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  2. Gordon, You may want to see if you can call/chat with 1000 bulbs to see what they recommend. There may be a better choice of bulb that will work. That 1000 watt bulb will burn very hot and in the theater they have special fixtures for them that are actually vented. And trust me - you can still burn your hand on the fixture !! Not to mention it would likely require a separate circuit and wiring for the load.
  3. HMMMMM.....
  4. I love LOR. It's a bit of a learning curve but you can easily start with either free or better yet LOR sequences and have a few premade ones to use this year. If you use LOR sequences and if other ones either bought or free are programmed to the "LOR" way/layout then they will work and look great. Look up on their website about the approach in decorating. I know some people are like the "4X4 doesn't work for me or my display." And I get that for someone that has 5 trees or 6 bushes but since you'd be just starting out you could layout your display to follow the 4X4 way of setting up the channels and the LOR sequences will look great because they are programmed/sequences based on that principal. The most important thing is to have fun and make life long memories for your viewers. Later, Al
  5. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=44&acctid=9249
  6. This place may have something: https://www.bulbamerica.com/
  7. Have more pics...hopefully start primer on these tommorow. Hope to have pics up of the final product in a week or two..maybe start selling these??
  8. Regarding extension cords, keep the costs down and go straight to zip cord aka spt1 or spt2 for higher loads. Much easier to use. as to lor, I started from scratch 8 years ago now. You can learn it enough to start using in a short time, as suggested, start small, I had a single 16 channel controller and managed to have 3,000 lights my first year. this is a good place to find help as you learn about it. good luck.
  9. Hello everyone! Iam currently about to buy this light bulb for my display to create a sharp beam, but the base is not the kind of weatherproof base that I own, so I need an adapter!! But I cannot seem to find any :(. Does anyone know where I can get an adapter for this bulb into a e26 medium base fixure... Thank you!!! (below is the light I want) https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/2616/STAG-FFNGE.html
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  11. This spread sheet calculates it all for spirals. Spiraltreespreadsheet-97.xls One thing I should have mentioned with spiral is you need more guy wires to hold the shape. I laid mine over the vertical light strands. Also, I ran the hoop base that Mike Kreb mentioned. I used 1/2 PVC conduit to form the base ring and that all the strands connected to and once all connected it sat about 2' off the ground and was tied down to stakes. This kept the vertical strands tight. For the size of the tree, the 21' strands would run from the base to the top and then back down so 8 strands really end up looking like 16...which helps fill in the tree.
  12. I have a website set up. I can purchase things but only once a year and in bulk as they have a minimum purchase order. Facebook.com/RichardsHolidayShop The website is up as well, but nothing available yet and ya lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Nice job, looking forward to seeing how you use them this Christmas:)
  14. Thanks for the tips, do you have a link or tips on setting up the spiral wrap, I really like that idea
  15. I ran 8s on my 360 degree mega tree (15' x 7') before converting to RGB. I used red, green and blue for a total of 24 channels. It was fine, but I agree with what was mentioned above...the more channels the better it flows when spinning. I did a 6 channel white spiral wrap as well....IMO, that the spiral wrap gives so much more movement as it gives a fill up and down motion. If you are only doing a single color, I would do the spiral wraps. My last 2 channels was for the star and strobes.
  16. the build looks great....they are going to look incredible with the pixels!
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  18. Started my collection of wood cut outs today. Found a 3M 9100 projector on Craigs for 20 dollars and another guy had 7 ply, sanded plywood , 36×36 for a buck. So started to make these....hope to get more done. Want to make about 20 of the C9 bulbs, 6 to 8 of the bulbs and display them. Have to get more plywood for some bigger items I want to make
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  20. awww great hahahaha
  21. Last week
  22. Thanks Mel (aka Professor Blow Mold) !!!!
  23. How's your setup work? Can you get things for us?
  24. Judging from the density and and the fact they controlled singly I would say 60/60 strings or 30/30.. hard to say. But basically each led in strip has it's own ws2811. Glad someone can afford this =p Then again those spot lights cannot be that cheap. Very impressive display. If I tried that my wife would shoot me.. after beating me with a baseball bat.. after skinning me alive.
  25. Have you built your tree yet? if not, here are my 2 cents worth. the tree will not look really good for sequencing without many channels. However! you can make 8 or 12 work if you run them up and over in effect creating a two sided display and doubling the effects. Use multiple strands for each channel to add fullness. another "cool" thing on any megatree is to run returns back to the center. Build your base a foot or more above ground level and bring the strand back to the center pole.
  26. some other sources: diyledexpress (may have to wait until he clears presales), ebay, amazon, ray wu (other aliexpress sellers), adafruit, sparkfun.
  27. Thanks Mel, I was hoping you would chime in :-) Would you want a picture of mine to add to your website since you don't have it?
  28. Just think of the possibilities! :-) Minor progress. Inserting nodes into the back panel.
  29. That is the 38" Union Products #28850 "Large Mediterranean Candle", it was made in 1970 & 1971. Prior to 1970 it did not have the yellow flame, it had a light bulb for the flame, in 1972 the candle had a halo around the yellow flame. Your lighting setup appears to be original, only the flame lights up. Union Products made a Victorian version of the candle with red candle and white base, a Victorian version with a blue candle and white base and a Halloween version also. I see that I have not taken pictures of our large Mediterranean and Halloween candles yet, I need to do that. You can see the two Victorian versions of the candle here http://blow-molded.com/Union___Candles.html Mel
  30. Your snowman is the 30" Union Products #77320 "Snowman and Friends", he was made from 1997 through 2006. You can see him here http://blow-molded.com/Union___Snowmen.html Mel
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