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  1. You mentioned "all different colors" and not blackout caps. DougP who was at the mini, owner of www.wireframedlites.com would know exactly since he's the wizard of supplies for wireframes. Give him a shout.
  2. So I finally got a little rest. Good Morning So I have alot of pictures to share. If you took pictures and want to share here, please do so. Here is Mega Arch (Daniel) setting up stuff he brought. The second one he is visiting with Derkngoogly (Don) JR, Don, Daniel and DougP helped me with setting up the tent. Then it starts to get busy. Let the fun begin. Here is Murray (Daniel's companion). Morty didn't come out to play. More pics coming. Here are more pics. Time for lunch. Time for more fun. Then comes the "Clause". LOL Then back to demos. And some great visiting. Then JR and Don discovered, I wasn't in any photos. So I get in the mix of madness. Thanks guys. Then a long day being put to rest, but first comes down the tent. Thanks Daniel, JR and Don. By 7:30pm, everyone was gone. I was tired but needed to arrange the garage to get my wife's car in. Priorities right??? Again, it was super fun with great folks. Thank you!!! Tom Here are some pics provided by OkieGirl (Liz)
  3. O...M...G... What a great time with the greatest folks!!! Today was a blast and hope everyone had fun. Thank you for your kind words. It takes a little work to host an event but that's not what makes it successful. "YOU" is what makes it successful. To have great people attend and interact with each other. To share their story, their experience and to learn new things. And believe me, this mini (from what I observed) was very successful. So I Thank You!!! for being involved. Each and everyone of you!!! And for everyone who donated a door prize and/or brought food (very delicious). Another THANK YOU!!! I'm going to work on posting pics but I gotta catch my breath tonight and chill. It was a busy couple days. So if you took pictures, please post them. I'll be doing the same soon. Have a great evening and remember... it couldn't have been great... without YOU. Tom And thank you so much for attending Robert. I can see your passion in the holiday decorating and the notes you took from folks you visited with. It was great to meet you and hope to see you at the next one. I'm also curious as to what you might be thinking and planning in the future. Tom
  4. Sorry I overlooked your post. I had to put one of my babies (pet dog) Cody to sleep after having him for 12 1/2 years. He had really bad back problems and his time had come to visit other pets in heaven. A rough day for me and the wife. But we have a mini to get going... Yes!!!! everything is good and ready for some fun. As for how late??? It depends when the last person leaves. A little happened today. JR and Don made it in and Chet and his wife. DougP made it in and came over earlier this evening. We FINALLY met. I bought wireframes from him back in 2010. A super nice guy in person as he is on the forum. Mark got his pixel magic working and will be fun to see. Cooked the brisket, picked up some corn (with husk) to grill and got the chairs and tables delivered today. Things are coming together. See you all tomorrow. It's going to be a lot of fun.
  5. Sweet Kevin!!!!!!!! Doug mentioned you were a customer of his and that you was going to attend. I look forward to meeting you and seeing the great work Doug did for you. I'll show you and everyone what Doug made for me years ago when he first started going commercial on these forums. Thank you for the heads up. Tom
  6. Hey Greg, that's very nice of Catherine to do that for us. I love brownies!!! I understand the importance of that day for her and tell her Thank You for providing some delish sweets. Tell her I said hello. Tom
  7. So here's what's on the menu that I have been told or can remember. Me - Smoked Brisket & grilled corn (I have BBQ sauce, plates, cups and plastic-ware covered as well) Ralph (Argulator) - Smoked Pork Butt Greg (from PC) - Baked Beans Chet (Caniac) - Potato Salad and Corn Salad I'm pretty sure I missed/overlooked someone (sorry). If I did and you're bringing something, please "Quote" this post and add what you're bringing. And again, you don't have to bring anything. Only if you choose to. So did I miss anybody??? Tom
  8. So had a great visit With Mark Miranda (OkieGirl's husband)!!! He came by with some really neat pixel stuff. I mean REALLY neat. We had a pre-pre-mini in a way. We visited for 3 hours and talkin the geek stuff we all do. Anyways, I think we're going to have a nice demo setup showing some cool stuff. Thanks Mark and look forward to seeing you and Liz at the mini. I can feel the excitement of what we'll all be experiencing here really soon. Tom
  9. One (1) week away!!!!!!!!!
  10. Daniel has forwarded a good idea from another mini. To make sure we have a space setup for us to sit around and chat (BS). So I'll be sure to have a central location provided for us to sit and chat. As we put together minis or events, we learn from others as I would hope others would learn from us. That's what we as the LOR community is about. Sharing and learning. And one thing I should have pointed out in the original post, our mini will be free-lance with no schedule. That's the way we have always done it since the beginning because that's what people in our group have preferred in the past. Some may show up at different times or leave at different times so we want to make sure everybody gets the same chance to see/experience everything at their own pace. This way nobody will miss anything. If we feel a scheduled format is better in the future, let's discuss it in our closeout/debrief. I'm always open to new ideas/suggestions. Thank you Daniel for bringing that suggestion forward. Tom Edit: Just looking at the long range forecast for the day of the mini as it sits right now, 76 degrees with a 2% chance of rain and light winds.
  11. Update: SO I did a little playing around over the weekend. I'll have an area set up for the soldering stations and other stuff with a cool 3D background. Behind that cool 3D background curtain I'll have a projector set up and the screen will be 7 feet wide. Also, Mark and Liz are coming over this coming weekend to discuss what they will be bringing/doing. Next week I'll be cleaning the grill.
  12. Greetings everyone, I'll be placing an order from McMaster-Carr for some tubing to make 4 more arches. Because shipping can be expensive for one individual when ordering, I'm wanting to soften the blow by combining the order with others here and split the shipping cost. So if you're thinking of making arches like these in this video using pixels, then get with me so we can combine the order. If you go at it alone, you will be paying VERY expensive shipping. Here is the website for McMaster-Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/122/142/=111rvaa item 50375K64 Semi-Clear WHite 2" OD. I hope to get it delivered my the date of the mini. Let me know ASAP. Tom
  13. Do you know "turnemd" from Ponca City, Oklahoma?

  14. Sounds great Greg. It's been a while since our last visit. And I'm sure the two kids have grown up quite a bit.
  15. BUT.... there'll be a fun twist with winning one of those door prizes. You're not getting it without some sort of "Santa Clause" coming with winning it. And no, I didn't misspell clause.