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  1. That is to, too, totally cool!! Some really nice pieces there!! And heres a good one for you, I'm reading this thread, saying wow very cool, and my doorbell rang, a nice man that lives down road , who've Ive never met stoped by with 2 containers full of lights, and cords, and said Im getting to old to set up, and wanted to give this to you, hope you can use them!!! What a cowinkydink!!! In the near future, if I ever have spare time I really need to post some of the very generous gifts from the last season, its truly amazing, how many people have given me!!!
  2. I really, really like all 4 of them. Out of all of them I like the older one the best. Of the new ones I like them all but think I like 2 the best, I think!!
  3. Honestly I thing making a light kit might be overkill, you could just use the holes already there with a normal c-7 clip in light, which would be more than enough to light them up. Thats what i have in all of mine, and it works great, and real easy.
  4. Cool!!!
  5. I was given the black train this year! I not only love it, because someone I don't even know gave it to me , but also because I own the green one, and never would've bought black, but having it,and seeing it in my yard I just love it, and smile every time I see it!!!! The thing looks in mint condition, too, I don't think it was ever outdoors.
  6. Home Depot online is the place to get them, you can get 2,10,15,24 or 50! Pink or black, but no blue
  7. Very cool Mel!!! Thanks for posting, I always like your threads. I have 2 whole flocks of flamingos , then some smaller ones, in my yard, maybe between 30-40 so its nice to see how they're made.
  8. Ive been thinking of this post , and after reading it again, it really does just seem to be mean spirited, and idiotic. I mean its like going to Home Depot ,to buy a chainsaw. Lets say 20" Stihl or Husky, and finding one for $300. Then going to smaller local store , that sells Stihl or Husky, saws, but they doesn't sell consumer saws, but pro saws, so a 20" saw is $600 or $700. Then going to the smaller guy and calling them rip off vendors, fraud,and try to smear them as scum?
  9. Yeh Big J, I'll be the one. I think your WAY off here, for more than one reason. But one of the biggest, and most obvious, is comparing lights from : Wally world, Menards, Home Depot, Lowes, Farm and Fleet, Ace Hardware, True Value, Target, FIM ect to any of the vendor here, Yeh they make them in the aame factory, but are any of the lights you listed sealed,one piece injected, pro lights? Ansewr ? No As far as the rest of your rant? I'm not even going to got there, don't need to.....
  10. This right here, I cant tell how many times of done this with zero problems.
  11. Heres a couple from last year:
  12. Ive used Rustolium, acylic paints from crafts stores, asst. air brush paints, but have never tried Krylon yet. After reading many posts about Krylon , I think this will be the year I give it a try! +1 on heating blow mold up first, it makes the paint stick better, my method is to let sit in black asphalt driveway for 20 minutes.
  13. I don't know how many lights i have, but its over 200,000. I totally agree on pro bulbs, and use them most of all. Especially on high to reach spots , like house, or roof, or mega trees,etc so that i can be sure they'll wont be problems. That being said Ive also bought store bought ones, which for the most part are junk, but there are some that do actually last. I was just in the yard last night talking with a friend about it. Ive had some lights I bought from Sam's club about 11 or 12 years ago, and some of them, mainly the c9 all died with rust issues soon, but others like t5's are just now this year dying, not bad!!!! Also bought some random twinkle icicles, that Ive had to repair but are still in use. Ive also have good luck with GE brand lights, Ive gotten about 8 years now on some of them, yeh sure I did have maybe at most 5 out of 50 die, but that's not to bad if you ask me!. Especially when your getting them for 50, 75 or %90 off?!?!?! All that being said this year was the absolute worst year ever for after sales. Light wise nobody had much at all of lights that I would buy. What the stores did this ,year other than not have much selection ,of new stuff, was to before after sales,[ that were 2 days before Christmas this year], was to take away any full cases, and mainly leave just open cases of lights, other than some like at Home Depot that they had millions of, that I wouldnt but, like 100' leds. You know when a rectifier or what ever goes, you instantly have 50' bad feet... As far as blow molds this year? This is the first year in history, that I didn't buy any blow molds!!! I mean I bought 45 of the really big lights, but that's it!! I'm still in shock about that!! I bought I think 7 pre Christmas, but not 1 after!!! I just cant believe it!
  14. Hi, and welcome!! Sorry i cant be of any help, but just hope you post pics when its done!!!!
  15. Separate dedicated breakers/ outlets, I have 7 dedicated 20 amp breakers just to my display Before I got big, and had all of this , something I did, was use the washer, and sump pump outlets, these are usually 1 dedicated 20 amp each.... AS far as gfi in rain things canhelp, but if its a solid all day down pour, something IS going to tripl, once you know, you can usaully figure what it is that will usaull trip, ican lights, wire trees...