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  2. How long are people waiting between colors before taping over a color that was just sprayed? I thought I could do two colors a day, but the red took forever to dry. Maybe I did too heavy of coats. And it nicked easily after 3 days of drying. It's been dry for weeks now and it seems pretty good, but should I now do a clear coat over the finished blow mold?
  3. I have pixels and pigtails I bought from CFoL but never used and now won't me able to. 2 packs of 1000ct 5V ws2811 pixels 18 awg wire @ $240/each 2 packs of 1000ct 12v ws2811 pixels 18 awg wire @ $290/each 2 qty 3 core pigtails (20") 10pk $20/ea 2 qyt 3 core pig tails (8") 10pk $$15/ea 2 5v 350 power supply $19/ea 1 12v 350 power supply $19
  4. That makes sense... I'll keep my eye on your sales... you're pretty close (Lake Geneva,WI here)
  5. Yesterday
  6. RED 15 sets 100 count M6 from HOLIDAY LIGHT EXPRESS $105 NEW STILL IN BAGS NEVER USED $18.99 per set retail!!! Red 10 sets 50 count C6 $30.00 USED Red 20 sets 50 count M6 $60 USED Red 22 sets 100 count 5mm $100 USED Green C6 22 sets 50 count $60 USED Green M6 42 sets 60 count $100 USED Last of the bunch.....make an ( reasonable) offer for all!! Shipping is not included These lights are all Walgreens or Target Phillip lights dimmable all tested an unused for the last 3 seasons. Pictures available....THESE ARE GREAT PRICES IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR LED LIGHTS!!!!
  7. About 2 yrs ago, I restored 2 reindeer and a Santa that my parents purchased in the late 70's. I'm wondering if there are any sleigh blow molds out there that do not have Santa in them? Hoping to be approx. 4' long. Thanks in advance!
  8. No, selling the set. Parting it out leaves you with stuff that's hard to sell. I am in 61008 if the helps.
  9. Can you text me your address for tomorrow and best time to come
  10. I would have to count them all up. I only have santas, candles, and nutcrackers I believe. What is a fair price? Feel free to PM me. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  11. Can I buy the camels? Pick-up wouldn't be a problem.... where do you live again? Lol
  12. Hello, Because of the sudden death of my Mom who shared our house (and Bills) with us we are going to have to move. I need to let a lot of stuff go. If you have been to Sprite Halloween shops and saw their trees they had in their store display. I have 5 complete trees and one that is missing a branch section. I am looking to part with 2 are the new ones from last year and are complete. The picture is what they look like.
  13. 3 Gen3 LOR1600Wg3 is a 16 channel had for 2 seasons and they work great. $280 each. I will ship if your paying. 2 Gen3 LOR800Wg3 is an 8 channel never used. $200ea I will ship if your paying.
  14. Last week
  15. That is awesome! Love the original box. Enjoy!
  16. Do you still have the snowman? I might be interested and am over in New Market.
  17. Picked up a small piece for my collection over the weekend.
  18. Today
  19. Hi all, have this nativty scene for sale. In pretty good shape. I dont want to ship...would be prohibitive. I know there's TPI and Empire in there. Have no use for it. Would like 400...make me an offer I can't refuse. Local pick up only!! I am looking for LED C7, clear, Brite white only and Xenon strobe flashers wink wink
  20. Last week
  21. Are there anymore avail? These are for the C7 sockets?
  22. Hello I am looking for a schoolhouse blow mold for sale. Please PM me if you have one you would be willing to part with. Thank you so much.
  24. How much you selling the soldiers for? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  25. Can you contact me 301-674-0684 i live in silver spring and would be interested in anything for my display. My sister passed away last December and I am wanting to make a great display in her honor. you can call me up until midnight. Otherwise please call tomorrow. I have a truck and trailer to transport items.
  26. WOW!! Excellent job Big J. I can't wait to see them with the green stripe.
  27. No, someone else did....less then 45 minutes, they where gone:(
  28. WOW!!! very nice great job
  29. Here's the final produst-minus the green stripe
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