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  1. Ran across 10 strings of red, white, blue incan minis. 100-ct 23.5' lighted. Some of them are brand new and some were used only indoors a couple times. Looking for $2/string. The are packed in a large USPS flat-rate box ($20 shipping). Any takers?
  2. A lot of it depends also on your use. Are you using it for the public to hear or for you. If for the public, then definitely a powered speaker. Just google for your price range.
  3. PCs and Laptops do not have enuf umph to power external speakers. You'll have to run the output to an amp. Your best bet, if you have a radio station is use a boombox or sort.
  4. Save the bulbs and info. Folks will be looking for them if you dont have use.
  5. The pre lit trees are the hardest to troubleshoot. I have 5 of them, what a PIA but i like them. I use a regular voltage tester, like the Greenlee at the big box stores for all my testing.. Basically you just have to start some place and try and try until you find it. There is a nack to them. Just start replacing them in an orderly fashion. If you find one that is a possible, either set it aside or try it in one of the sections that work. Its just a PIA.....
  6. The only static parts are my motorized deer, using x10 modules.
  7. My power connections are 60a 4-wire dryer plugs. Basically really heavy duty extension cords. the ones that are on the outside panel, hidden behind the deck box are the males and the females are in the garage off the sub panel. I run a little over 45k lights, mixture of LEDs and incans, I'd say about 10% LED at the moment. Slowly switching over. My bill this year was about $125.
  8. Here's mine. Its two dedicated 60a panels that i run off my garage panel, separate from the house panel. I use 2 8ga cables that i run from the garage and disconnect when done.
  9. This is how i store my extension cords and SPT. For the house strings I coil them on spools.
  10. I read the post out hot glue, but what about a dab of silicone?
  11. Cleaning out some incan minis - I have 9 strings available; 19ft long, 300-ct, Blue, white wire; $25 + shipping - OBO
  12. I use DE for some of my voice overs, does any one have a season ender (this will be our last show for the season....) they can share?
  13. Can anyone validate where the scheduled events are supposed to be saved?
  14. I finally got all the info together for my Shooting Stars How To. Shooting stars.pdf
  15. Having some issues with the event manager. I have non-show music 5:30-10pm Mon-Tue-Wed. Tonight the schedule didnt run. All files are in the Zara folder. If I load them manually they will play just fine. Any suggestions?