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  • My favorite Christmas story Buying my first blow mold Christmas decorations, 2 Noel candles and a Santa Claus and 2 strings of lights.
  • Location Alabama
  • Biography I love to decorate the house for the pleasure of the neighborhood.
  • Interests Christmas and anything Christmas
  • Occupation self employed
  • About my display Been collecting for over 30 years and have mostly blow mold decorations

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  1. Mel, i have the one that is in the first pic that you posted. She is the angel I use in my Nativity scene.
  2. Hey J, Dont know how money will be this year but I am interested in seeing what all he has. Maybe you could ship for me if it comes down to it.
  3. You've got mail.
  4. Got one the other day from the US postal system. Ans also from FedEx and UPS.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I believe that I will stop by and see what they have to say. It is great having a family like this that I can go to and receive information from everyone. I'll keep everyone posted.
  6. Greetings Planet Christmas Blow mold family!!!! Question for everyone. How would you handle this situation? There is a family that lives not far from us and they used to set up an impressive display. They are older and she worked at Walmart and was talking to my mom one day and said they still had the items but weren't in the shape to put the display up anymore. She mentioned a yard sale but nothing as of yet. She hasn't been at work in quiet a while either so no contact with her. Would you all if you were me stop and ask about the items or just wait? I don't want to seem pushy or overstep any boundaries. Up for any suggestions. Thanks, Jerry
  7. Totally a shame of how all of those decorations did not make it through. Things are not made like they used to be. Thanks Kris for getting those pics and for saving the decorations that you were able to get.
  8. Love the house and the possibilities are unlimited. Just what you can imagine. That 2nd story arched window is screaming for a tree or the projected Santa scene.
  9. Good deal! That is one of two things I like - "cheap" and of course the other is FREE
  10. GREAT display Bigstott
  11. That looks like the projections that are shot onto Stone Mountain in Georgia during their laser show at night. You just watch it with your bare eyes with no protection.
  12. Are the house lights C9's? Are they all twinkling bulbs or are they just scattered throughout the strings?
  13. Nick, Know you had a wonderful birthday yesterday and you are on such great footing with your collection. I warn you it will only get more and more overpowering to add each year to the collection. Love your display.
  14. Like the Santa plane with Ho Ho Ho banner. Price?
  15. Way to go Nick! CONGRATULATIONS* on saving all of those commercial decorations. Wish things were still made like that. You now own a piece of decorating history. Good luck with finding the junk yard.