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  • About my display 42 Inflatables and 25,000 led lights
  1. They are all 1-3 years old and just checked and work. $3.50 each. $375 with free shipping for all of them.
  2. This is a used Ramsey fm 100 $200
  3. I have 70ct M6 red, green, and multi 50ct C6 red, green, and multi. Pm me for details and how many you want.
  4. The cameras were not even there for the setup. They were there 2 days before then they were gone for 3 weeks and then they finish filming for 3 days. So we were not even bothered putting the lights up.
  5. I'm sure I'll be there with Ralph and Lloyd
  6. Thanks
  7. I think he deserved to win. Very nice and clean display.
  8. You forgot to add hi tech to the list of who is on the show
  9. We will be on the first episode.
  10. I just took it apart and it does turn freely by hand. It doesn't make any sort of noise luck it wants to do anything
  11. I Inflated this infltable that is only been used one season and it worked fine. I just went out to inflate again to get some water off after a rain and only the lights work. The motor does not work at all. I tried to replace the fuse in the plug and that didnt work. The motor does feel a little warm to the hand though. Anybody know what could be wrong.
  12. I have 96 strings total. There is 32 of each color red green and white 50 count led lights non sealed from a big box store. The female ends have been glued to keep rain out. I am selling them for $300 shipping included.
  13. You could easily cut that in half and it would look just as good.