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  1. This is from the February issue of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past magazine. They did a feature on Aluminum Christmas trees. It appears your tree is a "Sparkler" by Star Brand.
  2. Here's the old school way of doing it. (Scroll down to December 1965) http://www.christmascraftsman.com/vintage-popular-mechanics-christmas-ideas.html
  3. http://m.startribune.com/macy-s-downtown-empties-its-attic-elf-harry-potter-holiday-animatronics-now-for-sale/414492413/#7
  4. Since you live in Asheville and like Christmas, consider attending this year's Convention of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past. It's in Asheville this year. https://goldenglow.org/christmas-convention/
  5. Look great!
  6. I've been a GE Lighting collector for years and I've just discover something new. A friend of mine was refurbishing some old municipal decorations and found GE D28 C9's in some of the sockets. I have never seen a D28 before. The consumer version was a D15 Merry Bright. I checked with another friend of mine who worked at GE's NELA Park during the 60's and said these were some GE made for commercial decorators who liked the transparent colors but the sometimes rough service of a municipal decoration would cause the color to crack and peel. The D28's had a coating of Lexan to protect the color. They were also made with a brass base whereas the consumer line was aluminum/nickle. If you come across any of these while refurbishing a municipal decoration and don't want them, let me know. I would even be interested in burned out ones if the have the GE logo and "D28" stamp.
  7. White added with colors when outlining a roof does wash them out a bit; however, I had a GE Lighting Engineer tell me that using white lamps sparingly actually helps to color balance your lights and reduces the orange glow when lighting trees and shrubs with multicolored ceramics. This year I tried that and he's right. It makes the blues and greens pop a bit when mixed with red and yellows. I used a white ceramic about every tenth socket. This is what I use. It's gone down a bit since I bought it several years ago. It's now $6 at retail. Looks like they are having a clearance right now of this year's stock. http://www.michaels.com/canadian-pine-garland-9ft/10423314.html#q=pine+garland&start=8
  8. I get pine garland from Michael's. Usually around September or October it goes on sale at 40%-50% off for about a week. Normally it runs about $8 for 9 feet. I use it on a friends house and it works nicely...
  9. Those sockets are some of the best! One of the best prices I've found... https://www.grandbrass.com/item/so974/lamp_sockets-e_26_medium_base-sign_and_carnival_sockets/
  10. Yes we would. I've got some fiberglass ones that were used in the Chicago area in the 50's and 60's. God added the ice...
  11. Are those bell fiberglass or plastic?
  12. I found a stash of replacements several years ago and still use them on a tree in the yard. There is nothing that comes close to matching those colors.
  13. LED's are not there yet. Vendors claim they look just like incandescent but they don't. I have hope because I found a C7 LED in Home Depot that is marketed as a night light that perfectly matches the traditional C7 ceramic white lamp. These LED lamps also have a glass envelope and not a plastic one. Now if they would just ceramic color the glass envelope - not paint but fuse the color with the glass like GE used to do in the late fifties thru the late seventies - they would have a winner. I even did an experiment and sent it to the LED manufacturer. They don't seem interested but someone who actually wants to revolutionize LED Christmas lighting will. Go several more season with incandescents and then a true incandescent looking LED will be on the market. Here's my experiment....
  14. http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2016/12/syracuse_christmas_past_see_inside_the_old_cooper_decorations_factory.html
  15. Here's a way to make mini trees...
  16. It's the kind that grows wild here in Georgia. Yes they are real.
  17. http://sherwoodonline.com/item.asp?cid=2&sid=33&id=515&page=1
  18. I recycle my Christmas tree...
  19. Stone Mountain here in Georgia uses medium base LED's for their mega tree strung on a broadcast tower at the top. They were using incandescent S14 and switched out the lamps. It is actually visible further with the LED's than it was with the incandescents.
  20. LOR is not my area of expertise but there is a forum for that: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forum/262-light-o-rama-world/ Ask your question in that forum and I'm sure there will be plenty of folks willing to walk you through the process. Post a pic of your tree in this thread when you're done. I would love to see what you come up with.
  21. I found a bright white LED at Home Depot made by Meridian that's the closest thing to incandescent I've seen so far on the market. What intrigued about this lamp, it has a glass envelope and not plastic. That got me thinking, "What if they ceramic colored the glass envelope like GE did in the 60's? Would that produce the same vintage ceramic C9 and C7 look?" I tried a little experiment illustrated below and was pleased with the results. Now if I could only convince an LED manufacturer to do this...
  22. I came across a couple catalogs of vintage wood cut out for Christmas. They were sold ready made and seemed to be popular. Take a look and see if it sparks any ideas. Leonard-Brynolf-Johnson-Catalog-1956.pdf Leonard-Brynolf-Johnson-Catalog-1962.pdf
  23. My Godson Nicholas has a bright-eyed, mouth opened expression whenever he gets excited (pic 1 below). It reminds me of the old illustrations of choir boys singing. So I had an idea. I found an old illustration (pic 2 below) and added several close ups of Nicholas with his expression from different angles (Pic 3 below). I modified it a bit and now I have a four foot plywood choir of my Godson. I'm going to surprise his parent with this Thanksgiving weekend.
  24. He seems to be happy with his likeness.