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  • My favorite Christmas story Christmas Vacation of course! And Elf!
  • Location Sayre, PA
  • Biography just starting to grow my Christmas lights display. Have a little over 4,500 lights
  • Interests Christmas!
  • Occupation financial analyst
  • About my display Its on a small ranch. about 4,500 lights, 42% LEDs. I have iceicle lights on gutters, C-9s around garage doors and windows. Love blowmolds, have santa on sleigh with 4 reindeer ( hopefully 8 next yr). Also, I use GE's Lights and Sounds of Christmas

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  1. Nice find!
  2. I do have the donkey, just not in the pictures
  3. Thanks for the info guys! I just came across this set, has 12 pieces. I'm missing one wise man, a sheep, and what else? ok, I see, I'm missing 2 sheep and one magi.
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Nice! Congrats!
  6. Looks great!!!
  7. I'd probably stop...
  8. Anyone else get this? (I should have replaced the light in Curly for the picture but I got lazy).
  9. buy a snowman kit at amazon, etc
  10. Really nice display, love the church!
  11. Looks great! Love the Nativity!
  12. Congrats! Very nice display!
  13. Amazing display, one of my favorites!
  14. I put it up the same night I got it