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    I know there was a thread about why was it always about the amount of lights but that's what people like to see and hear. How many lights we have and what we do with it. The snowmen and Charlie Brown Christmas tree are made out of rope light and the Nutcracker is a metal frame with LED ribbon light. Not the best to use when we have rain and freezing temperature. Will have to modify it for next time we set the display.
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    Finally found one and at an over priced antique store however this was $36...
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    I have been taking a few pictures for blow molded.com recently, here is the TPI Santa Sled & reindeer (black nose version reindeer). The set with the black nose and this version of stand for the reindeer was made during the years 1997-2004. The set has the red reins for it, I just did not put them on for the picture since the pictures will be uploaded to the website separately. Mel
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    Ok, in a few posts including one on christmasfanclub, ans Planet christmas I have sent out a request wanting to buy a plastic sleigh, and 10 deer. Yes 10 deer and here is why............................this past year my 8 year old daughter (the only girl beside her mom, so yeah she gets special treatment lol) (and bless her heart she is the most gullible person on the planet) anyway, she was riding with me in my truck to pick up a payment for a job done in little rock. Well we were riding along listening to Christmas music on the radio and Rudolph by Gene Autry came on. She was singing her little heart out and when she gets to the part that says " But do you recall?" the most famous reindeer of all.....I stopped her and said "Emy what did you say?" so she repeated it and I told her thats not what it says........It says "but do you know Claude", and the most famous reindeer of all.......She kinda argued with me that I was wrong (I never cracked a smile) I proceeded to tell her this long drawn out story that Claude was a little unruly and they left him out of the cartoons because he was always in some sort of mischief. I went on to tell her that he lives in the village with all the Elf of a Shelf guys in Istanbul. Please try to imagine this beautiful little girl soaking in all of Dads wisdom, as I told her that Santa still lets claude go out with the rest of the team on Christmas but he has to run along beside them because there are not enough hitches on the sleigh. Well, me and the family has a good laugh after she went to bed that evening and I thought it was over...WRONG. Next day on a job site in Greenville SC my cell rings and its the school. I excused myself long enough to answer and be informed that during Chorus class Emy refused to sing it "right" because "my daddy said thats not right...and he is never wrong"...OH GOD I ABOUT DIED!!!! I had to explain the joke to the teacher. I thought boy Im glad thats over...WRONG....The lead Engineer had overheard the conversation and I got a full day....no...week of ribbing about not knowing the words to a kids song.....Well if you think it was over....WRONG AGAIN......A few weeks ago I decided to buy a sleigh and deer and make them appear to be wayyyyyy up high flying in my neighbors yard for 2017. I sat down with my laptop and started shopping, I found the most amazing 1977 Empire sleigh with 1 deer on ebay, next day I found an auction for 2 more deer, total of 3. I showed my daughter what I had found (she is my helper on christmas decorations, and pretty much the shot caller) and she says, you only need 7 more deer daddy, I told her I was just gonna get 8 and that would be enough, the said "Daddy you started this mess, now do it right...we gonna have 10"...........Me and my big mouth....I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.....Don I copied and pasted this from my original post on Christmasfanclub and put it here hoping you guys would enjoy it, Don
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    I collect vintage Christmas Lighting, including the Lighting Guides that were popular from the 50's through the 70's. I gave a talk at the last two Christmas Expo's on the History of Christmas Lighting and covered a lot of this. Many are finding the "next big idea" is often hidden away in one of these guides. These Lighting Guides were compiled by illumination engineers and implemented the very best practices in lighting. Even though technology has changed, good lighting technique have not. Here's a link to several of those guides: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffcarter629/collections/72157635505741139/ Here's a link to my website: http://www.christmascraftsman.com/
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    Picked these up a Facebook Yardsale Group a couple nights ago!
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    I've completely forgot to send close up pics of the angel I did get to see , I do not own it but I was happy to be able to see it in person
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    How sweet of you to remember!!! You made my day! It was FABULOUS! We ended up using a 5500w generator that someone loaned us. It was noisy, but we put it on a carpet pad and the sides of the pickup truck along with blaring Christmas music helped drown out the generator. The team had a blast AND we won the award for "Best Use of Lights!" I'll try to attach some pics. Thanks again for asking!
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    I miss my old incan c-9's. I use leds now, but you can never get that beautiful light color from leds. Great Job!
