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  • My favorite Christmas story Who else do you know that got lifted up by the britches by the Capitol Police for unplugging the National Christmas tree as a young child? My uncle didn't call me "Plugs" for nothin!
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  • Biography Been addicted to Christmas lights and everything electrical since I was a little kid.Only natural that I got to mix electricity and water as a hobby when I got my first aquarium! The rest is shocking!
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  • About my display Classic,Simple,natural decorating of trees,outlining interesting roof lines etc. Non computerized,no blinking,flashing commercial Las Vegas look for me! No blowmolds,inflatables,plastic candycanes or other kitsch!

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  1. Anyone it the Atlanta area want to make a offer to come pick these up? Going in the yard sale real soon if not according to "the boss"!!!!
  2. Would like to avoid shipping if possible,but would consider it if anyone wanted all the strands.
  3. I have about 25 strands of 100 green 5mm sets for sale,used only 1 season-purchased from Holiday lights express.these are the sealed,professional type.$10 per strand Also about 20 sets of 50 multicolor strands,also 5mm sealed pro type $8/strand looking for local sale in the atlanta area{ I am in Grayson/Snellville area} various other xmas stuff available too,timers,cords,reels,lumimara tree candles,etc local pickup only.
  4. Say what? 600 watts is 5 amps on a household 120 volt system, NOT "about 1 amp" If you do not understand the basics of electricity,you probably should not attempt building anything electrical.
  5. Exactly correct,especially for what are relatively inexpensive,made in China products that the consumer sees as not worth spending the $30-40 cost it would take to produce a bulletproof light strand{therefor no market for} with higher quality LEDs,better quality diodes,resistors,wiring,surge protection,etc. The only advantage the sealed strings bring to the party is to eliminate the largest reason for strand failure,which is rust issues due to trapped moisture corroding the legs of the leds inside the sockets.There are still the less common failure issues present,such as rectifier failure due to parts quality.....but overall,their longevity is much,much greater than the non sealed strings simply because you eliminated the number 1 cause of failure....rust.
  6. Thank god I do not live across the street from him.I cant imagine subjecting your neighbors to that mess night after night.
  7. Christmasdesigners is a reputable company,selling many of the same products that the popular vendors here carry.Having said that,I have generally found prices are better through our vendors here,and more importantly,at least 1 of our vendors is very active on this forum answering questions and helping all our members out,be they customers of his or not.That speaks volumes in my opinion,and,for me,deserves rewarding him with my business.
  8. Different reason for the Cadillac tail lights flickering.All cars use DC current so LEDs should not flicker at all- the only reason they DO flicker is because the car manufacturer uses PWM {pulse width modulation} as a means of controlling the LED brightness,so the same led can be used as a tail lamp {dimmer operating} and a brake light {much brighter operating} Had they used separate leds of the appropriate brightness for each function,there would be no need for PWM to control brightness,and no flicker.
  9. I also like a traditional static display much better than a blinking/flashing display set to music.Much more elegant looking.The synchronized displays,while cool when they first came out,are just to commercial and concert looking to me.
  10. https://www.christmasdesigners.com/do-your-led-christmas-lights-suck-two-golden-rules-for-avoiding-christmas-light-suckiness/
  11. I think the 5mm wide angle style led has surpassed the look of incan. minis in both warm white and all colors.
  12. " SPT-2 wire is more conducive to catch fire over time. " Could you point us to a source of that information? Gotta say,in my 55 years,I have never heard that one.If anything,I would say spt2 is safer than spt1 due to it having thicker insulation and therefor less likely for nicks/cuts/abrasions to breach the insulation resulting in bare copper conductors being exposed to create shorts,ground faults,etc
  13. First of all.....if you would have carefully read my posts,you would know that the quotations I began each one with WERE NOT YOURS....in other words,I was not responding to anything you posted-I was responding to another poster who made those statements....so no need to be sarcastic with your "warm welcome" remark,it is erroneous,uncalled for,and unwelcome. Just to touch on the need to read the entire scope of ul588......I have read every page,more than once actually as I keep up with changes made to it over the years as they are made.I highly recommend anybody investing thousands of dollars in lights read it. PS- there are many incorrect assumptions/facts stated in your above understanding of how the ul listing is granted,monitored,and retracted and on how the no strike program operates,and also to the hundreds of manufacturers producing lights that are ul listed that do not make the "no strike" lists...I am not going to cite the rules of the ul program in detail,if you are interested in correctly learning/understanding the system,brew a big pot of coffee and thoroughly read the entire ul588.As is,your misunderstanding of the entire program is evident in your written word.
  14. " So back to the '' UL" 588..... it's a " generic" outline, that ALL manufactures need to adhere to, and follow...do they?? Not so sure. " First of all,the UL 588 is not a "generic outline",it is a vast set {well over 100 standards each product must meet} of manufacturing and quality/safety standards{it has nothing to do with the color of the leds or whether they match} In order for a product to obtain ul listing,the product must be sent to ul labs for inspection/tear down for testing to be sure it meets those safety standards....if it fails,no ul listing tag is granted........then,the UL randomly picks samples from each manufacturer that has been granted use of the ul label and retests to be sure that their is no screwups in manufacturing or design change that would cause the product to fail any of those standards....this is a ongoing inspection that randomly occurs as long as the manufacturer continues to use the ul label......some manufacturers do not pass these random tests,and must change manufacturing process to meet specs or they lose the ability to use the ul label.A few out of the thousands of manufacturers consistently produce products that surpass these standards and pass the random retesting without fail and are awarded "the UL no strike list" status.....the best of the best in other words- these are the products a smart consumer seeks out. I strongly suggest you actually spend some time reading the ul588 standards and understand the scope of just what some of the standards and tests entail so you can discuss this topic from a more educated viewpoint.....all the information is out there for you to learn if you have the initiative.
  15. " As for the UL listing, it doesn't mean nothing,not a damn thing actually.. " The above is real,real bad advice and demonstrates a total lack of knowledge in understanding just what passing the UL certification entails as far as safety and quality standards.I strongly suggest you read the scope of the UL #588 and what it entails before following that advice,it could not only prevent your house from fire,but could prevent killing you due to electrocution.