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  1. We continue to beef up security here on the PlanetChristmas forums. Behind the scenes there are constant updates to the applications but now we're also going to secure browsing. Look carefully at your browser address bar and you'll see https://forums.planetchristmas.com. The 's' means there's an encrypted connection between your computer and the big forums computer in the sky. Happy safe and secure browsing at the PlanetChristmas forums!
  2. Long story short... the PlanetChristmas forums are now on a different big computer in the sky. What should have taken just a few hours ended up taking about 36 hours. Sorry for the site being off-line... but things should be returning to normal.
  3. The entire staff of PlanetChristmas wishes you a very merry Christmas!
  4. Better than ever before, the new and improved November 2016 PlanetChristmas Magazine has hit the streets! Here’s a peek at what’s inside: Top 10 show tunes anticipated for 2016 Cutouts the easy way Cold weather tricks Peppermint Arch Smart pixel megatree Old is new is old Build a controller shed … and so much more! See the magazine right here: Magazine
  5. Got something Christmas related to buy/sell/trade? We've brought back the Classified Ads system to the PlanetChristmas forums. The old version faded away because the software was no longer maintained by the author... but our patience has been rewarded and a new Classifieds section is part of our community again. Look at the top of this page for the tabs: Forums, Videos, Gallery, etc. You'll see a new tab cleverly called Classifieds. Go for it. The system has some rough edges. Short term classified listings are free. Long term... we're still figuring it out. Some of the wording is a bit odd to Americans. Financial transactions are handled between the buyer and seller. PlanetChristmas is simply providing a listing service and makes no guarantees for the product nor endorses any party. Ready? Here's a shortcut: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/classifieds/ Let us know how to make Classifieds better!
  6. The staff is working on the next PlanetChristmas Magazine but we need more stories. Now is your chance to write for a digital publication read all around the world and in the process maybe become famous! We're looking for articles centered around Christmas decorating. It can be anything from building a pixel tree to fixing a broken ornament. We're also looking for time-saving tips with a goal to get more people decorating for this holiday season. Know how to store a lot of lights in a small space? We want to know how you do it. How do you keep track of a zillion extension cords? Share your tricks with others. Fixed a broken figure in a nativity scene? No doubt others have had the same challenge and can learn from you. Inquiring minds really want to know! If you have a new Christmas-centric product, want the world to know about it and can write a story describing how it can be used, then we're interested. Our only request is to save plugging your company until the last paragraph of the article. Scared about writing? Don't be. Write what you know about and it will be easy. Don't worry about how many words or the length of the story. PlanetChristmas editors will make sure you look great. Send us an email if you're interesting in writing for the magazine: articles@planetchristmas.com
  7. For Tapatalk users: The PlanetChristmas forums are Tapatalk enabled, again.
  8. The PlanetChristmas elves have been busy installing about a zillion updates to the forums. Most are security related but there have been a few that have changed the overall look and feel a bit. The elves are still tweaking so don't panic on anything just yet. More to come.
  9. The PlanetChristmas forums will have some updates applied the week of January 3, 2016. I'll admit updates have been backing up since I never apply any during the Christmas season. Time to apply them. If you log in and things are acting weird, you'll know the elves are at work behind-the-scenes.
  10. Better than ever before, the new and improved November 2015 PlanetChristmas Magazine has hit the streets! Here’s a peek at what’s inside: Top 10 show tunes anticipated for 2015Top 10 tricks for the really serious decoratorTop 10 Santa tipsBuilding mini-treesBuilding leaping archesDIY giant candy canesIndoor decorating ideas… and so much more!Because we want to be good for the environment, PlanetChristmas Magazine is all digital. No paper and no postage needed. What does that mean for you? It’s free! Touch the magazine cover above or click here. See all the available magazines.
  11. Remember: if you don't like the current look and feel, scroll to the bottom of the page, find the 'Theme' link and follow your nose.
  12. Added new emoticons today. I know they're pretty silly. Look for the smiley face icon in the toolbar when typing a message, click it, scroll to the bottom for the 'Big ones' section.
  13. Fixed the theme issue. We're back to the default 'Uniform' theme where you can change the background. Author information in a post is now in the left sidebar of a message. Much better! Is it snowing again?
  14. I'll admit the new theme called 'Uniform' is not the most efficient with real estate. I've grown to dislike the big black bar at the top of each post describing the author. I've switched this theme to optional. How can you change your theme? Scroll to the bottom of any page and click the link called 'Theme'. The 'Default' is the tried and true with a fixed layout. The PlanetChristmas default has a more fluid layout. Both put the author information in the message sidebar. I'm looking for other themes. Stay tuned.