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    Ok, in a few posts including one on christmasfanclub, ans Planet christmas I have sent out a request wanting to buy a plastic sleigh, and 10 deer. Yes 10 deer and here is why............................this past year my 8 year old daughter (the only girl beside her mom, so yeah she gets special treatment lol) (and bless her heart she is the most gullible person on the planet) anyway, she was riding with me in my truck to pick up a payment for a job done in little rock. Well we were riding along listening to Christmas music on the radio and Rudolph by Gene Autry came on. She was singing her little heart out and when she gets to the part that says " But do you recall?" the most famous reindeer of all.....I stopped her and said "Emy what did you say?" so she repeated it and I told her thats not what it says........It says "but do you know Claude", and the most famous reindeer of all.......She kinda argued with me that I was wrong (I never cracked a smile) I proceeded to tell her this long drawn out story that Claude was a little unruly and they left him out of the cartoons because he was always in some sort of mischief. I went on to tell her that he lives in the village with all the Elf of a Shelf guys in Istanbul. Please try to imagine this beautiful little girl soaking in all of Dads wisdom, as I told her that Santa still lets claude go out with the rest of the team on Christmas but he has to run along beside them because there are not enough hitches on the sleigh. Well, me and the family has a good laugh after she went to bed that evening and I thought it was over...WRONG. Next day on a job site in Greenville SC my cell rings and its the school. I excused myself long enough to answer and be informed that during Chorus class Emy refused to sing it "right" because "my daddy said thats not right...and he is never wrong"...OH GOD I ABOUT DIED!!!! I had to explain the joke to the teacher. I thought boy Im glad thats over...WRONG....The lead Engineer had overheard the conversation and I got a full day....no...week of ribbing about not knowing the words to a kids song.....Well if you think it was over....WRONG AGAIN......A few weeks ago I decided to buy a sleigh and deer and make them appear to be wayyyyyy up high flying in my neighbors yard for 2017. I sat down with my laptop and started shopping, I found the most amazing 1977 Empire sleigh with 1 deer on ebay, next day I found an auction for 2 more deer, total of 3. I showed my daughter what I had found (she is my helper on christmas decorations, and pretty much the shot caller) and she says, you only need 7 more deer daddy, I told her I was just gonna get 8 and that would be enough, the said "Daddy you started this mess, now do it right...we gonna have 10"...........Me and my big mouth....I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.....Don I copied and pasted this from my original post on Christmasfanclub and put it here hoping you guys would enjoy it, Don
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    Got it built! Hopfully I have it built strong enough it handle the strong winds we can get here in MN I have the candy canes wrapped in red and white and a separate channel for the Merry Christmas sign in the middle.
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    Started my collection of wood cut outs today. Found a 3M 9100 projector on Craigs for 20 dollars and another guy had 7 ply, sanded plywood , 36×36 for a buck. So started to make these....hope to get more done. Want to make about 20 of the C9 bulbs, 6 to 8 of the bulbs and display them. Have to get more plywood for some bigger items I want to make
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    We're from Canada and will be there for the whole week. The days leading up to the Expo we will be sightseeing. We missed last year in Chicago because of health issues, cancer, but feeling good now and cancer free.
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    I think this is it the candle is almost 4 foot tall , about 8 in all and the garland I'm not sure if it's original but I ended up re fluffing the aluminum parts on the garland I think this did have all the original stuff , I ended up fixing it this week because I noticed how badly bent it is as you can see in the photos so I also decided to fix it nicely and make custom run wires on it that I could hide under the garland I could take better photos if any one would want of it fixed up or a close up of the aluminum garland , thanks
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    Hello, I am new here My name is Jerry, I live in Missouri . Actually won first place in our city Christmas decorating contest last year. First one we have had. I live in Marthasville. I am looking for a Gemmy Carousel, ( Not Inflatable ) and also Gemmy Ferris Wheel. I already have one of the Ferris Wheels, ( 7 footer ), Would like 5 footer or 7 footer if available, DEFINITELY want the Carousel. I also have the Teeter Totter with Santa and the Reindeer, still in box. I have a few inflatables if somebody is interested in them, MR. and MRS. Clause on a swing that moves. , and a couple of Santa Claus ones. Thanks Jerry
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    My neighbor had a bunch of stuff at the curb marked free. This was one of them. It says Union on the bottom, anyone know anything about it? I feel like the base is not supposed to be brown like someone repainted it. It has 1 small nightlight bulb at the very bottom, no way it lights the whole thing up, I will have to add more. Any info is appreciated on it.
