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  1. The train was discontinued after the 2014 season.
  2. I wouldn't repaint him. He looks perfectly fine there no major paint loss. Just put your finger in that hole and pull toward you if should pop right out. Don't do it when it's cold though.
  3. Oh it definitely doesn't cure it! Trust me! I've painted a lot and you still have to wait for it to cure. I've also found that rustoleum paints get sticky as they dry so you have to be careful not to touch it. but krylon doesn't so I use it all the time.
  4. If you paint while the mold is lit you don't have that problem because you can see when your paint it getting too heavy. I never paint a mold without a light being on inside of it.
  5. It is holding it in place I didn't glue it. Just make sure to drill the hole close to the carrot so there isn't any slack. If there is the nose won't be tight
  6. Maybe I should sell a couple of these deer then. They withstood the terrible winds we had this year.
  7. I used a gf nose on my snowman with sled. I drilled a hole in the nub of the nose and put a Bobby pin in it once I placed the nose on the snowman. I did trim the Bobby pin down a little so you couldn't see it when the snowman was lit up. It would leave a shadow
  8. I bought them all from the same seller. They were a bundle. She did tell me the Santa was purchased seperate. The only feature these deer have that might be a hint on how to tell them apart is, when you take the head off, there's a hump I drilled through it to place the light assembly in. I have seen some beco deer where they're open and you can reach in the body once you take the head off sort of like the Poloron deer here's a phot after I put the light in
  9. I wasn't sure because these deer are very fragile in fact, 2 of them are cracked. I did modify them so they would light up though.
  10. This is the set I have. It didn't come with any boxes but do I have the MSL sleigh?
  11. I try to keep one panel with screws so I can get to the bulb to change it. After you pop those rivets out a few times they tend to break. Let me see if I have extras. I have extra lanterns if you want to buy any
  12. Where do you live? My town had the same ones
  13. The seller is out of line. He claims its "free shipping" but it's just tacked onto the items price.
  14. It's stamped "lacolite" on the back
  15. These are my favorites I'm a bit of a Poloron Caroler hoarder!