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    Just bought this. It says Empire at the bottom, but it doesn't look like any of the candles I've seen. Is it from the 80's or 90's?
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    I have been taking a few pictures for blow molded.com recently, here is the TPI Santa Sled & reindeer (black nose version reindeer). The set with the black nose and this version of stand for the reindeer was made during the years 1997-2004. The set has the red reins for it, I just did not put them on for the picture since the pictures will be uploaded to the website separately. Mel
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    I collect vintage Christmas Lighting, including the Lighting Guides that were popular from the 50's through the 70's. I gave a talk at the last two Christmas Expo's on the History of Christmas Lighting and covered a lot of this. Many are finding the "next big idea" is often hidden away in one of these guides. These Lighting Guides were compiled by illumination engineers and implemented the very best practices in lighting. Even though technology has changed, good lighting technique have not. Here's a link to several of those guides: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffcarter629/collections/72157635505741139/ Here's a link to my website: http://www.christmascraftsman.com/
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    Picked these up a Facebook Yardsale Group a couple nights ago!
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    I've completely forgot to send close up pics of the angel I did get to see , I do not own it but I was happy to be able to see it in person
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    How sweet of you to remember!!! You made my day! It was FABULOUS! We ended up using a 5500w generator that someone loaned us. It was noisy, but we put it on a carpet pad and the sides of the pickup truck along with blaring Christmas music helped drown out the generator. The team had a blast AND we won the award for "Best Use of Lights!" I'll try to attach some pics. Thanks again for asking!
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    I miss my old incan c-9's. I use leds now, but you can never get that beautiful light color from leds. Great Job!
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    Finally got to fix it up really nice and did I some custom wiring, rewrapped the older garland to make it look more fluffy
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    I'm not quite certain if this is the correct venue but will proceed. In the past year, my health has really taken its toll on me and I cannot continue to dedicate the time, energy or athletics to set up my Christmas display, and have made the decision to leave the wonderful hobby I began in 2008. What I have remaining of my display is mostly large display items that cannot be sent to other parts of the country if someone was interested. So for those individuals who live in the Chicagoland area or close by, this could be great for you, or even for someone who is looking to start into the display hobby with minimal effort. I'm currently making an inventory of what I have. Everything I displayed was DIY, and all has been stored between holidays either in my garage or basement. What I can tell you is I have 5' mini trees; homemade (what I displayed as) candles in 6'; 8' & 10' Heights. I also have light balls I hung in my 20' evergreen trees that were hand built; a couple of leaping arches; a large amount of SPT1 & SPT2 extension cords that are pre-cut with male/female vampire plugs; several large snowflakes (3' diameter); 70 count pure white, red and green LED strings zip tied together for my mega tree (actually ALL of my lights are LED). I also have a 3 sided star topper with mega tree head to hang the lights, mega tree pole (20'), numerous support cables, cable anchors, boxed LED lights, etc. This list is off the top of my head, but I will get a more detailed list. If anyone in the Chicago area is looking to either start, or add to their display, please reach out to me and we can connect and discuss prices. I do this with a heavy heart. I truly enjoyed the creativity or this experience, and did so originally to memorialize the loss of both my parents within 4-1/2 months of each other back in '08. My health has taken a front seat now and this hobby can no longer be my focus. I thank you in advance for letting me go on about this and hope that what I shared with joy in my neighborhood can be shared with your family and neighbors in the future.
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    I want to have a mechanism around the base of a tree that allows an empire/gf train to appear to be travelling around it. I've planned on installing a single shopping cart wheel on the underside of each blowmold and laying a track for them to follow. the blowmold would then be connected to an arm rotating around the base of the tree. I just need a rotating outlet/cord so it doesn't get tangled. Ideas?