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    Finally got to fix it up really nice and did I some custom wiring, rewrapped the older garland to make it look more fluffy
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    I'm not quite certain if this is the correct venue but will proceed. In the past year, my health has really taken its toll on me and I cannot continue to dedicate the time, energy or athletics to set up my Christmas display, and have made the decision to leave the wonderful hobby I began in 2008. What I have remaining of my display is mostly large display items that cannot be sent to other parts of the country if someone was interested. So for those individuals who live in the Chicagoland area or close by, this could be great for you, or even for someone who is looking to start into the display hobby with minimal effort. I'm currently making an inventory of what I have. Everything I displayed was DIY, and all has been stored between holidays either in my garage or basement. What I can tell you is I have 5' mini trees; homemade (what I displayed as) candles in 6'; 8' & 10' Heights. I also have light balls I hung in my 20' evergreen trees that were hand built; a couple of leaping arches; a large amount of SPT1 & SPT2 extension cords that are pre-cut with male/female vampire plugs; several large snowflakes (3' diameter); 70 count pure white, red and green LED strings zip tied together for my mega tree (actually ALL of my lights are LED). I also have a 3 sided star topper with mega tree head to hang the lights, mega tree pole (20'), numerous support cables, cable anchors, boxed LED lights, etc. This list is off the top of my head, but I will get a more detailed list. If anyone in the Chicago area is looking to either start, or add to their display, please reach out to me and we can connect and discuss prices. I do this with a heavy heart. I truly enjoyed the creativity or this experience, and did so originally to memorialize the loss of both my parents within 4-1/2 months of each other back in '08. My health has taken a front seat now and this hobby can no longer be my focus. I thank you in advance for letting me go on about this and hope that what I shared with joy in my neighborhood can be shared with your family and neighbors in the future.
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    I want to have a mechanism around the base of a tree that allows an empire/gf train to appear to be travelling around it. I've planned on installing a single shopping cart wheel on the underside of each blowmold and laying a track for them to follow. the blowmold would then be connected to an arm rotating around the base of the tree. I just need a rotating outlet/cord so it doesn't get tangled. Ideas?
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    New project for this year's display. Follow along on my Youtube channel
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    I think this is it the candle is almost 4 foot tall , about 8 in all and the garland I'm not sure if it's original but I ended up re fluffing the aluminum parts on the garland I think this did have all the original stuff , I ended up fixing it this week because I noticed how badly bent it is as you can see in the photos so I also decided to fix it nicely and make custom run wires on it that I could hide under the garland I could take better photos if any one would want of it fixed up or a close up of the aluminum garland , thanks
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    I put it up the same night I got it
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    Looks like a modern take on this tree from 1958: Here it is again from a 1970 GE Christmas Lighting guide:
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    Just bought this. It says Empire at the bottom, but it doesn't look like any of the candles I've seen. Is it from the 80's or 90's?
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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share a great opportunity buy if anyone is looking for LED lights in 5mm, M6 and C7. These lights are all Brand New in boxes or shrink wrapped spools. Please see the attachments for the Qtys and pricing. I'm quite confident that it is as low pricing as you'll ever see from my research. All the LED Lights that we sell are single, I Mold construction. Wire gauge is 22. These are very well made lights, we have been using the same factory for 10 years now without issue. The reason for the low pricing is two fold. One our spools were mislabeled so we cannot sell them to retail, but this obviously doesn't matter for home use and our box lights did not arrive until mid November, so we are looking to lighten our load a little bit with those in the off season. All sales will need to be in case packs, which are 4 for the spools and either 18 or 24 for the boxed lights. If you have any questions please fire away. Dan@HolidayProjectors.com Thanks, Dan Spools.pdf Box Lights.pdf
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    Three color variations of the angel from the Santa's Best mold. Mel
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    Found 4 auctions for older pole mount Christmas decorations. Not terribly old, but pretty cool, and HUGE. The Happy Holidays signs are very cool, and very vintage looking. Not the closest, but if anyone is up for a drive check them out. http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17035 http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17038 http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17037 http://www.maxanet.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlust3/17036
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    Does anyone know who manufactured these candles...
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    A picture from 20 years ago of the father of the "Pink Flamingo" with a small flock - June 3, 1996. The picture was taken the year before he became one of the owners and President of Union Products. Mel
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    I just started sequencing in January and just recently finished my second song any feedback on improving my shows is very welcome
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    We continue to beef up security here on the PlanetChristmas forums. Behind the scenes there are constant updates to the applications but now we're also going to secure browsing. Look carefully at your browser address bar and you'll see https://forums.planetchristmas.com. The 's' means there's an encrypted connection between your computer and the big forums computer in the sky. Happy safe and secure browsing at the PlanetChristmas forums!
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    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best way to sell and ship blow molds for my uncle and found this forum. For years, he would set up a big display at Christmas and Halloween. He would get a Santa Clause to be there on the weekends for the kids to come see, provided snacks and drinks and even built a Thomas the train with about 8 or 10 of the characters to tow behind a golf cart for the kids to ride. It started out just being local kids but got to where people from everywhere started showing up and it got to be more than he could handle. I hated to see him stop doing it but after a couple years of not doing it, he has decided to sell most of his stuff. There's at least 40-50 blow molds and no telling how much other stuff. He is extremely particular and they have been very well taken care of. So far, I've only taken a few pictures of the blow molds to try and figure out the best way to sell this stuff for him. He is older and doesn't really do computers. I have thought about Ebay but not sure what the best way to ship them would be? It would be nice to sell his collection as a lot but how much interest is there in entire collections? Would it be better to split up? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I'll attach a couple pics just to give a idea of what he has. Thanks for any ideas.
