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  • My favorite Christmas story too many, but the main one keeps repeating itself, watching all the happy faces every year as children, and adults enjoy our CHRISTmas displays.
  • Location Kingston GA
  • Biography 60 years young, been doing CHRISTmas dispalys for 15 years,
  • Interests ATVs, jeeping, colleciton of over 5,000 antique soda bottles
  • Occupation does not matter now, retire in 12 months
  • About my display 4 acres, driveby, 350+ inflatables, 10,000+ lights, 200 amps and a $800 electric bill each year.

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  1. Have been doing a 4 acre display for almost 15 years 300 inflatables, 60,000 lights, no cut outs. Have made one for next year, Santa on a John Deere tractor. used plywood. Curious, what is Coro Plast, how much does it cost, easier to work with, paint etc. where do I buy it. any input would be appreciated.
  2. as you can see I have not been on line in a while, do you still have these?
  3. looks kinda rough, but works well 200 amp main 2 7 day timers, 4 20 amp circuits each(inflatables), 1 24 hour timer with 2 20 amp circuits (lights). usually pulls around 180 amps with Chirsitmas display. was able to get meter on residential rate
  4. I have a large assortment of Gemmy blowers, bases, lights etc. that I am selling. SJD B1, B2, A-2, a lot of others. Also have quite a few Gemmy spotlights and projecter lights as you see in one picture. ( I replaced some older bulbs in side some lighter colored inflatables to get the effect of the newer Gemmy inflatables with the swirling lights inside. Prices are pretty much $10.00 each for blowers or lights. I also have a lot of bases available, they are pretty much make a offer, let me know what your needs are. some of these are listed on Ebay, seller name is XENON, or here is a link to on, then you can see other items. Our display last year was about 400 inflatables, many of them were on their last year, being 10 years or older. We are kina changing direction a little move to larger inflatables, more lights, and may start to make some static items my self. display is a drive by and covers about 4 acres. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Gemmy-Airblown-Inflatable-Replacement-Fan-Blower-Older-style-/322434816374?hash=item4b129cd976:g:jBUAAOSwWxNYsb4S
  5. nice, looks like older Chrisna inflatable, sure it is not Gemmy. free is always good.
  6. have 18 sets of the applights bought them at 90% off. $6 per box using them on front fence. used them for Christmas, Valentines Day, will use for Saint Patricks and Easter. so far no problems really nice to just reprogram from phone
  7. yes 12V, plug style usually varies along with other specs. have tried some old adaptors, usually not strong enough
  8. how did the parade go?
  9. best thing in the world is Tear Aid, they make it either for fabric or vinyl. not cheap but worth the price.
  10. same issue here, I buy replacements but they are not cheap, would love to find them wholesale, need several dozen of them. tight now paying about $7 each
  11. he is sweet, will keep my eyes open
  12. We own a Moonwalk rental business and use a product called Tear Aid to repair our moonwalks. It works great on vinyl, is clear and will never ever tear or come loose promise!!! they also make the same product or fabric.
  13. sad thing is they were 75% off and I had run out of money
  14. here is a link to one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Disney-Magic-Holiday-Mickey-Mouse-Countdown-to-Christmas-Spotlight-Projector-/302181192436?hash=item465b6712f4:g:28QAAOSw44BYZcer