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    New project for this year's display. Follow along on my Youtube channel
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    I think this is it the candle is almost 4 foot tall , about 8 in all and the garland I'm not sure if it's original but I ended up re fluffing the aluminum parts on the garland I think this did have all the original stuff , I ended up fixing it this week because I noticed how badly bent it is as you can see in the photos so I also decided to fix it nicely and make custom run wires on it that I could hide under the garland I could take better photos if any one would want of it fixed up or a close up of the aluminum garland , thanks
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    Looks like a modern take on this tree from 1958: Here it is again from a 1970 GE Christmas Lighting guide:
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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share a great opportunity buy if anyone is looking for LED lights in 5mm, M6 and C7. These lights are all Brand New in boxes or shrink wrapped spools. Please see the attachments for the Qtys and pricing. I'm quite confident that it is as low pricing as you'll ever see from my research. All the LED Lights that we sell are single, I Mold construction. Wire gauge is 22. These are very well made lights, we have been using the same factory for 10 years now without issue. The reason for the low pricing is two fold. One our spools were mislabeled so we cannot sell them to retail, but this obviously doesn't matter for home use and our box lights did not arrive until mid November, so we are looking to lighten our load a little bit with those in the off season. All sales will need to be in case packs, which are 4 for the spools and either 18 or 24 for the boxed lights. If you have any questions please fire away. Dan@HolidayProjectors.com Thanks, Dan Spools.pdf Box Lights.pdf
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    Three color variations of the angel from the Santa's Best mold. Mel
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    Found 4 auctions for older pole mount Christmas decorations. Not terribly old, but pretty cool, and HUGE. The Happy Holidays signs are very cool, and very vintage looking. Not the closest, but if anyone is up for a drive check them out. http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17035 http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17038 http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17037 http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17036
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    Does anyone know who manufactured these candles...
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    A picture from 20 years ago of the father of the "Pink Flamingo" with a small flock - June 3, 1996. The picture was taken the year before he became one of the owners and President of Union Products. Mel
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    I just started sequencing in January and just recently finished my second song any feedback on improving my shows is very welcome
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    We continue to beef up security here on the PlanetChristmas forums. Behind the scenes there are constant updates to the applications but now we're also going to secure browsing. Look carefully at your browser address bar and you'll see https://forums.planetchristmas.com. The 's' means there's an encrypted connection between your computer and the big forums computer in the sky. Happy safe and secure browsing at the PlanetChristmas forums!
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    as an update on another forum i posted these videos on the tso song during the flashy sections it was suggested to not go straight off and on on my house and tree the lights will be left on at 30% so as not to be so "strobe lighty"
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    very nice!!!! Love seeing the "old stuff" put back together good as new....
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    Love it i did mine as yours , it was my first time , now im looking to buy new things for december!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good Morning, I am here humbly asking the experts what should I do...my wife gave me the go ahead to move from a static display to RGB. Any suggestions? The kids say we need to have a mega tree.. Thanks in advance. Paul
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    Thank you all for your due diligence (thank you Lord for spellcheck). As far as the color, I don't think I'm going to touch that, and this Christmas I think this one will be displayed with my BECO caroler on my front porch out of the weather. (I found this in an antique store in Joplin where I turned two other blow mold fanatics onto PC. Hopefully they found us!)
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    I'd still not dismiss the possibility of an alternative paint color. It still looks as if no red would have ever existed on those mustard yellow candles. Both union and empire have come out with less than savory alternative paint schemes such exactly as, mustard, chocolate brown, tan, and even black.
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    Severe red paint breakdown often(used by Empire) fades to burnt orange and deteriorates through the color spectrum, or fades light red to pink, and leaves easily visible and very evident 'cast' fading- as would be created by unequal UV exposure. You can be gaurenteed that these type of UV shadow castings would be apparent, or that type of paint breakdown would be showing. We all know- no blow mold is diplayed equally.
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    If its is an unpopular color and the yellow/gold is original, I would leave it as is. Its different, unique, and gonna be the center of conversation in any show....jmo
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    I believe it is a candle that used to be red! TED
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    Have you seen this one. I think it's beautiful. Course they all are.
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    We didn't know about the white one until a couple of months ago when a friend gave that one to us, this is the only one we have seen through the years. Mel
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    Looks great!!!
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    Hi Don, We have several open boxes of spools, let me know which ones you need and I'll get you a total. Thanks, Dan
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    It appears as if my vision is already realized in xlights. It seems that its object oriented sequences are exactly what I want with way less work than I thought was going to be necessary.
