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    Well... I've finally finished my new characters for this year's display. I decided to go with the characters from Frozen and this is what I came up with. My 11 year old daughter painted Anna all by herself (other than the shading). She's told me that she wants to have her own Christmas display when she grows up... so I'm teaching her the process. AAaaahhh... it does an old man's heart good to pass along the traditions just as my father passed them along to me! ... and one more to give you an idea of the size of the characters. (FYI... the tree is 7' 9" tall)
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    Very sad news. I'm so glad I have my molds and will pamper them even more now that this has happened. You can look forward to the price of molds on ebay skyrocketing. Better get what you want from GFP and ebay, while you can still afford it. I wouldn't be surprised, if some China company buys the molds and then redesigns them to put crappy solar lights in them that only last for two hours and gives them that ugly bluish light look. My greatest fear is that the molds will be thrown away or sold to collectors that will never produce them again. I hate saying this, but I feel that we Christmas loving blow molders are a dying breed of people. It is true that there are some new lovers, but the truth is that a large majority of people in our country have been losing the Christmas spirit for many years. Just look at how many neighborhoods and homes are dark at Christmas across our land. Many cities and towns hardly put anything up. These things started a long time ago and just continues to get worse as the years roll on. Most Americans seemed happier and optimistic back in the 1950s, 60's , 70's, & 80's than today. I hope America finds its happiness again someday. No matter what happens, I'll keep putting my stuff up and hope the younger people will see what Christmas was once like in America. I need to just shut up, because talking about this brings me down. To all my fellow Christmas blow molders, I say keep the joy alive in your hearts and on your lawns and never let it die. Now I need to go look at my molds to lift my spirits back up again.
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    Made the Sleigh last year out of recycled metal downspout, and the deer this year from 1/2inch OSB. Rope light from 1000 Bulbs! My favorite thing in my yard right now!
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    This is so adorable that I wish I knew how to sew! They print it to order and you order the amount of fabric you need. I think I would make kitchen curtains!
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    What's a few dollars more or less when I could have one of the loves of my life to look at when I wake in the morning. Please note, when I said one of the loves of my life I wasn't referring to the first love of my life, possibly the second but not the first. It would be impossible for me to look at the first love of my life when I wake in the morning because she is already up and watching Dr. Phil when I wake in the morning.
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    I'm thinking more in the line of PJ's, blanket and bedspread to lead me in my sweet dreams.... Mel
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    I wish I had the means to by all the stamping, patents and equipment to keep it in business....i know, I'm a dreamer lolol
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    Started my collection of wood cut outs today. Found a 3M 9100 projector on Craigs for 20 dollars and another guy had 7 ply, sanded plywood , 36×36 for a buck. So started to make these....hope to get more done. Want to make about 20 of the C9 bulbs, 6 to 8 of the bulbs and display them. Have to get more plywood for some bigger items I want to make
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    Sad indeed! I have accumulated around 170 or so molds over the years and this is another reason I want to hang onto mine longer now. I made a large display with them and have many of the same types such as drummers. angels, trumpet angels (have 25 of these in different colors) choir people! I want to replace all the C7 incandescent bulbs in them with dimmable C7 LED bulbs in some and pixels in some others but with my back problems I have not set up my display for the last couple of years. I was thinking of selling some stuff but still have the idea that maybe I can set up some things so I hold out hope on a display yet! Now I guess I will have to keep things just so they will not disappear entirely. Especially when I see some molds sitting on the side of the road for pickup by the trash collector! That is sad when many times the molds justs need some TLC and taking care of to bring it up to looking just fine. Times change as do all things I guess and certainly business is business but can be sad to see an era going away.
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    I can see it now! Mel buys a whole bolt of the material and uses it for wallpaper in the family room.
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    I found this guy yesterday. I know he was made by Union and the CAT # is 7614. I can not find anything about the age. Does anyone have any info on this guy? Blow Molded has a pic of him but no manufacturing info.
