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  • My favorite Christmas story All of them...waking up as a child in South Florida when it actually frosted on the car windows.
  • Location Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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  • About my display All white incandescents with blow molds

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  1. Bill, any updates?
  2. Are these sealed bulbs or replaceable?
  3. hotrod, do you happen to have the comparison for your champagne bulbs? I don't know if those would look like what I am looking for. We purchased a box of your warm white faceted and they aren't bright enough for what we need.
  4. I agree. In my opinion most Christmas enthusiasts would rather see items put to good use, rather than getting a few extra bucks from strangers.
  5. Free as pictured. Got it from a neighbor, and it won't be used in our setup. I am not familiar with inflatables. Everything works-no tears. Snow is sticking to the clear section but can be flicked off. Snowman inside.
  6. Time to replace the fragile and power hungry incans...looking for recommendations on a retrofit that has as close to the classic look as possible. Faceted won't work, as they are not bright enough.
  7. I did a lot of research and ended up exclusively purchasing Holiday Light Express LED's. The combination of quality and warranty is hard to beat. As for RGB, as hotrod says, that is a totally different animal. You really have to map out your display and know your stuff.
  8. We are looking to create a few cutouts for 2017. Here in South Florida the weather is not much of a problem (outside of humidity). Many people around town (myself included) have wood cutouts, but I would like to get away from that and try foam or coro. What mm coro does everyone use? Do you have any problems with the coro folding or bending? The 10mm from Home Depot gets pricey very quickly. One of the great displays around me uses 2" foam. He paints it with acrylic and then applies the glitter. He does have to bring the cutouts in every night so they sun does not get to them.
  9. Diamondkilo, great looking home! Are those LED C9's lining the house? If so, where did you get them from?
  10. Yes. When I spoke to a gentleman on the phone he said he did not think you guys carried them any longer.
  11. I would love some of the "old school" look of clear C9 bulbs. I don't know where places like Disney and Bass Pro get theirs, but they are pretty darn accurate. I ordered a pack from you guys last season hoping they would be similar and they aren't. To get the same effect the lenses definitely need to be clear.
  12. I used 1" aluminum tubing to create my 16 ribbon tree. I was planning to lean it up against a megatree style contraption, but ended up leaning it against a palm tree (no star this year). I have about $500 into the tubing, but it will outlast me. The thing is awesome. I have the holidaycoro ready to go tree, $900. After some frustration it was pretty easy to get going.
  13. I'm also interested in this. I see Bass Pro and some other commercial spots with nice C9 LED's. Between the glass and the power draw of the incans I would switch to LED if I found one that was a close match.
  14. Here in Florida red and blue are illegal (and with fair reason). As far as interior lights, pleeeease don't do that. It really impairs your vision. The Jose Fernandez boat accident comes to mind (although there were other factors).
  15. I have my Holiday Coro 16 ribbon/ccr tree ready to go. So what now? LOR S4 advanced? Will the S4 integrate my normal LOR sequences and the E1.31 sequences onto the same screen? I have watched the HC alphapix setup video, but my question is more to actually "running" the software. It looks like I don't need the acti dongle...should the LOR controllers be daisy chained to the alphapix, or the alphapix runs on its own ethernet cable? Sorry for all the questions, but I have not been able to find these exact answers via search.