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    as an update on another forum i posted these videos on the tso song during the flashy sections it was suggested to not go straight off and on on my house and tree the lights will be left on at 30% so as not to be so "strobe lighty"
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    very nice!!!! Love seeing the "old stuff" put back together good as new....
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    Love it i did mine as yours , it was my first time , now im looking to buy new things for december!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good Morning, I am here humbly asking the experts what should I do...my wife gave me the go ahead to move from a static display to RGB. Any suggestions? The kids say we need to have a mega tree.. Thanks in advance. Paul
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    https://auschristmaslighting.com/ join and search for the auschristmaslighting 101 manual. It is a good resource to get up to speed on it all.
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    I'll be there Wednesday until Sunday. Really looking forward to it. My wife and I love Tennessee! She'll be exploring while I'll be in classes. Can't wait to see what the vendors will have on display for us. See you all there there. Later, Al
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    Honestly I thing making a light kit might be overkill, you could just use the holes already there with a normal c-7 clip in light, which would be more than enough to light them up. Thats what i have in all of mine, and it works great, and real easy.
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    Have you seen this one. I think it's beautiful. Course they all are.
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    Love it!
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    It appears as if my vision is already realized in xlights. It seems that its object oriented sequences are exactly what I want with way less work than I thought was going to be necessary.
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    Hi, Yes sale is still on but we are showing at a large show in Las Vegas this week so if all goes well these will be gone by next week. If anyone wants to place an order I would suggest moving on these soon. Thanks, Dan
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    Full wave is nothing more then a rectifier , to get rid of the flicker that you see from LED lights....call it a filter in essence...hope that helps....
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    In a different post I saw someone post the below photo... got me thinking. Has anyone built a recent version of these? I was thinking of trying to do it with a standard string of lights and just put multiple bulbs where the instructions have 1 per can... Anyone done this and have more detailed instructions for a build plan? I just built PVC mini trees but I might aim to replace them with these because I really like the look.
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    Hi All, To answer some questions. Yes, the LED's are one piece, they are not replaceable. I have been buying from the same factory since 2006 which should tell you something. The multi color whites have cool white LED's in the strand, not warm white. Spools are $20 each, in cases of 4. That would be $80 a case. I'm going to list some other items in a bit that may be of interest to you guys...any questions feel free to ask away.
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    looks kinda rough, but works well 200 amp main 2 7 day timers, 4 20 amp circuits each(inflatables), 1 24 hour timer with 2 20 amp circuits (lights). usually pulls around 180 amps with Chirsitmas display. was able to get meter on residential rate
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    It will be fun times and lots to see and learn. Bring whatever a Baptist (including anyone else) would like to snack on. So I'm working on a couple door prizes (from a couple useful vendors) that will be handed out.
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    When yall have had these shipped to you, what carrier was used? UPS, Fedex, USPS any recommendations?
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    very nice!!!! great choice of songs!!!
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    Greetings Planet Christmas Blow mold family!!!! Question for everyone. How would you handle this situation? There is a family that lives not far from us and they used to set up an impressive display. They are older and she worked at Walmart and was talking to my mom one day and said they still had the items but weren't in the shape to put the display up anymore. She mentioned a yard sale but nothing as of yet. She hasn't been at work in quiet a while either so no contact with her. Would you all if you were me stop and ask about the items or just wait? I don't want to seem pushy or overstep any boundaries. Up for any suggestions. Thanks, Jerry
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    That is the Empire #1571 Santa, sleigh & Reindeer set, the 1977 year they had in the listing is the mold date that is on the sleigh. We purchased a set of those with two reindeer from Ernst Malmo back in 1980 or 1981 after Christmas at 50% off. The reindeer came with two different stands through the years. The reindeer are smaller then any of the other companies reindeer. Mel
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    Dale the way i run my system is thru a 30 amp 120v coil 3 pole contactor controlled by a 120 v timer, and it runs a system of 50,000 lights incans and led combo . As you can see in the pictures it is on the bottom right and the timer is on the front left side and also my system pulls approx 45 amps continuous which makes my bill approx 125.00 to 150.00 higher than normal. And the next to last picture is my system 2 years ago when the controller was built it has gotten bigger since then and the last picture is the finished controller in operation.
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    Dale, I would go with LED also...could you send a video of the electrick meter when all those incans are on?
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    You may want to look in to investing in LED. Unless you do it yourself, what you may end up paying an electrician to add the power you need could almost pay for all your LED lights and you would GREATLY reduce your power needs.