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    Found this guy at auction never used outside it looks,motor still works VID_20170618_085817.mp4
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    Got lucky and found these an an estate sale about ten minutes from my house. Got everything pictured plus 6 other molds (15 total) not pictured for 80.00. There was also about 20 heavy duty extension cords plus a ceramic tree and other items. I think it was a pretty fair price.
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    Hello, I've created this thread because I wanted to know if there were other people in Japan that likes to decorate as much as I do. I am an American and grew up in Florida where I of course was surrounded by houses all decorating like crazy Moving to Japan in my 30s and eventually marrying and having kids I quickly knew that I did not want my kids growing up and experiencing Christmas and Christmas Decorations on houses as the Japanese do it ( which is basically nothing ). So I have started decorating my own house and another 20 some houses in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, the options are extremely limited when buying decorations here in Japan and they are expensive as hell too. Usually 2 times more expensive . So I have been forced to import stuff from the USA at a high cost. I am looking for ways to make it more afforable because if I dont do it, then there will be nothing done and I dont want my kids to see that happen My kids and neighbors love what I have been doing and many many people from far and near come by at Christmas time Anyways Im here now here are 2 videos of my house And here are some videos of 2 of the houses I do ( out of 20 ) , I do just a little at each one, a scene basically. Makes it a nice walking course that I do with my kids most nights as we sip on a huge cup of Hot chocolate. All houses include my own are on timers so everything comes on at the same time. I also organize and volunteer to do a Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus Meet and Greet for my town. Again because there is NONE in Japan for kids to go to, even in Shopping malls here. I had a lot of good memories when I was a kid going to see Santa at the Mall and wanted my kids to have a similar experience too and so I do this. I buy all the clothes for EVERYONE and I import all the decorations as well . Thanks Jamar
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    very nice finds. You might be able to get the stack for the train from General Foam. I would be red if you can buy it. I got a stack and Santa From them for my train 3 or 4 years ago.
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    I found this Don Featherstone gem in the trash last night. Any idea what year it was made or any other info about it? It's certainly out of the ordinary and I'm surprised it was up here in Canada as Empire was not widely sold in the Ottawa area. The picture is off of Google, but mines in really good shape and has the light cord as well.
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    I went ahead and paid up just a little for big Santa but got everything else for a steal. Sorry that a couple of things aren't blow mold but took just a couple of pics. Have never seen that exact lamp post top (not blow mold). It has zero markings. It was a fun day.
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    No limit other than amperage.
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    I would like to sell all as a lot to a local buyer I am in zip 48045. The Gingerbread tree" I only have one and the snowman is missing his nose. Make an offer I can't refuse No shipping!
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    Piece part selling now. 10 controllers, 1,000's of LEDs, extension cords, 2 led jumping poles, 4 led (all LED cool / warm twinkling lights) leaping arches, 11 piece Life -size nativity scene, AWESOME singing Christmas trees - all LED. Led flood lights and various others. Please note - much of this is too big to ship. The LED's are stacked neatly in piles - some new /some used, some commercial / some residential, all different kinds - C9, C7's, minis ...you name it. Come see or look at the pictures and make an offer.... Sorry - Blow molds and mega tree gone.
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    Found some great old street pole blow mold items this weekend. Two each of the Scintillo ornaments with the indent, two red lanterns and two green lanterns. I've personally never come across green ones. They came with a bunch of extra clips for securing the plastic lenses even though these ones don't have the lenses. And a box of mounting brackets. If anyone needs the clips or mounting brackets, let me know. You can have them for free. The brackets you'll need to pay shipping as they are heavy. The clips I can just send in the mail. I have plastic and metal clips. PM me if you would like either.
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    Go to the Dollar Store. I got my C7 socket lamp cords there. I then just bought a few C7 LED bulbs from Lowe's and screwed them in. I did that for my Santa and 2 reindeer (including Rudolph's nose).
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    Is there anything more frustrating than blow mold hunting? I remember when my Santa sleigh finally gave up the ghost several years ago. After scouring Ebay for weeks, I finally bit the bullet and paid 100 bucks for a sleigh and two reindeer on ebay. Then, a couple of years later, out of nowhere, a friend gives me four old, a little warn, but FREE reindeer, and just last week I found an excellent sleigh for $3 at a garage sale. They're never to be found when you need them, but when you're not looking, they practically fall from the sky! I guess patience, the one thing I can't buy, is the most valuable asset when I'm looking for blow molds.
