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  2. xLights release 2017.7, New Liquid Effect! Notice almost entire release is from Keith, Thanks Keith for the continued development! Be sure to watch Keith's video explaining this new effect http://videos.xlights.org/liquid-effect-coming-soon-to-xlights_163471de2.html Latest releases are found at www.xlights.org Videos tutorials are found at videos.xlights.org Forums are located at nutcracker123.com/forum Issue Tracker is found here: www.github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues XLIGHTS/NUTCRACKER RELEASE NOTES: --------------------------------- 2017.7 Mar 28, 2017 -- enh (keith) Add prompted recovery of unsaved changes to rgbeffects -- bug (keith) Disable import effects if no sequence is open -- enh (keith) Add liquid effect -- enh (keith) Add ability for picture effect to play GIF files with their encoded timing and loop it -- bug (keith) Fix ArtNET universe 0 not saving -- bug (keith) Fix Glediator effect causing field errors -- enh (keith) Get x64 build working for Visual Studio. -- enh (keith) Get Vamp 64 bit working -- enh (keith) Scheduler - Add support for animated GIFs to image playlist item -- bug (keith) Scheduler - Fix crash on exit when using PJLink -- bug (keith) Scheduler - Fix matrix start channels not saving or able to set to > 100 -- enh (keith) Add export/import of matrix, tree and dmx models -- bug (keith) Fix render progress bar not pressing properly -- enh (keith) Add value curve displaying value of point under mouse even when model isnt custom -- bug (keith) Fix schedule queueing -- bug (keith) Fix schedule blend modes -- enh (keith) Code SSE instructions for scheduler blend mode. Currently disabled. -- enh (keith) Enhance FPP connect to remember multiple FPP connection details -- bug (keith) Fix bug in model state corrupting rgbeffects file -- enh (keith) Enhance schedule api to allow playlists, steps, items, schedules and buttons to be identified by id -- enh (keith) All multiple model delete on layout tab. Only prompt to confirm if sequence is open with effects on that model -- enh (keith) Add support for xschedule web API using web sockets -- enh (keith) Let user decide if background playlist should play if nothing else is playing -- enh (keith) Add spatial color curve to shimmer effect -- enh (keith) Add model size matching to layout panel model right click menu -- bug (keith) Add missing text controls to fireworks and strobe effect settings. -- enh (keith) Add new implementation of shimmer effect algorithm which is more controllable and predicatable. The old algorithm is also available. -- enh (keith) Add support for the DDP protocol http://www.3waylabs.com/ddp/ - a very light weight ethernet protocol -- enh (keith) Add model export to Minleon Network Effects Controller file which can be loaded onto SD card -- bug (keith) Fix video display in xSchedule on OSX -- enh (keith) Add custom frame rates to new sequence setup -- bug (keith) Fix triangle wave left to right not working -- bug (keith) Fix some rounding issues that was throwing video timing off when aligned to audio track. -- enh (billy) Enhance scheduler web interface. More functionality. More responsive. 2017.6 Feb 27, 2017 -- bug (dkulp) Fix xScheduler logging on OSX -- enh (keith) Add duration treatments to glediator effect -- bug (keith) Include iseq files in package sequence -- enh (keith) Add a scale but keep aspect ration option to Pictures effect -- enh (keith) Add HSV adjustment to the colour panel ... this is applied after the effect is rendered. -- enh (keith) Let the user turn on/off color panel reset when changing effects. This setting is not saved when xlights is closed. It also does not control the pallette itself -- bug (keith) Fix spatial colour curves on pinwheel using old render style -- enh (keith) Add a new sweep 3d style to pinwheel -- bug (keith) Fix projector details not saving correctly in xSchedule options -- enh (keith) Default color curves to the colour of the swatch (instead of black) 2017.5 Feb 23, 2017 -- bug (dkulp) Fix Pinwheel effects created before June 2016 -- bug (dkulp) Re-allow use of hostnames instead of IP addresses for outputs -- bug (dkulp) Fix nullptr crash if master view has models that don't exist -- bug (keith) Fix incorrect Property value count in e131 packets -- bug (keith) Fix not handling inactive controllers correctly -- bug (keith) Fix handling of Not Connected serial outputs -- bug (keith) Fix xSchedule not applying global brightness correctly -- enh (keith) Add arduino code for physical button control of xSchedule - this is available from GitHub only ... it isnt installed. -- enh (keith) Add a run process to the scheduler that does not interrupt current playlist 2017.4 Feb 18, 2017 -- bug (sean) Include latest xSchedule.exe in release. 2017.3 had old version. -- enh (dkulp) Add a couple "Per Model" render buffer styles to the ModelGroup render styles -- enh (gil) Fix effect backgrounds so that they default to first color of a gradient instead of black. Fixes #823. -- enh (keith) Let the user turn on/off buffer and timing panel reset when changing effects. This setting is not saved when xlights is closed. -- enh (keith) Add option to video effect to automatically synchronise with a video file that has been used for the sequence audio track. -- enh (keith) Remove the old scheduler -- bug (keith) Fix universe dropdown in start channel dialog did not show all universes available on an ip address if they were grouped under a single output -- enh (keith) On value curve dialog show a tooltip when manipulating a custom curve showing the real value that will be returned by the curve at the chosen point. -- enh (keith) Complete FPP Master mode in xScheduler -- enh (keith) Complete FPP Remote mode in xScheduler
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  4. The one thing that is certain is that Empire did change their logo multiple times. I do not know when the logos changed because I did not investigate it myself. I think that the info above is a good estimate. Maybe Mel will be able to tell you more precisely.