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    Finally got myself a Polk Brothers Santa! Wanted one for a long time and this one is in great shape!! Feeling giddy! LOL
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    I'll be leading three classes this year. Stop by and say, "hi."
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    We decided yesterday we had better start cleaning up some of the auction finds from this year. We just kept throwing it in the basement! We got a mess! LOL
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    I purchased this vintage Poloron Vacucel piece over the weekend. Very excited to get this one!! Some slight wear but very happy with it overall! I saw some mention of one on here from several years back that seemed to indicate it was somewhat rare. Either way, I am tickled!
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    Have more pics...hopefully start primer on these tommorow. Hope to have pics up of the final product in a week or two..maybe start selling these??
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    I would like to sell all as a lot to a local buyer I am in zip 48045. The Gingerbread tree" I only have one and the snowman is missing his nose. Make an offer I can't refuse No shipping!
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    Found some great old street pole blow mold items this weekend. Two each of the Scintillo ornaments with the indent, two red lanterns and two green lanterns. I've personally never come across green ones. They came with a bunch of extra clips for securing the plastic lenses even though these ones don't have the lenses. And a box of mounting brackets. If anyone needs the clips or mounting brackets, let me know. You can have them for free. The brackets you'll need to pay shipping as they are heavy. The clips I can just send in the mail. I have plastic and metal clips. PM me if you would like either.
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    We have a pair of the candles but they are not in their original boxes, they were given to us as a gift by a senior friend a few years ago. We also have a pair of the coach lanterns with their wall brackets in their original boxes, one of the boxes has the year 1957 printed on it. The candles and coach lantern are shown in a 1957 Salt Lake Tribune Skaggs Drug Center newspaper ad
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    This made me so sad now. I was hopeing to keep colecting alot of the molds that I like but that dosent look like it is going to happen. So does this mean stores like menardswont have GF this season? I hope another company buys them and makes them again but I REALLY dont want them to make them cheaper than they alredy are. Im gonna have to start babying my molds again. I thinking repairs and repaints are in my near future. I have the full size nativity that I got for free last year. It was a kinda old one but now That things price is gonna skyrocket! ( not that I would ever sell it!) Im only a teenager but I have grown up with the blowmolds and vintage decor my parents and grandparents had. I hope the other kids don't lose this tradition and see what we all see in it. Ive got to keep my stuff togeter to pass it on to my kids now lol.
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    Thanks Mel, for saying what you did. You said the exact things I felt inside, but just didn't want to post them here. Some people may like them but to me they look like ugly flat jello molds. There is nothing magical or happy about them. It's like going to the store to buy a Christmas Tree and coming home with a cardboard print cut-out instead. I do hope the vintage aluminum molds will be saved. Allen Agree 100% with you Donna!
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    Richard, there may be some interest in the aluminum molds but will there be anyone interested enough to pay a decent price for them. There are some of us that watched what new items GF came out with the past few years and immediately knew we would never add any of them to our collections or displays, especially the flat modernistic ones. Whatever happened to the happy, cheerful holiday blow mold designs that brightened our neighborhoods up until the early 2000's? In my opinion General Foam did their share of bringing their demise in the plastic business by going to the modernistic and LED lighted items out at the expense of the traditional cheerful designs that make people happy. I don't know if GF still has the Beco molds in their inventory or if possibly they don't exist anymore, but if they do I wonder if they had produced some of those like the 30" boy & girl "Angel Singers" or the 30" Choir singers would they have been successful with the stores buying them and what about the 22" ones? I doubt they would have gotten enough orders for the 40" ones though because of the high price they would have to get for them. Possibly they just thought that the younger generations wouldn't have any interest in the happy cheerful designs anymore and only want modernistic boring looking designs in there yards now. I have not taken pictures of our collection of 30" Beco choir and angel singers yet so I can not include links to most of them. http://blow-molded.com/Beco___Angels.html http://blow-molded.com/Beco___Carol_%26_Choir.html Mel
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    Hello! you might have seen me make 2 posts in blow mold and inflatable forums, but in this one i'd just like to say hello and i'm happy to be here!