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    Couldn't figure out how to edit my previous posts with the LED Lights so I am listing these separately. We have a limited amount of our LED Twig Trees available that we would like to sell in the off season. This is a very popular item for us. It is made by the same factory that manufacturers our LED light strands and is exclusive to Holiday Projectors. These trees are very well made, all steel construction. Each branch is hand wrapped so there are no exposed wires except for the lead plug in. The multi-color trees have about 10% of the lights that change colors which give it a neat twinkling effect. The white is static. The trees are available in white or black trunks/branches. The pricing for Planet Christmas members is 50% off. There are 4 to a case pack and saves quite a bit to ship in full case packs rather than singles, due to the size. Shipping for a case pack of 4 is about $25. A single tree can be anywhere from $12-20. LED Twig Trees.pdf
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    Hi Guys, Sorry, for some reason the replies aren't getting forwarded to my email. Sorry for the confusion, the price is each, not for a full case, I wish they were that price :). The branches are actually quite long. For a 6' tree the top of the tree is probably 4+ feet in diameter. These are not big box type trees. The twinkling on the multi color gives a great effect. Sorry for the confusion!
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    Sorry for the lag in getting back with a critique, I received a sample string from Dan as promised and am happy with the product. Very bright, no flicker, non replaceable and appear to be full wave. I was sent a string of 5mm and the domes are slightly smaller than the 5mm I have from HLE but when lit, are as bright. The only concern I had was just how sealed the lights are at the point where the wires enter, sacrificing the set I cut open several and although the design is different at the point of wire entry than what I am used to, once the wires enter the socket the bottom third of the socket is molded solid and appears to eliminate any water intrusion. So, IMHO thumbs up for the price.
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    if the tree is 4' or 6' tall, it appears the lighted branches are only about 12" -18" tall. Most of the height is in the tree trunk.
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    So, the 6' LED white trunk, multi color....4 trees for 45 dollars, plus shipping? And 50% off that? Or is the 45 dollars already the price with 50% off?
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    I love that tree, and hope someone can share some insight also
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    Yes, you can hook it up to a DVD player if it has speaker ports, usually they don't because they use you're TV speakers for sound. If you had a stereo system that would be you're best bet. The speaker says 60 watts because that's probably either the max it can handle or it's the recommended working wattage. They will work with less watts but as in you're case will be very quiet. A laptop or desktop just don't have enough power for the speaker to work properly, like others said, you need an amplifier or a powered speaker.
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    This is from the February issue of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past magazine. They did a feature on Aluminum Christmas trees. It appears your tree is a "Sparkler" by Star Brand.
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    I have 2,4 and 5. They were sold at Rose's Discount Store here in Georgia. They are battery operated LED. I used them in 2015 and 2016. They are pretty cool.
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    When yall have had these shipped to you, what carrier was used? UPS, Fedex, USPS any recommendations?
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    Hi Carsonsig, I would suggest the advanced license and add Superstar. My opinion is that even though Pixel Editor (PE) is a powerful tool it has a bit more of a learning curve. Both Superstar and PE can do a lot of the same effects and control the same kind of lights. You might find more CCR/DMX sequences using Superstar than you will programmed by PE. Also, Superstar is more of a "sequencing" tool whereas PE is more of an "Effects Generator" similar to X-Lights. If you have a grasp on LOR sequencing using Sequence Editor I'm pretty sure you'll find Superstar a bit easier to learn. PE isn't as hard as X-lights but it still relies on creating effects that you then drop in the timeline at whatever point in time of the song you want. This is just my opinion in using Superstar quite a bit, some in PE and dabbling in X-Lights. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please let me know. Thanks, Al
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    very nice!!!! great choice of songs!!!
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    I was having a hard time visualizing what different sequences looked like on spiral tree so I built one. 3 wraps 16 channels 8 ish ft high. Was a lot of fun to build and play with in the garage 20170220_184530.mp4
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    I run mine with 2 extension cords and 2 outlets.