maybe try a metallic paint on the inside of the tubes to make them "brighter"..
  3. In a different post I saw someone post the below photo... got me thinking. Has anyone built a recent version of these? I was thinking of trying to do it with a standard string of lights and just put multiple bulbs where the instructions have 1 per can... Anyone done this and have more detailed instructions for a build plan? I just built PVC mini trees but I might aim to replace them with these because I really like the look.
  4. nice display @Mike's creation! I like your ideas for next year as well! I plan to add net lights to our roofs next year, as well as some additional path lights around the arch (both sides next year). I plan to build and put out a donation box for a charity next year, so that will have to be decorated as well. 2017 will be my fourth year and I am sticking at 32 channels and only adding a few more lights. More focus will be put on making the display "clean". For example my path lights are not exactly straight... I am going to build a board with pre-drilled holes to make sure they go down straight and stay straight! My arch "shape" isn't perfect (cant see in this photo) so I plan to fix that. And the blue wrapped tree I plan to make into a blue christmas tree next year. Big white star tied to the tree and then make an upside down V-cone with the blue lights. Probably only going 2/3rds of the way around the tree. I was severely lacking organization this year as well so I plan to tag all my lights, store them neatly and make sure everything is logged into my excel sheet that also keeps track of power usage. Speaking of power usage, I am going to set up a better "command center" in the garage. Which includes having better outlet locations, adding a few new outlets so I can add more controllers and even possibly getting my service upgraded so I never have to power about tripping breakers again... and a better place to put my laptop that runs the show. Now that I wrote all this down it seems like more than I thought... its just mostly behind the scenes and people who visit the show won't see that big of a difference in 2017. AND of course I will sequence new songs.... we have only repeated 1 song each year (TSO -Nut Rocker) and repeat it every year as our "grand finale"! ... thinking of possibly doing a "throwback Thursday" in 2017 and playing some older sequences.
  5. I plan to start collecting for a charity next year as well. Our mailbox is at the end of driveway and I plan to make a small box (wooden) that I can discretely secure to the mailbox post. Of course I will decorate it in some way...lights, gingerbread house, presents...I don't know yet. someone mentioned it above but the best thing you can do is empty it every night! I started giving out candy canes to cars I saw this year so I normally have a close eye on the front yard every night. Collecting for a charity has always been a goal of mine and after 3 years I feel that its time to take the dive as I am not adding to much for year 4 in terms of lights/controllers. I am thinking toys-for-tots or make a wish, something that will help children(100% donated of course). I personally never liked the idea of putting out a donation box to help "run" my show. If I can't afford new lights or a new controller that year then I shouldn't be adding them, using other peoples money to add them would feel wrong to me...
  6. thanks for the tip @Big J Illinois binder clips is a good idea too @Logan L. Johnson it dont think it will be too much of a problem getting them set-up. my roof pitch is not that steep and normally oct/nov we get some mild days.... taking them down however, that could be a process. hopefully I love the look and its well worth it though!
  7. I have never used light-o-ramas pixel controller but given how easy their "regular" controllers and other equipment is to used I would recommend checking them out...
  8. soo uhh... what you are talking about doing, and "not being afraid to push the limits" is a light failure waiting to happen, breaker tripping or absolute worse case a fire.... Get more outlets installed and if you can, have the different outlets on different breakers. Someone above also mentioned that most incans recommend 3-4 stringed together, going much higher will probably cause them to fail. I highly recommend LEDs like Big J said above, it not only seriously dials back your power usage but you can string together many many more sets (end-to-end). I have never used incans in the quantity you are as my show is about 98% LED so my experience is limited. I am also not sure of the limits on "stacking" as you plan to do, but its giving me a headache/nightmare just looking at that photo you posted( cant imagine 15 like that...) My electrical knowledge is not limited though, electrical engineering degree... This is not something to play around with. I would also highly recommend using a spreadsheet like the one in the post I have shared below. I use this exact one and its super easy to see how many amps you are pulling with your display. Plus it keeps everything super organized. If you are getting to the point where you can easily trip the breaker by trying to use your every day items, you are getting close to overloading it.... Sorry if this was a little blunt but I have seen extension cords go up in smoke for having too high a power draw for too long. The wires used on Christmas lights are not has heavy duty as your standard outdoor extension cord. Much better to play it safe with this kind of stuff.
  9. no music going with it? I can see if its the last part of a song or something, but if it just does that all night.... :(
  10. good thing i am visiting three different lowes tonight to pick up lights i ordered online the other day... i will have to see if any good deals are left OOO and they better price adjust my order from last night!
  11. OMG... how did that not cross my mind to just use the same clips I use to hold my C9s to the gutter..... as papa always said "remember to K.I.S.S." : Keep It Simple Stupid!
  12. I tried searching on google and on here as well but couldn't find this anywhere... I had the brilliant idea of putting net lights on my roof, instead of using more and more lines of C9s. My current setup : I have the roof outlined in multi-C9s along the gutter and up the sides to the "peak". (Think a U) Instead of adding more LOR channels I am concentrating on adding more lights this year and the roof was obviously an open canvas. I thought about buying more C9s and putting them on an angle, or just filling in the roof with some type line pattern. But why do that when I can put down net lights? GREAT IDEA, cool effect (at least in my head right now)... Think about the U shape, but now I am filling in the middle. I already purchased the lights (got a decent deal on 2ft X 8ft LED multi color, 150 lights) but now I am thinking about how to secure them next year. Any ideas? I was thinking a wooden frame would work to hold in place, maybe some ropes that are secured, pvc frame (lightweight but enough to hold them in place)... has anyone done this or have any ideas? If you have done it, photos of your setup could be great! I am also thinking its possible to use the C9s already in place to hold them? zip tie them together? creating a GIANT net that I can just roll out? Picture below from a few years ago but the roof is basically unchanged in terms of light layout.
  13. pixels basically render that question useless for the exact reasons mentioned in the few comments above... we will see what they end up writing in the article, if they even include us at all. I haven't heard anything since the interview and if they were trying to pick houses based on size we will be out. still nice to be considered!
  14. Glad other people feel this way as well. I just repeating to them that all that matters to me is people who find us, and stay for at least 30 seconds leave with a smile on their face... nothing better! Forgot to shout to Big J! nice display! I feel that same way, do I like what I have created, do my props look as clean as I could get them? then I am happy Here is a still shot from one of our videos, sorry for the quality!
  15. Agree with this 100% but my problem goes the other way as well. If i tell the truth, estimated say 3500 lights tops. People reading the article would be unimpressed compared to the others that are way more leaving them less likely to visit my show. Its somewhat of a metric that is easily used but not a great way to determine a shows quality. Like you said, its simple scale only!