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  2. Are my only options spray paint? Even though I'm a house painter by trade, I really stink with trying to tape each part off and spray. I'm really good, however, with a paint brush. Is there any non aerosol paint I could use?
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  4. Right on, that's awesome! Though, in my humble opinion, I do believe it would have been that slightly distasteful yellow color originally. Which I bet is why I've never seen one, it was a highly unpopular color- but boy I would love to my hands on that for repaint! *I'd leave it white I believe, paint the crosshatch and bows red, and the bells yellow. Maybe some variation. Use a very mild stripper, I believe I've even heard use of oven cleaner does very well at taking the paint right off. *70's, 80's, or 90's, could have been earlier on within those decades or close to the latest. Id say in the middle though- 78'-88'.
  5. Everything I've found on the forum is fairly old so hopefully this will bring some new life to this topic. I have the HolidayCoro singing light bulbs and snowman, looking for someone that has a nice visualizer prop file that will help me sequence these characters in the LOR Sequence Editor. I am more than willing to pay for a good prop file that includes all 8 channels for the snowman and another prop file with all 8 channels for the singing light bulbs. The prop file should be a complete image of each character with the proper channels assigned and lights drawn as in the HolidayCoro instructions. Even something that is close that I can modify will be good at this point. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. still waiting on a quote for 4 spools shipped to 29341, red..green..white...and blue
  7. Interested in the C9 LED red and green bulbs how much for all would be able to come and pick up
  8. I would like estimate for a case of c7 25ct red and 1 case of each red green warm white c6 zip 31558 mohorcicjeffery@gmail.com
  9. What's throwing me off is the engraving. It doesn't have NOEL anywhere, and it has little bells crisscrossing about every six inches.
  10. I happened across this website that has the Union/Cado pink flamingos. There are a bunch of other flamingos of various types and colors but it looks to me like most are not the Union/Cado type. Shipping starts at 4.99 but is free for orders over $49. (I have not ordered anything from this website so this is not an endorsement. I am just sharing the information.) Enjoy! TED Union pink: http://www.hayneedle.com/product/union-products-pink-flamingo-2-count.cfm Union purple: http://www.hayneedle.com/product/union-products-purplemingo-special-edition-2-count.cfm Union Zombie flamingos: http://www.hayneedle.com/product/union-products-black-zombie-flamingos-in-display-box-2-count.cfm All flamingos: http://search.hayneedle.com/search/index.cfm?Ntt=flamingo Pink flamingos: http://search.hayneedle.com/search/?Ntt=pink flamingo
  11. I believe it is a candle that used to be red! TED
  12. You need to find a better hiding place for your stuff!!! TED
  13. Awesome work, man! I love it!
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  15. Just bought this. It says Empire at the bottom, but it doesn't look like any of the candles I've seen. Is it from the 80's or 90's?
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  17. I suggest people to always use the latest. there have been almost 400 items released since the "Production" release. until you com einto November/december , always use the latest xlights code.
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  19. Greetings everyone, I'll be placing an order from McMaster-Carr for some tubing to make 4 more arches. Because shipping can be expensive for one individual when ordering, I'm wanting to soften the blow by combining the order with others here and split the shipping cost. So if you're thinking of making arches like these in this video using pixels, then get with me so we can combine the order. If you go at it alone, you will be paying VERY expensive shipping. Here is the website for McMaster-Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/122/142/=111rvaa item 50375K64 Semi-Clear WHite 2" OD. I hope to get it delivered my the date of the mini. Let me know ASAP. Tom
  20. Anyone it the Atlanta area want to make a offer to come pick these up? Going in the yard sale real soon if not according to "the boss"!!!!
  21. Shoot me an email Scot @ jpaschall@holidaytechnologies.com and we can discuss it more in depth. SPaschall
  22. Miguel: Do you still have any of the controllers for sale? ddd Bud
  23. Hey Stosh, I wasn't concerned about keeping them nice and straight, but here's what I used: HORIZONTAL VINYL SIDING CABLE CLEAR SNAP CLIPS - I pre-drilled a hole carefully in these, then used screws for the wood siding on our house. They work great in vinyl in my display too. Adams Christmas Mighty Light Clip - I used these on my gutters and around window frames. Maybe that's not what you are looking for, but they are options. Keep us posted on how your projects are coming. I'm looking forward to seeing what your display looks like in 8 months!
  24. Thanks folks, I'll think of some other creative alternatives with the existing sockets and cords I already have. The plastic is much more dense however, and the purple and blue bulbs will most likely retain the majority of cast light so I'll be going for high wattage. Hence the more economical led w/ e27 base.
  25. scooter I would be interested in LOR servo DOG... and maximizing LOR performance in my display.
  26. Just to keep this thread going here is a list of new or "like new" inflatables, both Halloween and Christmas. Id love to sell them as a lot but not sure if anyone can use 48 inflatables at once. Again, if anyone is interested, you can email me, Dan@HolidayProjectors.com. inflatable opportunity.xlsx
  27. I'll be there Wednesday until Sunday. Really looking forward to it. My wife and I love Tennessee! She'll be exploring while I'll be in classes. Can't wait to see what the vendors will have on display for us. See you all there there. Later, Al
  28. Last week
  29. I haven't received your email.
  30. Sent you an email on the entire lot....
  31. I got 3oo orange and 300 warm white c9 opticore bulbs for a home i do in south tampa and they looked great , the orange bulbs washed the the walls in orange , and the Christmas display with the warm whites were great ! , the led's filled the c9 bulbs from top to bottom and they were not that much more than the regular c-9's , so for me , i would say the little bit of pocket change is Well worth it for a very happy home owner .
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