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  • My favorite Christmas story I don't really have one Christmas story to tell, but I do miss seeing Mr. Roden during the Christmas season. Mr. Tom & Betty Roden were my parent’s next door neighbors from 1975 until 2002. Mr. Roden worked at a Bank located inside an old 1965 Mall. When the Mall replaced their old 1965 Christmas decorations in 1976, Mr. Roden was allowed to take some of the old ones. The decorations were commercial grade C9 lights with big green garland and big lighted red blow mold bells with snow painted at the bottom. These decorations were Mr. Roden's pride and joy at Christmas time. As Mr. Roden got old, I kept hanging those lights and bells for him until he passed away. Soon after he died, his wife gave me the decorations and said he wanted me to have them. Since Mr. Roden's passing, I put them up every Christmas at my house. It always brings a smile and a tear to my eye, when I get ready to hang the decorations, because of all the wonderful memories. (In loving memory of Mr. Tom Roden)
  • Location Toney, Alabama
  • Biography I was born in Huntsville AL and went to Chapman & Lee High School. I love looking for vintage Christmas Decorations.
  • Interests Steam Engines, Model trains, Blow Molds, HVAC
  • Occupation Drafter/CM
  • About my display My display has commerical grade C9 Christmas light strings wrapped in large green garland with 4 large red lanterns from World Class Christmas Displays. I also have many Empire & General Foam Blow Molds.

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  1. Congrats, man!
  2. Awesome work, man! I love it!
  3. Correct. Their incandescent C7 and C9's are the best quality I have found, so far. Allen
  4. Hey Ted, Not sure if you saw the last reply I sent you, but the company is called "Creative Displays". Here is the website: http://creativedisplays.com/C-9-PRO-GRADE-CERAMIC-MULTI-RGBWO-REPLACEMENT-LAMPS-C-9MC.htm Allen:)
  5. TED, I made a mistake on where I bought my C7 and C9 bulbs. The company was not "Display Sales", but was "Creative Displays". Here is their website: http://creativedisplays.com/C-9-PRO-GRADE-CERAMIC-MULTI-RGBWO-REPLACEMENT-LAMPS-C-9MC.htm You will notice the part # C-9MC on the picture of the box and on the web page. You have to purchase a case at $140.00. 25 bulbs per box @ 20 boxes per case = 500 bulbs Here is the picture of the box. By the way, I added more pictures of these bulbs for you on page one of this post.
  6. I never knew that, Jeff. I planted new shrubs last year, because my other ones died. When they get bigger, I'll try mixing the white bulbs. When I buy the Large Angle Cut Garland next Fall, I will try the white bulbs along the front of my house. That garland is so big that the bulbs are semi hidden.
  7. TED, Here are the pictures of the C9 bulbs that I purchase from Display Sales. They come in quantities of 25 per box. That looks awesome, Jeff! I didn't know that Michael's sold pine garland. It looks so much better than my cheap pine garland from Lowes. LOL!
  8. I never thought about using the zip ties. Many years ago (2004) I braided some garland, I bought at Lowes, together. It lasted about 4 years. Staying outside in the weather for 31 days out of every year does a lot of damage to the store bought garland. The pine garland, on my lights today, has lasted 8 years but it's starting to deteriorate.
  9. LOL!!! I wish I could get those prices on this garland. This stuff sells for $3 a foot and is 12 inches in diameter. Here is a picture that "remixsam" made of his Angle Cut Garland with Ornaments. This is the Garland I've been wanting for a long time, and I need 80 feet of it. To Sam (remixsam) wherever you are. Sorry for using your picture Sam, but it's the only picture I know of that shows how the original Green Angle Cut Garland looked like with my 1965 Bells and Commercial C9 lights.
  10. After work, I'll take pictures of the C9 Bulbs including the boxes they come in. Action lighting and Display Sales might purchased their C7 and C9 bulbs from the same manufacturer. Hope to post the pictures late this afternoon. Allen Thanks for the information! Allen
  11. Thanks! I plan to buy some Large Green Angle Cut Garland, that originally came with the lights and bells, before next Christmas. This original 1965 green garland was made by "Crystal Valley Decorating" and they still make it today but it's $$$$. I will have to pay approx. $250.00 for this green garland. Hopefully, you can get a picture of the pole mount next Christmas season. I'd love to see it. Jeff, Thanks for the information. Those are great prices. By the way, here is the company I purchase my C9 and C7 bulbs from: https://displaysales.com/product-category/christmas-decorations/bulbs-light-sets/incandescent-bulbs/ The C9 bulbs you saw on my house were purchased from Display Sales, and are 6 years old. I have only replaced one broken bulb. Allen
  12. I love those flame pattern C9 bulbs too, Ted. You are right, the bulbs at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Kmart, etc... are garbage and a waste of money. I buy my C9's and C7's from a Commercial/Municipal Christmas Decorating Company called "Display Sales". The C9 light bulbs you saw on my house are 6 years old and I have only replaced one bulb that I broke. The C9's at Display Sales have a life of 3000 hours. 6 hours a day for 31 days = 186 hours per Christmas Season, so these bulbs should last approx. 16 years but if I get 10 years I'll be happy. You should buy some of these bulbs and look at them. You can tell the paint is thicker and the overall quality is unbelievable. Here is the site: https://displaysales.com/product-category/christmas-decorations/bulbs-light-sets/incandescent-bulbs/ Yes, I like to leave the white bulbs out. It really makes the colors pop. Allen
  13. Agree 100% with you, Ted. I got rid of all my CFL's several years ago. I have all LED's in my house, but I'm starting to wonder if they are truly safe. Although I would love to go back to incandescent bulbs, I have to say that I had rather have the LED's than the CFL's. By the way, I tell people who are looking for LED's, that have the same color as the old Soft/Warm White incandescent bulbs, to buy them with 2700k color. The 3000k color looks like Daylight and not Soft/Warm White. The 5000k looks bluish like a shop florescent bulb. Thanks for the information links, Ted! Allen
  14. Those are beautiful, Jeff! God did an awesome job adding the ice!
  15. You can still buy these twist on style sockets and wire online.