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    I agree,I would need to find someone to sew...lots of ideas:)
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    A Christmas Tree Skirt would be nice. What about some fabric lamp shades in the Living Room and Bedroom? I like the PJ idea. Now I need to find someone who can sew.
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    I just have to say, looking on scum-bay, the rejects have started the price hike already.....
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    Wohhh that's really cool!!! I can see making handwarmers cozies with it for the winter. Amazon also carries it, but its many different choices on the fabric!! https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Fabric-heidikenney-Spoonflower-Printed/dp/B06WVF9YGL/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1500385690&sr=8-23&keywords=blow+mold+fabric
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    Allen, I thought the same thing about the molds. I think my heart would sink if I ever saw one of my favorite blow molds stamped with "Made in China". What you said here is exactly how I feel.
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    They should have gone mail order or at least offered that option. I would make their molds available to those who would like them but don't have a local retail option.
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    same thought crossed my mind too
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    Here's the hand out with the hyperlinks. If the class inspired you to add a vintage element(s) to your display please post some pictures. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or others on Planet Christmas. We'll be glad to help! christmas expo 2017 handout display.doc Here's the link to the thread about how to build a modern Bubble Tree that I talked about in my presentation.
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    Here's the handout with hyperlinks from today's presentation. Thanks for taking part in today's class. christmas expo 2017 handout history.doc
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    Jeff's classes are great! One more today: Traditional Elements for a Modern Display. You won't want to miss it Janice
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    I thought the group might like these photos as it relates to the Polk Brothers Santa.
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    As most old timers here know, when someone purchased an appliance from Polk Brothers in 1964 they had a choice of a free "Jolly Pole Santa" "Arctic Emerald Tree" or a "Cheery Snowman". What is not commonly known is that by 1969 if they bought a Frigidaire appliance they could also buy a "Jolly Super Santa Claus" for $5 and in 1971 they could buy a "Jolly Super Santa Claus" or a "Frosty the Cheery Snowman" for $5 with the purchase of a gas dryer. Mel
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    That is a great find Donna. I got mine way back in the eighties and still use ot to this day in my North Pole scene as you can see from last years display.
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    Donna, that is the UP #7614 "Elf w/ Wheelbarrow of Toys", he is shown in their 1984 catalog, I do not know what the first year or last year for him was but he was discontinued prior to 1989 as he is not in the 1989 catalog or price list. He was also made as a #6184 "Elf Planter" that is shown in their 1985-1987 Lawn & Garden catalogs. Once again, I do not know the first and last years for the planter. Mel
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    Works better if you apply from inside out,does not flake off as bad and the air pushes the sealer through the holes not just on top.i stick my hand through the zipper opening and close it around my wrist and spray,the air movement will move it around
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    Picked up a great Noma Santa.....number 95....mint condition in the original box!
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    I'm guessing the Irwin Santa is probably one of the rarest blow molds out there since they've only made the one mold (In 3 known sizes). Is there any other info available about Irwin or other molds they made ? I've also heard that Noma may have distributed their molds. These were the only photos I was able to find of all three sizes (Photo credits go to Dominic Siravo)
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    Hope every member of the Planet Christmas family has a safe and Happy Independence Day!!!!!
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    What is the make on Lady Liberty? What's the height? Also, the star..? That is way cool!!!!!
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    Beautiful display, ......love, love, love the Statue of Liberty!
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    I found this Don Featherstone gem in the trash last night. Any idea what year it was made or any other info about it? It's certainly out of the ordinary and I'm surprised it was up here in Canada as Empire was not widely sold in the Ottawa area. The picture is off of Google, but mines in really good shape and has the light cord as well.
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    No limit other than amperage.
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    Looks GREAT! Well done. Now you have until November to light it up.
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    I agree Bill, keep the runs short, to reduce heat and currant drop