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  1. Ha I was going to say the same thing! Ive used the paint stripper, but remember that thread from a while back about the easy off, and also wanted to try it Insert other media
  2. Going to have to check that oyut tonight for sure!! After the GF bad news last night , I had to order another life size camel from Bronners..
  3. Wohhh that's really cool!!! I can see making handwarmers cozies with it for the winter. Amazon also carries it, but its many different choices on the fabric!! https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Fabric-heidikenney-Spoonflower-Printed/dp/B06WVF9YGL/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1500385690&sr=8-23&keywords=blow+mold+fabric
  4. OMG This is sad, sad news, I'm in shock!! I mean come on now, its all about the blow molds!!! But i can honestly say I have almost all I want at this point now, well, am about to order my 4th and last life size nativity camel right now, before their gone...
  5. WOW sad, what made you get rid of all your blow molds?
  6. WOW as some one with 3 back operations, I'm sorry to hear that, and wish you a fast recovery, in time to set up!!!
  7. Doh, sorry about that!
  8. here you go: http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=442
  9. Very Cool!!!!
  10. WOW, nice!!! must be something in the air today!!!!
  11. Awesome find!!! I have that piece, pretty sure its TPI.
  12. OMG What she said!!!
  13. Was just thinking the same exact thing! I just recently started to try to get more of the to do list done, and melting new lights for projects too
  14. That is to, too, totally cool!! Some really nice pieces there!! And heres a good one for you, I'm reading this thread, saying wow very cool, and my doorbell rang, a nice man that lives down road , who've Ive never met stoped by with 2 containers full of lights, and cords, and said Im getting to old to set up, and wanted to give this to you, hope you can use them!!! What a cowinkydink!!! In the near future, if I ever have spare time I really need to post some of the very generous gifts from the last season, its truly amazing, how many people have given me!!!
  15. I really, really like all 4 of them. Out of all of them I like the older one the best. Of the new ones I like them all but think I like 2 the best, I think!!