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  • Biography 33 year old budding xmas light fanatic
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  • About my display lights and sounds from costco right now... adding LED's and planning a lightorama 8 or 16 channel for next year, adding every year
  1. lord... just what I need! a NEW program
  2. Interesting. So PE might be the advanced package.... Not something I am gonna pick up this spring and be able to learn, utilize to any great effect by turkey day....
  3. So, I bought a 16 string ribbon tree from Holidaycoro. I will buy some sequences to have a full show this year, but want to make a few as well! I have 32 LOR channells now, running my standard LED setups.... Long term plans include some fascia and window outlines, arches, all smart pixels. What package do I NEED to make these pizels do what I want? Pro gets me pixel editor... but dang... getting up there in $$.. I will spend $ to save time, but not if these features will be way over my head as a noob pixel guy... Love to hear your thoughts