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  • My favorite Christmas story Is a story I wrote for kids of all ages, with many pics. to go with the story. The title is "The Year Santa Almost Canceled Christmas"
  • Location Florida
  • Biography We live in FL. 33 yrs. orig. from PA. we love decorating for Christmas, the outside is for others to enjoy, the inside is for us.
  • Interests decorating, gardening/landscaping, crafts/painting and writing, I am published online also live theater.
  • Occupation Retired
  • About my display It is huge, won 1st. place for Xmas lighting in 2012, and added so much more for this yr. No blow ups all very classy and done to perfection, because we are that way about everything! LOL

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  1. We enjoy seeing all the folks enjoying our display, which we are watching on 2 monitors and our security cams, while sitting cozy in our recliners, we can also hear the squeals of joy from the children, and watch as the parents take photo's or do videos. this year we had a huge surprise experience so sweet it got Dh choked up as he brought it in and handed it to me. We saw on the monitor a woman get out of a car which had been sitting out there taking it all in, as they pulled forward she got out, we thought to no doubt take a pic. then I said she's at our mailbox? we heard it clang closed and they drove off. Later Dh said ok, I'm going out to see what that was all about, Ok I said, thinking maybe a note or a Christmas card? well it was a note indeed written on a dollar bill, thanking us for the beautiful display on one side and on the other it said "Love your Christmas spirit!" and that was the icing on our Christmas cake, for this year. Dh plans to keep that dollar as a reminder of Christmas 2016. But just wait for 2017 we already have spent hundreds on new exciting decorations to add, plus many new LED lights replacing our old ones like our 20+ long strings of icicle lights all around 4 sides of our home. We're anxious for the next one and will once again talk about it or plan all summer long.. LOL
  2. Ours is split over 2 months, one half of the month, our 1 month display is lit and one half of it is on the second month, and is around $20/30 dollars higher, a lot depends on our temps. which we hope are lower at Holiday time then no need for the more expensive AC, this year not so lucky it was hot. Next year will be much less since we are busy changing most of our display over to LED's . Not because of our elec. bill which we are not bothered by, but more so by the fact that they last longer and are not as much maintenance of keeping up with burned out bulbs.
  3. Dh does a walk around each evening, and anything burned out get's fixed either right then or the next day, he's great at restringing deer, trees etc. too, I swear that man can fix anything, he even has our gar. at Christmas time like a Santa's Mr. fix it place and even fixes any neighbors who ask for help, and I do the touch up painting of any rusted deer etc. But after Christmas and even before we started shopping for next years display and changing as much as we can over to LED's, spent a bundle already but we don't care, it's what we do! and enjoy. If you have not seen ours here it is again.
  4. It is not about how many lights on our huge display, folks here all say OMG it's so beautiful, so elegant, so well done etc. etc. the reason for this is because our display is precisely placed, not thrown out there with no rhyme or reason or lined up like soldiers it is done in vignettes unlike so many simply hung up or tossed around and then light it up and done! oh no not at my house! and mostly they say thank you for this wonderful display we can come by nightly to see., and then of course many ask where do you store it all? We have so many taking videos and pics. and that's okay with us and yes we've been interviewed by our local paper (she came to our home) as well and she never asked how many lights not once, she did asked to take pics. and also if we'd pose in our display which of course I said no thanks. Also we do not just load everything in front of our home but rather all around all four sides and it can be seen from other streets as well. Our only problem is irresponsible parents not paying attention to their kids running amuck we have our front roped off, do they know why, apparently not! wires, wires and 500ft. of wire for our and lawn lights on our front lawn. had a kid just last night on our front lawn nearly gave us a heart attack, had to run out and tell the clueless mother to get her kid off the lawn. No damage done thank goodness. Today rope goes up the sides as well. Here's our display outside and inside if you have not seen it; Enjoy!
  5. BamaSanta, we made that sign that is on our cul de sac. DH made the frame and attached a string of lights around it like a marquee sign would have, the pic. fabric is a silk flag, you can buy many places even Amazon, did you see the one behind the snowman family "Let it Snow" made the same way.
  6. Every year I have a problem posting my new Xmas utube on this site at videos, should be so easy but it is not, why? all other Xmas forums no problem can not understand why the hassle. So will try here? yes, it's "old school" not all the flash and dash but folks love it! maybe the admin: can move it? my utube link is: My_Movie_2016_project_Xmas.mp4
  7. a close up look at my tree 2016, display video to come later
  8. dia. 36" or a bit more?
  9. I made this wreath using a hula hoop as the frame, pic. just taken, will take one when lit after our first lighting Dec. 1st.
  10. What brand and type of paint was used, was it the krylon plastic coat?
  11. We don't call it opening night (save that for the theaters) but our 1st. lighting is always Dec. 1st. and then goes on for one month or Dec. 31st. because then it is all over folks and Xmas 2017, is 1 year away. Still waiting here for last minute items to come, this week hopefully.
  12. Nice, now where will you store them all?
  13. Our 1st. lighting is always Dec. 1st. then it's every night for exactly 1 month or New Yrs. Eve which is the last night because Christmas is then one year away. We do not light in 2017 or until Dec. 1st. Except our home is lit by so much landscape lighting anyway Dh is a lighting fanatic.
  14. I like your lighted manger scene (saw it on 2015 Display Pics PLEASE). We've been shopping around for one to no avail.
    Is that custom or did you buy it someplace?
    Would you happen to have a closer picture of it too?


    1. Aputernut


      I purchased this  nativity online, which is called halographic a few yrs. ago and have not seen it online since anywhere, if you use your search engine you will find some although not exactly like mine.