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    Your are very lucky indeed ! The GREEN LANTERN was first introduced in 1963. It was no longer shown in the catalog in 1967 when the YULE - BRIGHT series was introduced. So there can't be too many of them left in collections. The round RED ornament was called the CELESTO. Pictured is A.) Scintillo; B.) Celesto; C.) Embello and D.) the Decoro.
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    Hello I have a poloron nativity set that was put up every year since 1956 on my grandparents farm. I just inherited the set as my grandparents can no longer do the decorating due to health and moving. My grandmother earned the money by sewing and used it to buy the display. Sadly after more than 50 years on display some jerks stole the baby Jesus and the camel last year. I will be putting this up at my house which is a different location and will have a very strong electric fence put up around the set. All of the pieces need repair. The noses and corners and some seams need to be glued or have material spliced in. i figured I could use milk jug or other misc plastic to splice, melt, cut and glue. I thought for some contoured and textured pieces I might have to use propane torch to shape or contour and then glue on? I didn't find much searching the forums. I would really like some help or recommendations from those who have repaired these before. I don't want to do it wrong and have the repaired parts show up opaque after fixing or have to do it again. I also think I need to repaint them all after stripping them but don't want to damage them by stripping them wrong. A few of the pieces are shown.
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    Hey Kevin, Welcome to the Planet Christmas forum! There are a lot of people that have done repair work on blow molds so hang in there and let them get a chance to see this post and respond. I have repaired a few myself as well as repainted so I understand your desire to take your time and "do it right", especially with some great old molds like these. Too bad that someone stole the camel and baby Jesus from this set. But keep an eye out and you may just find ones to use with these for a complete set. I know that there is one fellow who had Bonners take a set of these and repair and repaint them for him for a church display that he sets up. You would have to sit down to see what that costs but the molds were "professionally" restored and look wonderful. As far as repairing them, there are many ways to fill in broken sections using milk carton plastic and a torch, heating up metal knives to melt the plastic in place, hot air guns, etc.. I have a hot air and an iron plastic welding kits that I use. The biggest problem is knowing the type of plastic that you are working with to get a good repair, otherwise, you run the risk of burning or getting the plastic too hot or not hot enough to "stick"! But the use of milk carton plastic seems like the most common repair medium for most of us. Stripping and painting also get different reviews. I use a water based stripper (3M Easy Stripper) which seems to work very well on the overall. Less chance of damaging things as you might with a solvent stripper although the water-based can take a couple of applications to get all the old paint off. Best to work in small sections at a time on a mold doing the stripping and washing with clean water. A good cloth washcloth makes scrubbing pretty easy but the wash pads with a scrubber surface will help as well. Use caution if you use steel wool as it can scratch up the surface if you go too hard or use too coarse a grit. Very fine (0000) wool will take off the paint with the water stripper just fine with a bit of elbow grease work! Many different types and makes of paints out there also but I find that Krylon Fusion for plastic gets the best results for me. It sticks and covers very nicely. Although I use an airbrush for my painting work now, the "rattle cans" will work fine with some careful masking prep work. Use thin coats and build up the paint to avoid runs. Also be careful to not make the coats too thick or else the light will not shine through evenly. If you can find an old mold that needs work to practice on first would be a great place to start. Easy to find on eBay and the like. I would recommend you do as you have a very nice set of mold in those nativity pieces and you should take the time to restore them properly to do them and your grandparents proud! Mel Fisher is a great blow mold person who knows a great deal about molds and their history and construction. Carrie Sansing is a good person who has done a lot of repairs. Here is an article by her you to view - http://www.planetchristmas.com/blow-molds/ There are also several people that use to be on here that have way more experience with repairs and painting than I do as well. I only saw your post as the Tapatalk program alerted me fo this post. I don't hang out on Planet Christmas much nowadays like I did a few years ago. Best of luck with the restoration on these! Hopefully, I have given you some little bits of info that might help. Bill Ellick www.longlakelights.com
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    Sorry! Link is bad-see pictures below. Everything in good shape and they all work. 18" high. $175 for all four plus shipping or best offer. Sorry some pics are upside down! Thanks! Joe
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    Hi everyone, First I would like to thank Dano, Wild and everyone else for their great ideas for my props. Because of them, I built the Toy Shop Conveyor, Ferris Wheel, Pop out of the box gift and others. All of these have been great hits with the kids in the neighborhood. This is my first April in years that I haven't been working on some type of Christmas animated prop. I have been racking my brain but can't come up with anything. Anyone have any ideas? I keep my props simple without a degree in engineering or electronics. Just trying to build things that move and keep the community happy. Much thanks! Lenny
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    So bright I couldn't get a clearer pic. But I think I'm gonna like these. Kind of excited to use them in this coming season. Going to put blue lights in another and see what I like better! Don't mind the wire for the lights, it'll get cleaned up when I figure out what I like best!
