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    Home display is all LED with 33' mega tree with over 10,000 leds. Over 160 channels thru LOR.

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  1. Greetings everyone, I'll be placing an order from McMaster-Carr for some tubing to make 4 more arches. Because shipping can be expensive for one individual when ordering, I'm wanting to soften the blow by combining the order with others here and split the shipping cost. So if you're thinking of making arches like these in this video using pixels, then get with me so we can combine the order. If you go at it alone, you will be paying VERY expensive shipping. Here is the website for McMaster-Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/122/142/=111rvaa item 50375K64 Semi-Clear WHite 2" OD. I hope to get it delivered my the date of the mini. Let me know ASAP. Tom
  2. Do you know "turnemd" from Ponca City, Oklahoma?

  3. Sounds great Greg. It's been a while since our last visit. And I'm sure the two kids have grown up quite a bit.
  4. BUT.... there'll be a fun twist with winning one of those door prizes. You're not getting it without some sort of "Santa Clause" coming with winning it. And no, I didn't misspell clause.
  5. Greetings Everyone. There's going to be cool door prizes handed out through several drawings during the event. Just saying...
  6. 4 Weeks from Today!!!! I'm getting excited to meet new folks and visiting with everyone. I'm also excited to see the projects/props and demos planned for the event. One thing that will happen on the soldering table is replacing triacs. Mega Arch and I have a few controllers needing triacs replaced. So as a group we can all get in on this. Also, I was told to release info... Or very own DougP, the Wireframe Master is bringing something for a door prize. Thank You Doug!!!!!!!! He is also going to provide a demo too.
  7. Greetings Everyone!!! Here is what we have on tap for the Mini (so far). Several door prizes BBQ lunch (pulled pork/brisket) Soldering Station setup for demo of: · Hacking floods · Repairs · Construction/splicing Computer setup with projector for: · Demo of sequences · Tips and tricks Tent 20x16 (blacked out) for displaying props in live action · Computer setup for live display of sequence/props · Spiral Tree tower and wire guys for demo to wrap strands (no pressure Mega Arch ) · Mega tree tower with hacked floods for demo · Mega Arch with hacked floods for demo · Pixel Arches for demo · RGB (pixel) strips and squares for demo · Basic LED mini trees (tomato cage frame) · ELL (Easy Light Linkers) for demo · LED Dripping tubes click on the picture to see the video click on the picture to see the video click on the picture to see the video click on the picture to see the video Various controllers, FM transmitters and accessories Mentioned from other members (subject to change): · Matrix construction/demo – JR · Demo of XLIGHTS – OkieGirl · Papagayo - basic only – JR · Spiral mini pixel trees, and maybe a coro cane?? – DisneyMatt Besides what I have listed: If you have plans to: · Bring anything · Demo anything · Interest in seeing anything please post it. Did I miss anything? Tom
  8. It will be fun times and lots to see and learn. Bring whatever a Baptist (including anyone else) would like to snack on. So I'm working on a couple door prizes (from a couple useful vendors) that will be handed out.
  9. Okay, it's time to get a count for folks attending the OK Mini (everyone in the world is invited). Please list your name and how many. We need a head count for food and such. So far. I have one plate of BBQ. LOL Roll Call!!!! Tom
  10. 8 weeks from today!!!
  11. Open to all PC/LOR members, families and friends on the planet!!! Date: Saturday April 8th. (Friday/Saturday evening plans on location are in the works for those that want to be active with lights at night and enjoy beverages and visiting) Location: 9504 S Rockwell Ave, Okla City, OK 73169 (see the google map) Google Map Admission: Free as always Time: 12:00 pm until ??? Lodging: there are many hotels in the area which can be found with a google search. Any hotels along I-40 or I-240 are in good areas. Hotels in Bricktown are good if looking for something else to do during your visit to OKC. Bass Pro Shop is there too. Tents/RVs: If you feel like roughing it J and want to save money, I have a couple acres to setup a tent or park an RV if you choose to do so. I can provide 110v power and water to those who request it. A port-a-potty will be available on site. And yes, we have a fire pit too. Food/snacks and such will be provided. This means we eat/munch at our own pace and spend more time on the fun stuff. J If anyone wants to make a donation or bring food/snacks, please let me know. If you’re a chef, or just like cooking/baking, then by all means bring your masterpiece. J BBQ meat is in the process of being worked out. Strongly recommended: Bring your projects, thoughts, ideas and especially your humor. There have been great ideas shared and posted. I would like to see those ideas in person, along with everyone else who attends. Door prizes will be given out during the event by random drawing. There will be an overhead projector connected to a computer for any training/sharing or showing videos of our displays. Please bring your own laptop/computer if you feel the need and maybe want assistance with setting up your channels/settings and such. A soldering station will be setup for those wanting to see/learn a little and maybe even build/repair a few things. There will also be an area set up (darkened) for displaying lit-up projects to see in action during the day. Now is the time to chime in and mention what you would like to see/show/share. So what would you like to see/share??? DIY? RGB strips? Pixels? Arches? Mini Trees? Mega Tree? Snow Flakes? Pixel Editor? Superstar? Controllers? Transmitters? It's endless!!! (so bring your stuff to show others). If you are thinking, planning or have started on a project and want to ask/show/share, please do so!!! If you have items to swap/trade/sell, bring those too. As mentioned earlier, there is "no cost" to attend the OKC-Mini. There is “no schedule” to keep up with once things get started. So show up when you can and stay for however long you can. Reminder: your inputs are strongly recommended and appreciated. Soooo stay tuned for further updates/posts. Thank you, and let the fun begin .
  12. So, going with the votes from the LOR forum and Planet Christmas forum, the date will be… April 8th!!! (Saturday) So mark your calendars. More info to come real soon so stay tuned.
  13. So just a friendly bump here. There has been involvement behind the scenes from several members from here and LOR forum. Looks to be a great turn out with great stuff in the mix. If you haven't voted on a date. Please do so. An announcement of the date will be made soon hinged on your votes. More to come very soon. Stay tuned. Tom Here is a post from a member from the LOR forum. To all who will attend I asked Tom earlier if projects could be brought along to assist with tips or to just build and he said "yes". I am thinking about bringing my matrix materials to see if anyone has any suggestions or just wants to help me or build it. I am awaiting a member here (LOR forum) that said he is going to do a DIY tutorial for his matrix so if his video shows up first more than likely I wont be bringing it since I will have built it by the mini. However if anyone would really like to partake in the project I could still bring it and make a second one based on the video tutorial forthcoming. Just let me know. I have 2000 pixels to use up, suggestions on material to use ie, net/ mesh from HC, or pvc pipe. I am planning on this going on my roof. Thanks for any advance info, I just haven't found a solid tutorial to help me yet. JR An announcement will be made soon on the date and further details of events and such.
  14. Absolutely. Bring what you have. We will have a soldering station set up. And we can possibly have something on site for working with motors. Lastly, this is the event to geek out with all your fellow Christmas nerds (friends).
  15. Glad you got the message and hope you can attend. I contacted majority of past attendees in hopes some if not all, who will be able to attend the mini. Hope to see ya there. Tom