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  1. Great pic! You make an awesome looking Santa!
  2. I love the show. I look forward to seeing it each week. I was there for the filming of Calvin Slater's Neighborhood show in Celebration FL. It was fun. The decorators only pretend to be competing. Most of them just want to put up a great display to make memories.
  3. It depends on what look you are going for. I like lights really close together. So, if the lights were far apart I would add more.
  4. I have almost entirely incandescent display. I love the warm feeling the lights give. This is not good for me.
  5. Looking forward to the Florida Mini this Saturday. Six more days!
  6. I will be driving up to the Mini from Mt. Dora if anyone wants a ride.
  7. Catherine On Florida Planet Christmas Facebook page post about the Tallahassee Mini on May 23. I'm going if anyone would like a ride. I live in Mt. Dora.
  8. A Mini is a group of Christmas light decorators coming together to meet each other, share ideas, and learn.
  9. Good luck Earl.
  10. Hi all. The Tallahassee date should be in early to mid May. Waiting on the host for a couple of dates. That is all I know. If you want one in Central Florida also I can offer advice. I found that you need to post on the forums, FB, and personally contact people. It is much harder to let people know about events then it use to be. Let me know how I can help.
  11. I'm glad for you. Way to go!
  12. It was a fantastic show Darren! Congratulations!
  13. Awesome job! I like how you placed your decorations. The Nativity and penguins are my favorites.
  14. Incredible job Charles! Thanks for all the insights into what all is involved in signing on and filming. I really appreciate you taking the time to inform us of the process and your experiences. have a Merry Christmas!
  15. Thanks for sharing your display Don.