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    I've never been a great fan of the snowflakes, especially the ones with no garland and the eerie looking bluish/white LED's, but the garland makes it look much nicer. I'd used true "warm white" bulbs in that snowflake. Many of the towns, that I travel through on my way to Perry County Tennessee, have replaced their old traditional pole mount decorations with LED snowflakes like the one below. When you have a whole town decorated with these snowflakes and nothing else, it looks sad and depressing like a funeral home. One would expect to see all U.S. flags at half-staff in those towns. Instead of the Christmas Season, one would think it's the Mourning Season. "I'll have a blue Christmas without you. I'll be so blue just thinking about you............" LOL!! Oh well, great find, Omar. Sorry for the snowflake rant. I needed to get that off my chest for the last 5 years. I just hate seeing Towns too cheap to buy nicer decorations.
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    Finally got my snowman done, He ended up just a bit over 8ft, Happy with the way it turned out, still want to change the bulbs in the eyes and nose to LED but couldn't find any single retro ones local.
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    hi everyone I have a halloween display with over 50 gemmy inflatables and a gemmy light show my light show crapped out and I am thinking of LOR however i'm not sure if this will be to difficult for me I would hate to spend all that money and not be able to make it work. How difficult is it to set up? how time consuming? Below are some pics of last years display.
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    Going to list over 100 quality molds for sale, in the future They need nothing and I do know what they are all worth, so no BS lowball offers. Mostly halloween. Pick up is preferred, shipping not so much. Posted a few ,if you have questions give a yell
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    Wish I was close to you too! Good luck selling they look in fabulous condition.
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    OMG!!! Wow, what a great find! They look new! I wish I was driving distance from you. I would buy a Green Witch with the Black Hat and Black Coat with the broom!!! I always wanted one of those.
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    There is a learning curve,but it isn't as hard as you might think.Crawl before you walk, get a 16-32 channel setup and start playing with it. You can demo the software by downloading you just won't be able to output to the controllers. Start small then increase as your needs and knowledge of the process increase. Don't attempt pixels your first year,pixels are a different creature with too many variables for just starting out. The LOR website and Youtube have lots of videos that answer lots of questions along with the forums. If the programming gets a little tough, then you can find free sequences or pay to have the sequences programmed for you. Have fun and enjoy the process! SPaschall
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    That would look like a great addition to our display
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    I have for sale a complete light show 6 lor controllers 3 are nib light linkers led lights 2 snowflake poles tree with star extension cords fm transmitter
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    I used all warm LED lights, because they looked to bright with the cool white bulbs
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    Where do I get replacement, power cords for the blowmolds, the 40" candycane has a double socket. I want LED style,please:)
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    The light strings I used are from a 1000 foot spool I bought, they have the plastic clips for hanging them on your gutters or a tree limb. They are set at 12" apart and I put a zip plug on the end. I finally ended up using 5 LED lights to get a good even light in the Candy Canes and the plastic clip lights were easier than the metal clip lights to put in and take out. I ended up putting the cords on the out side because when it was on the inside the cord showed up and they looked like lines in the canes. I have 60 of these set up and down the street in front of my house and the neighbors houses. Each candy cane uses 2 watts of power. Compared to a candy cane using two standard C7 lights which used 10 watts of power per candy cane, big savings on power and you get a more even lit candy canes with the use of 5 LED lights.
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    Hi Jim in AL! I am the songwriter and performer of The House on Christmas Street. This year I am going out on my fourth nationwide tour, performing concerts at the homes of Christmas decorators all over the country. Would you be interested in having me perform at you Christmas Village on my tour? If so, please reply with your email and I will start the conversation with you. PS>..the only cost to you is a hotel/motel/B&B room for the night for me. Thank you for your consideration! Judy Pancoast
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    Hey Planet Christmas Family! Can you all believe that today is June 1st? Where does time go? Just think it wont be long til set up time again. So many ideas and not enough time or money to complete what we all would like to do with our displays. Can't wait because I am going to get an earlier start on things for set up this year. Hope everyone has a great set up season for their displays and everyone has nothing stolen or damaged this year. Happy decorating to all- have fun while thinking of your displays set up for this year.
