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  2. This sounds like a really neat idea. I'd love to be part (b) of this, if possible. The idea of organizing music for people who: need a place to start need a new beginning just don't know where to look are in search of inspiration in need of guidance sounds like a wonderful and brilliant way to help others and spread some holiday cheer. Please let me know what I can do to be of assistance.
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  4. I am so jealous ! I am an American living in Japan and we have like 6 choices of inflatables in this country and 5 of the 6 is just Santa Claus. LOL AND they are at least 4 times as expensive as what you can get at normal USA prices. The Japanese don't decorate much if any at all so Its up to me to show my kids what an American Christmas is. So I usually import a ton of Christmas stuff every year to Japan , paying the crazy shipping fees. Not only do I do my own house but I place 3 to 5 inflatables at about 25 other houses in the neighborhood to try to get a more American Christmas type atmosphere for my kids to enjoy. Of course the people and the kids LOVE it and enjoy it but I mainly do it for my kids. So I look at your pictures and see how cheap you got everything and I say to myself MAN , WHAT I COULD DO IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD IN JAPAN WITH ALL OF THAT LOL This is my first post so hi everyone !
  5. Well no guy wires outside the 6.5ft tree diameter if possible. No problem with them inside. This weekend maybe I will dig down some along the edge to see how much concrete is below the brick ring. Current thoughts are sink some concrete bolts into them as anchor points for guy lines. The other option would be a rigid frame from PVC or EMT conduit that could be disassembled so I can store it off season. Oh. missed question before on turf.. Home inspector said it was likely Easy Turf when we moved in 4 years ago but no idea. But being it has been there 7+ years has had time to weather and most folks don't know it is fake. Really wish they would start making artificial turf that does not look so 'perfect'. Who the hell (outside golf courses) has a completely green lawn..
  6. So you want a 14 ft tree and no guy wires?
  7. Weather wise I don't have much to contend with other then some rain down here near San Diego. Mainly concerned with my kids running in the yard giving hugs to all the inflatables. Don't want them tripping.
  8. Hey all, hope all the planning is going well. In referance to thw subject, we used permanent , ground mounts. I posted in Mega Trees, last year. It worked great and held up in Northern Illinois weather just fine, 22ft mega with a 2 ft star, 40mph wind, rain ,snow and sleet, not a problem at all:) if you have questions,ask:) sorry for the blah pic (from last year)the grass looks horrible. I will post more info if anyone should need it. I will say, thsee covers can be found at HD, Lowes, Menards ect...they are used for in ground sprinkler systems... if you have any questions, yell at me and hope I can help
  9. Just a thought outside the PVC realm, if you want to make frames. I have 4 trees built out of 1/4" steel rod that I use each year. I think the bases are 3/4" conduit, and the top is a CLS small topper (http://www.christmaslightshow.com/small-hook-head-of-8-tree.html?category_id=44). Welded it all together with the help of a friend. They're 10' tall with 6' diameter base - 11' with a ball on top. I keep the lights on them year round. Only 2 issues - they're HEAVY (2 of us can move them with struggle, it really takes 3), and require a large storage area (my mom lives not far away on a large farm, and I use one of the old barns). Just another idea for your thought process. Hey, side note - beautiful synthetic grass. Might I inquire as to the brand?
  10. There's several listed on eBay at the moment. Seller claims to be selling 50-100 pieces. He's not to far from LI ether.
  11. Some good ideas.. Will have to mock something up but thinking along the following lines.. Use the pipe anchor for center base as above. The only issue is any guy lines I use have to anchor into the dirt of the flower bed or the surrounding brick. Thinking of stakes into the dirt or adding 3 or 4 bolts into bottom of the brick (or maybe hooks to latch to the bottom of the brick which you then tighten the guy to hold). For the base thinking several smaller concrete forms (maybe 6x6x6) that the base anchors to and can be also tied into the center pole. The other options is to make more of a pvc frame tomato cage style inner support to get away from the guy lines. Guess I really need to figure out how much stability needs to be added to a 14ft tree with 6ft base so it does not fall over.
  12. 12-14' fortunately for you doesn't require a great deal of engineering. I have 2 15's and 2 20's, and I think my method of construction may work well for you. I use 1 1/4" black iron pipe for my 15's and 20's. (I use 2" PVC for my 12' & unders). My base is nothing more than a 36" piece of (I think) 3/4" pipe driven halfway into the ground (so, about 18", and your 2-3' limit is not breached). I then take a small piece of 2x4 with a hold drilled in the middle (7/8" approx) and slip it over the base pipe. The 1 1/4" pipe then slides over top of the pipe, and without lights, it's generally stable enough to hold it's own while I secure guy wires. (Whats the 2x4 for? If it rains, the weight of the 1 1/4" pipe with lights will cause it to sink into the ground, making the tree droopy. The 2x4 prevents this.) The guy wires (4 ways, I use 550 3mm paracord on smaller trees 12' and under, 1/4 or 3/8 nylon on bigger ones) then attach to 18" 2x2 wood stakes driven most of the way into the ground. The stakes just have a simple screw in the back of them up top to tie around. Depending on the heaviness of your light lines, I'll either use regular plastic light stakes in the ground for single line/single color trees, or 12" 1x1 wood stakes, again with a simple screw in the back and driven most of the way into the ground, for my trees with "mega strands". I think this method may work for you, because it requires zero permanent installation, and leaves virtually no permanent footprint once you pull the stakes up at the end of the season. (Another note: If you go the 2" PVC route, which I do not recommend for anything over 12', I use a very similar construction method, but simpler - I use a 2x2 stake as the base in the ground for the 2", and the PVC isn't heavy enough to worry about it sinking into the ground. I still guywire 4 ways, either with the 550 paracord, or doubled up 60-80lb test monofilament fishing line.) Attached are pics of my 20' during setup.
