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Crimson Lane Lights Etown

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  • My favorite Christmas story I am amazed I have not been electrocuted yet! Santa must really need Christmas Spirit!
  • Location Elizabethtown, Pa
  • Biography Former DJ aspiring radio guy (now I can be both with the fm transmitter)
  • Interests Light-O-Rama, Making maple syrup, Voiceovers & Announcements, sequencing my summers away!
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  • About my display 6 LOR controllers split into multiple leads. 200 CCB, 6 leapers, 6 arches, 2 mega trees, 24 mini tomato cage trees, 4 dow rod duct tape stars, bush net lights, C9 eve lights zipped to 3/4" pvc, two 50wRGB floods.

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  1. NUF" SAID...am I the only one with this song sequenced? If not, where is your video?
  2. I saw this song, The Light, on a facebook page of Lithgow Lights. I always look for something different to sequence. It took me 7 hours in LOR SE 4.2.12. I have 96 channels, 2-50w ccf's and 200 CCB's.
  3. This element is a BIG HIT this year. Many compliments so far. Just had to remember to up my LOR Network Preferences speed to 115.4k so all the details of sequencing showed up!!! Merry Christmas!
  4. Boom! Awesome! Perfect!
  5. Consider how you will run the projector as well. From a computer, lap top or dvd player. The connection is important. HDMI or VGA, etc. I use a six year old laptop to run an Epson Powerlite S1+ through a VGA connection. No HDMI. The 1200 lumens works great for me as a rear projection on to a white low count thread sheet on a wood frame in a large picture window. The good news is that you can buy this projector on ebay for 50.00 bucks. Find one that has low hours on the bulb. Good Luck!
  6. My visitors can enjoy pre show music for 30 minutes with just white floods on the house, then enjoy 15 minutes of music and all on (static) sequences, then dancing lights until tenish, followed by all on, then post show music with white floods only. All possible by mixing up the show editor and the schedule editor. The sequence editor can be used with or without music and with or without lights. The possibilities are awesome and have fun!
  7. The Hampster Dance is funny. You can edit the mp3 down to a start up sequence. There is a part in the song where they say "here we go!"
  8. I came across this song by Janet Devlin. Happy Holidays! 3:24 long. It has several repeating areas in it to make sequencing easier. Good Beat. Fun. (She likes whiskey, no wine. Hates the cold but loves fires. Celebrate your way she celebrates hers. Everything is Jolly!) I use the video to help figure out timings. Also helps to slow the audio playback down to half when sequencing. Have fun with it this season. I'll post a video of my show when it is time!
  9. I'm just sharing this in case you want to read it. I am adding two larger arches to my display this year. After countless evenings viewing the light show last year, It was decided to add CCB arches on the right side of my show. I purchased four ten foot pieces of 1" pvc (THIN WALL 200PSI stuff) at Lowe's. Home Depot did not carry it in my area. The thin wall stuff is more flexible. I glued a one inch UNION on the pipe ends so I can take apart the two ten foot sections for storage. After the glue dried for a day, I attached two sections together for 20 feet. I hammered, three foot rebar, 3/8", into the ground vertically (plum). I placed the pipe on the rebar and bent the arch over to get an idea of the distance the legs should be apart. I settled at eleven feet apart. Which gave me a seven foot high arch. I took one of my CCB LOR strands and used Holiday Coro's Bulb Mounting Strip to mount the bulbs (easy, peasy)! Then I placed the mounted bulbs at the top of the arch at the UNION, between bulb 25 and 26. I zip tied the mounted CCB's and ended up with too much pipe at either end exposed. So I cut one foot off of each end leaving one foot above the ground to the first bulb for snow and so the local dogs do not pee on my expensive bulbs. So 18 feet is the final pipe length giving an arch of six feet high, eleven feet wide. The bulbs will be mounted in a vertical or upright position and removed each year for storage. Don't want to break these babies! Good Luck with your arches. Ask any questions and have a great season!
  10. Last year (2015) I wanted to add LOR CCB's vertically, (about 17 feet ground to gutter), to outline my house. I was thinking mount the CCB's with zip ties to pvc pipe. Then, a few days ago I got a tweet from Holiday Coro regarding the Pixal Bulb mounting strips for sale. I ordered some to try. I figure I can mount the LOR CCB bulb every 4 inches and secure the strip from the gutter hanging to the ground. Hopefully there is no twist in the strip and the bulbs remain pointing forward. One of the challenges I have is that my house walls are made of stone. So there is no regular flat surface. I'll keep you posted. Please share your thoughts if summer has you thinking of decorating for Christmas! Ross
  11. Merry Christmas Everybody! (Everywhere)
  12. Merry Christmas All! Today it is raining. Hopefully it will stop by 5:30 for the start of the show. I did have a rain delay Monday night for 30 minutes. After the rain stopped, I used a blower to go around and dry many of the mass connection sites. That worked! I also had an Epson PowerliteS1+ projector bulb burn out. Thanks to ebay, I got the replacement bulb yesterday and wow what a bright difference a new bulb can make. I actually found the same projector for less than the price of a replacement bulb, so I bought it. Now I have a full back up. (I paid $22 plus 14$ shipping for the projector and bulb). Virtual Santa is now playing in the window. Kids really like the Minions Jingle Bells sequence. check out twitter for my updates #etownpa #etownchristmaslights #lancasterlights
  13. We're back! Merry Christmas! I finally have dry connections. Funny looking out in the rain and seeing LED lights half lit when they are not suppose to be on! My GFCI's were not happy. I did manage a Foggy video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JBau6-FiOk Light 'Em Up PA!
  14. LED C9 3-4fps strobes in a black base clear dome arrived a few days ago. I installed 12 along an eve overhang above my garage 2 feet apart hanging down vertically. I was impressed with the light output of them. Upon closer inspection, it appears the LED's are positioned in the lens at different heights around the inside which allows you to see the LED when it fires. My experience with the white base clear dome slightly less expensive LED strobes is that the strobe fires up, not out. They are not as luminous, in my opinion. I am tired of xenon failures and hope to convert to LED's as the trial and error period moves on and the LED tech gets better. I do currently mix every strobe I still have working (@50) on one channel. I have a non-static display:)
  15. Rebar...hmmm! does the ball spin on the rebar and twist up the wires? It's like a mini windmill.