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    Was thinking the same thing. Does time seem to fly by faster or are we just getting slower. Slower I think. Medical issues last year caused me to stay dark but I'm all in for 2017. more about that in time. Wishing everyone an awesome setup, one that rivals those images that come and go but seldom leave you head.
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    what kind of brackets are they? I'm Interested The green lanterns were made from 63 through 66. Not that rare, but not as common as the reds and whites. Some towns that used them originally include Huntington, Indiana, and Libertyville, Iliinois. Libertyville also used the red celestos, and red lanterns. I'm suspecting they may have come from there. We probably sold them originally. We were the Chicago area rep for General plastics in the 60's and 70's Our sales territory was Illinois, Wisconsin, and Lake County Indiana.
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    I am so jealous ! I am an American living in Japan and we have like 6 choices of inflatables in this country and 5 of the 6 is just Santa Claus. LOL AND they are at least 4 times as expensive as what you can get at normal USA prices. The Japanese don't decorate much if any at all so Its up to me to show my kids what an American Christmas is. So I usually import a ton of Christmas stuff every year to Japan , paying the crazy shipping fees. Not only do I do my own house but I place 3 to 5 inflatables at about 25 other houses in the neighborhood to try to get a more American Christmas type atmosphere for my kids to enjoy. Of course the people and the kids LOVE it and enjoy it but I mainly do it for my kids. So I look at your pictures and see how cheap you got everything and I say to myself MAN , WHAT I COULD DO IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD IN JAPAN WITH ALL OF THAT LOL This is my first post so hi everyone !
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    That's quite all right, I'm not saying that they were not made by Irwin, I personally just need more confirmation then someone saying that they are. Possibly Carrie has some printed information in the confirmation that she claims to have received and will share it with us. Mel
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    This is amazing! @Big J Illinois and I were looking for modern build plans for this! I like your idea to use pixels. I was going to try to do something similar but with standard LED strings. ( thread here) @PhotoRay can you share the dimensions of your build? also are you planning to chrome or make the PVC tubes reflective at all? I was planning to maybe try a metallic paint on the inside of the tubes to make them "brighter"..
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    Here is what I would try Christmas Designers has these
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    Hey everyone! Are you Ready for the 8th Annual Mississippi Mini-PLUS ???? It’s this Saturday August 13, 2016 starting at 9:00am in Madison MS just outside Jackson Mississippi. This is for holiday decorating enthusiasts from Mississippi and surrounding states to come together to talk about Christmas Decorating. The first Mississippi Mini began in 2009 by Bro. Larry Russell. We meet once a year to talk about new decorations and ideas for our Christmas Displays. We have had people travel from TN, MS, AL, MO, AZ, and LA to attend this event. Everyone and anyone is invited. James Hohensee from Boscoyo Studios will be there again this year. You might even still have time to place an order for him to bring it with him and save on shipping. I think he may even have some special pricing for the event. Bring Your Ideas, problems, new projects, or anything else you would like to show off or talk about. There will be refreshments and lunch provided. We will wrap things up around 4pm and everyone is welcome to join us at Cock of the Walk Restaurant overlooking the Ross Barnett Reservoir for dinner. See you on Saturday in Madison, MS at the 8th Annual Mississippi Mini! Please send me a PM or reply to this post to let me know you are coming and to get the address. Thanks, Scott
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    here's another one... 61 items This lot sold for under 500.00 I doubt you see these on ebay..or anywhere else. I'm thinking the person that bought these might be in the refurbishing business,and will turn around and sell these at a good profit.That's what I would do,lol These don't even look bad at all.Makes a person wonder why they are selling them. For your information these were located in South Hutchinson Kansas
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    In addition I would check out Holiday Coro for pixels. You just missed their last preseason sale but you can get 100 node WS2801 stings for about $75 or if you can go shorter say about 10-12 feet they have 50 node strings for $26. You kind of have to watch buying from China, not saying anythings wrong with it I have done so myself, the prices don't always include import taxes as well as the shipping can be high. For example the $40 strings from Ray are actually $66.36 once you add the cheapest shipping method. If you do go this route I would recommend using DHL for shipping.