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  • My favorite Christmas story Buying my first blow mold Christmas decorations, 2 Noel candles and a Santa Claus and 2 strings of lights.
  • Location Alabama
  • Biography I love to decorate the house for the pleasure of the neighborhood.
  • Interests Christmas and anything Christmas
  • Occupation self employed
  • About my display Been collecting for over 30 years and have mostly blow mold decorations

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  1. Sorry I didn't realize that there was a problem asking a question. I thought that anyone could ask questions of the seller. I have asked several times in the motorized contraptions section of the DIY forum about animated items. Didn't mean to step on your toes. May you get them all for your display. I was just looking for some pics and prices of anyone selling them. Have a great evening.
  2. So I can't ask for pics and prices?
  3. Any pics of what you are selling along with prices?
  4. Yeah Big J those would look good on either side of the 30 foot mega tree.
  5. Love the candy cane stripe pattern in the lights. Looks AWESOME!
  6. I wont tell if you don't!
  7. Great haul, Kris. Love the Thanksgiving molds.
  8. Jeff, Do you have a link to the page with the signs that you posted? I love the Seasons Greetings sign.
  9. This was the Nativity display from 2016
  10. All I can say is AWESOME! You are a very special person for carrying on the tradition of your grandmother. Really do like the set. It is just beautiful and I could just see it lit up at night. I know it is breathtaking. Keep up the GREAT work there Joe and thank you for sharing the pics with us.
  11. Looks like an AWESOME piece.
  12. All 3 look AWESOME! Tough decision.
  13. Love the bunnies Darrid!
  14. AWESOME job!
  15. Mel, i have the one that is in the first pic that you posted. She is the angel I use in my Nativity scene.