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  1. Thanks! That's what I decided to do.
  2. I guess I should have given more details. I have a mixed display of RGB and LED lights and I was hoping to be able to do some effects in xlights and also still be able to do some SE sequencing. PE doesn't allow any back and forth and seems cumbersome, but that is a preliminary assessment. I just didn't know what release to even start with. The latest or the production?
  3. I want to check out xlights versus LOR PE. I am just starting out with either program. The general consensus is xlights is the best program. So my question is should I start with the latest version, BETA, or the last production which was released in November?
  4. Hello, I would like to use Nutcracker to program/sequence the sign, using mostly text, but eventually want to incoorporate some other graphics. I am having the hardest time getting it set up. I was hoping that someone else has the Holiday Coro sign and would send me some sequences so I can use the set up and know how you did it. I am using the 18 X 9 set up. I am using the Tiny Pix and Actidongle if that makes a difference. Will move to S3 with the rest of my set up. Thanks to anyone, my first time with DMX and DMX sequencing.
  5. I bought the CG-1500 from DF Countryman a month ago. They are from Texas. They were $13.50 each and shipping was reasonable, especially if you buy multiple. DIYLEDExpress was unresponsive and they were cheaper than CLD with shipping and all. Got them in a few days. I looked at all the cool DIY enclosures, but for about $15 each, the $5 I save cost me a lot of time. I am not rich by any stretch, but considering work (1st and 2nd jobs), family (wife and 2 daughters), church and community (very active), and Christmas display. I would rather have the time, than use hours to save $5. Just me tho. I do wish I saw the bucket idea tho. Doesn't seem like a lot of time to build. Please keep sharing the great ideas. Guys like me that's not so creative use them.
  6. Thanks for your comments. I hope the 8 strips from LOR are the same at least. I bought them because I thought better quality from the major retailer (and I did get them cheaper from a authorized LOR seller). Thanks!
  7. Hello, Before I spend some money I thought I would ask if anyone already knew. I have LOR dumb strips and I need to buy 2 more. I was wondering if I bought a couple from an Ebay seller would the colors match, would they look different, would you be able to notice from different brands. Do all strips basically look the same in terms of color??? I know all strips aren't created equal in terms of quality, but before I spent money to test to see if they match, I thought you guys might save me time and a little money. I assume they would be different as there is a huge price difference from LOR strips to Ebay strips. Maybe someone knows a comparable strip to LOR strips. I bought the first 8 from another source so they were much cheaper than current LOR retail price, but if I buy two more I would have to pay current LOR retail price to match the other 8. I was trying to avoid that if I can, but I will stay with LOR if that's the best solution. I could buy 8 more from Ebay seller for the price of 2 from LOR! Maybe I should go with Holiday Coro, or Seasonal Entertainment strips, rather than an Ebay seller? What your advice? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I too, have a RGB power question. I am using the LOR dumb strips and floods next year. I was hoping to reduce cost by using one big power supply such as the 350 watt Lee suggested above. Would that work using 8 dumb strips and 5 floods from LOR? LOR suggest a 200 watt for each (8 strips or 8 floods). Thanks!
  9. I just need a few more strands if anyone is able/willing to help me out.
  10. Thought maybe someone may need a very few extra lights I am not using. 8 strands of Green Incandescent from Walmart - used one season on mini tree - 100 count. 8 strands of Red Incandescent from Walgreens - used one seasone on mini tree - 70 count. They all worked before I put them in individual bags. As is - No warranty. If you would like them, send me an offer. I was thinking $10 plus shipping. I was hoping to Bless someone who may need them. PM me.
  11. May I have a copy of the MP3. ibewill at comcast dot net
  12. Thanks everyone! 350,000 LIGHTS!!! and 53 controllers!!! I will heed your advice ChristmasJunkie and start even earlier than planned. I did double and added a mega tree. I am in Tennessee and weather is terribly unpredictable. Thanks again!!!
  13. Hello All, I have read posts that some of you are setting up your Christmas displays NOW! I understand for the sake of time that you have to start early and give yourself time to troubleshoot, check and re check. But my questions is: Is there a concern of wear and tear considering your display is outside for 4 months (september to January) rather shortening that time by erecting your display closer to show time? You guys with the mega displays need 3 months to set up and check? Now this is my second year. Last year I used 50 channels and 5000 lights, and this year that has doubled to 102 channels and 9500 lights. My display only took 20 hours to set up last year. I figure that will double with everything else. I was just concerned on lights getting loose, vandalism, bad weather, and anything else that can happen. Or, by the wisdom of "been there, done that", Should I Set Up My Christmas Display Now??? Thanks!
  14. The CDI website says 4.8 watts for the red 5mm 100 count strand. Does different colors have different wattages?
  15. I was adding wattages to calculate amps for power distribution and I noticed the WalMart 50 count strings are 4.8 watts per string and the CDI 100 count strings advertise the same wattages. I was just curious as why the difference. I would think the 50 count WalMart would be half of the wattage of the 100 count strings instead of same wattage. I know the CDI strings are full wave and higher quality, so does that answer my own question? Or does different manufacturers just do things different. Would someone give me some insight. Thanks!