  5. Thankfully, this photo is the most prime example you could have submitted to us. Of any and all locations on the candle- this one would have been the least exposed to UV radiation. There would undoubtedly be some example of any shade of red, pink, or orange. If you can take a photo of what appears to be a shade of red, it may add a different perspective. I mean my disagreement in the most constructive and respectful of manners, and greaty appreciate the opportunity to be able to be involved in a discussion with such knowledgeable others, and those whom have opportunities to show the world what otherwise might go unknown. Look for some additional stamping, though I do not believe it was always added after the molding creation, prior to painting such as the example I've included. It would not be safe to say these are pre 68' or that it is a prototype. I can respectfully say that I may be very well completely incorrect, I walk by faith and am led by sight- and acknowledge that I sometimes mix up the two lol.
  6. I can't find a copyright date on this, so can I assume it's pre-1968? Also, I'm finding just the faintest impressions of red on the underside of some of the ribbons, so I think it is a severely faded red that looks yellow.
  7. Looks like there were multiple versions. Solid red plastic, and solid white plastic with paint.
  8. I found this here on PC. Maybe it can shed some light as to the approximate age of the candles as long as you can clearly see the Empire logo.
  9. Here are more pics. These candles were sold back in 2012 on Etsy.
  10. I acquired mine in 2015, so that's a few years after Mel saved those photos. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Last week
  12. I sent it to you and will be redoing the presentation later this year to show construction using a little Honda generator instead of a battery, works great and you don't need to charge a battery every day DSC_0794.MOV
  13. Thank you all for your due diligence (thank you Lord for spellcheck). As far as the color, I don't think I'm going to touch that, and this Christmas I think this one will be displayed with my BECO caroler on my front porch out of the weather. (I found this in an antique store in Joplin where I turned two other blow mold fanatics onto PC. Hopefully they found us!)
  14. So the prototype theory is possible? Highly unlikely..but probable?
  15. Agreed, it is possible that it could have been done in other colors, I have only seen pictures of the candle in red and I think that if Empire made it in another color they probably only did it for a year or two. Mel
  16. Charlie E - can you see me the Power Point presentation you gave at the 2014 Christmas Expo and the last thing we discussed was building a train. I41459@aol.com thanks,
  17. This mold has created much discussion and in an effort to put this behind us, I am willing to offer my services and rehome the mold at my house...lol
  18. I found another picture of the candle that I saved a month earlier in 2008 then the other two pictures, once again, I do not know where I got this picture. At least we now know more then the prototype was made. Mel
  19. We are. Will be there Wed - Sat. First time attending.
  20. I'd still not dismiss the possibility of an alternative paint color. It still looks as if no red would have ever existed on those mustard yellow candles. Both union and empire have come out with less than savory alternative paint schemes such exactly as, mustard, chocolate brown, tan, and even black.
  21. RATS!!!!! I was hoping someone had stumbled across a super rare...one of a kind....holy grail....lost scrolls....prototype.
  22. OK, the candle was originally red as I thought, I finally found the pictures pf the candle that I had seen they were much older then I remembered I saved them in March 2008. I don't remember for sure where I saved them from, I don't think it was eBay because I would have saved more information on them if it was there. The pictures were taken against a red wall so the detail doesn't show up as good as I would like but they are much better then no pictures. Mel
  23. Im betting on prototype. Its cool I know that, I would display it in a heartbeat as is!! I bet it gets alot of attention if you do!
  24. OK, I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't tried plugging it in yet. The cord that came with it isn't original...way to shiny and new. The designed plug in for it is at the bottom. When you take the yellow flame off, the whole thing is hollow...no top to rest a light on...never seen that before. It really does appear to be faded and not a repaint. On a couple of bells you can see just the smallest hint of red pint in the creases...as if the bells were originally red perhaps (red and yellow, what an awful combination). I'm still stumped over the lace design with bells and no "Noel" written anywhere. When did Empire make candles without the noel?
  25. Severe red paint breakdown often(used by Empire) fades to burnt orange and deteriorates through the color spectrum, or fades light red to pink, and leaves easily visible and very evident 'cast' fading- as would be created by unequal UV exposure. You can be gaurenteed that these type of UV shadow castings would be apparent, or that type of paint breakdown would be showing. We all know- no blow mold is diplayed equally.
  26. To stump Mel is rare I haven't a clue about the candle, it is way retro!!
  27. There's very little fading on what would be the front. None around the bottom near the back of the lower cord port. Thr yellow plastic flames even experience fading under heavy UV exposure. Zero.
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