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PD Shimmers

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  • Location Plymouth,MN
  • Biography First year to display. Young Onset Parkinson's Patient
  • Interests lights
  • Occupation analyst Simply Self Storage
  • About my display 16 Channels 8000 lights
  1. Preview of 2016 show.
  2. http://www.kare11.com/videos/news/local/land-of-10000-stories/2014/12/11/20284475/
  3. First video of the PD Shimmers show.
  4. webcam video of 16 channel 8000 light spiral tree. Hybrid with 800 lights in 8 wedges.
  5. Here is mine. Will sport new look on June 1. www.PDshimmers.com Plymouth, MN. sneak peak at new pages. http://www.pd-shimmers.com/Shimmers2/Default.html
  6. A 70 second look at the PD Shimmers light show in Plymouth, MN.