  13. Anyone have any for sale. Willing to trade for blow molds or pay cash
  14. not yet, but the search continues . They are are by empire and kinda difficult to find.
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  16. Hello everyone, In addition to other hobbies, one of my skills involves designing and programming database-driven websites. I've had an idea for a new website - a database of music for synchronized displays. It would be completely free and community-driven, with visitors submitting new songs (which must be approved). Data in the DB could be genre, speed in BPM, lead singer gender, festival type (christmas, halloween), and others. No actual music would be hosted; we would link to iTunes or Amazon digital music where people can listen to the song. The primary purpose would be for people who want ideas for their display, such as "wow, I wish I could find a comedy song to go here" etc. I would like your community input as to: (a) If you think you (or others) would find this helpful. (b) If you would be interested in helping me design and test - I would need some help with critique and ideas, and probably a couple moderators once it was up and running. Of course, if such a site already exists, please let me know that as well, so I don't put time and effort into reinventing the wheel. Please share your thoughts. Thank you! -Scott P.S. To Recap - The site would NOT host music, and it would NOT host sequences. All it is a database for people to consult for music ideas.
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  18. That's quite all right, I'm not saying that they were not made by Irwin, I personally just need more confirmation then someone saying that they are. Possibly Carrie has some printed information in the confirmation that she claims to have received and will share it with us. Mel
  19. I am in agreement with everyone. Always remember that a chance like this may never come around again, so you may as well go ahead and get it. I knew Mel would know some information on it. I also love the other items that are listed on the catalog page that Mel posted. It is a shame that those type of decorations aren't made anymore.
  20. HAHAHAHA! I had to share that with my wife! Don't leave us hanging Don! Were you able to get all 10??!!
  21. Sorry for the confusion Mel, I guess I just got excited about finding out who might have made it. Anyways like you said we need some packaging and such to definitely confirm the correct manufacturer.
  22. I have not seen any actual confirmation in that thread showing that they were definitely made by Irwin, only someone saying they were. We all know that eBay auctions often have errors in their descriptions as to who made the items. If you look at the picture of the sleigh and reindeer one can easily see a discrepancy in the measurements and the actual blow molds, Frank said that the sleigh is about 24" long and that the deer about 12" long, that would make the sleigh twice as long as each deer, yet in the picture the deer look almost as long as the sleigh and most of the deer do not have their heads on. If Frank's measurements came from the eBay auction obviously the description did not have the correct measurements. I am sure our Santa in Sled is the same as the one NOMA sold and shows in their 1968 US catalog as the measurement for the Sled and reindeer are more in line with what the picture shows, the sled and deer are almost the same lengths (19½" sled, 18½" deer). The picture is from a black & white photocopy so the deer isn't very clear but if you look close you can just see the back legs. It is possible that Irwin made these for NOMA but I have not found any confirmation of that through the years. Mel
  23. Last week
  24. I have 3 sets of arch lights for free I live near Erie pa Bill 814 572 0119
  25. These are some screenshots of part of the conversation. Eventually Kev was brought in when I suggested an Irwin section for the site. Sadly I don't believe either her mold or the one from the auction had any packaging. I could be wrong however.
  26. What is Carrie's confirmation, did she show you the information or did she just say that she confirmed it was made by Irwin? Without seeing the actual confirmation we can not move the Santa sleigh from the Unknown section because we need to be able to show the information to anyone who might question it. The goal of the website is to not upload any incorrect or misleading information. As for the 24" one, there must have been two sizes of that sleigh made then because ours is 19", so maybe Irwin didn't make ours. Also the one shown in the 1968 NOMA catalog says it is 19 ½" long. Mel
  27. I recently posted about it in the Blowmold Nation group on Facebook. Carrie Sansing commented saying she has the same mold and confirmed that it was indeed made by Irwin. She also has the same pictures from the eBay auction of the unpainted set which identified the mold as Irwin and that it was 24"
  28. Agreed Don!
  29. $100 bucks to relive a great memory is a awesome price. Go for it...
  30. How was the sleigh confirmed to be made by Irwin? I am guessing the colored picture of the Santa sleigh is from here http://blow-molded.com/Unknown_Manufacturers.html If so, that is a picture I took of our Santa sleigh several years ago (2010) and sent to Kev for the website. This Santa sleigh is 19" long and has no information on it, did they make two sizes of it? It would be great to have definite confirmation in the way of printed information like the original boxes or possibly advertisements or catalog pictures of it showing it was made by Irwin so it could be moved from the Unknown section on the website. Mel
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